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Archive of August 2008

Fathers Day Piknik at Parliament

Sun 31st August 2008:

Republic of New Zealand Party candidates are inviting fathers, their families and friends to the Fathers Piknik at Parliament on Saturday 6th September from 1pm,” says party leader, Kerry Bevin The Piknik is to celebrate the importance of fathers in children’s lives, despite the fact that it hasn’t been such a picnic for them under […]

Am I doing the right thing?

Fri 29th August 2008:

I’d like some advice on my situation… it’s a tough one, but then none of the shit NCP’s put up with is easy.   I’m paying my child support and fair or unfair it has to be paid.  My ex seems to put up all these brick walls and even though I am entitled to […]

At last!

Tue 26th August 2008:

After 3 attempts and 6 years, I have finally managed to get my protection order discharged. No lawyer was used as I have yet to come across a good one. I tried several. Interestingly the judge stayed well clear of my legal arguments in his judgment. Among other things I argued the NZ Bill of Rights. I […]

Time to Hit the Streets

Thu 21st August 2008:

This proposed legislation change shows the extent to which the Ministry of Justice, as is the case with most other ministries, is now dominated by the agenda of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.  They want a man to be ruled guilty of a rape allegation unless he can prove he sought and obtained consent.  They also want […]

Child Support obligation to work does not breach Antipeonage Act in USA

Mon 18th August 2008:

I hope the following USA article clarifies this issue for NZ non-custodial parents (fathers). I apologise for using the old Guardianship Act terms, but they do communicate the legal relationships in a straightforward and honest manner, that helps real people to understand the caughtroom behaviour of these not qualified “judges”. US OCSE Enforcement of Child […]

Public Meeting – Focus on Together Families Comparing Parties Policies

Invitation to Public Meetings – Comparing the Political Parties Policies: Organised by Men’s Centre Auckland phone for these meetings: 638 7275 cell 021 537 196 Tuesday 19th August – Focus on Supporting Together Families Tuesday 9th September – Focus on Supporting Separated Families These will be held at Mount Eden Normal School Hall, corner of […]

Herceptin Debate Exposes Political Parties

Thu 14th August 2008:

Following High Court proceedings against it Pharmac has maintained its commitment to rational, science-based decisions by honestly re-evaluating the research into Herceptin rather than caving in to feminist political pressure. No good research currently supports a contention that a 12-month course for women is clinically superior to a shorter course, so Pharmac very sensibly has […]

Duplicitous Dunne’s Smoke and Mirrors

The United Future (UF) policy is in some ways positive. Legal recognition of the concept of a “presumption of shared parenting” after separation is a step forward. Acknowledgement is welcome of the growing research showing that fatherlessness is perpetuated through current family law but is very bad for children. Those who have slaved away for […]

Low male respondent rate on step parent survey

Wed 13th August 2008:

Message from Claire Cartwright – Director Clinical Psychology Programme, Dept of Psychology, University of Auckland. Families in Transition – Couples in Repartnered (Step) Families I still have my online survey for stepfamily adults open. I am closing it at the end of August. This is a last request to see if there are more men […]

UnitedFuture pushing to reform family law

Tue 12th August 2008:

UnitedFuture has announced plans to reform New Zealand family law, in a three-pronged approach designed to keep both parents closely involved in the day-to-day lives of their children following family breakdown. “UnitedFuture will introduce ‘shared parenting’ as a default position for child custody arrangements in the family court,” announced family spokesperson Judy Turner. “Shared parenting […]

Fathers – Please Help Us

Wed 6th August 2008:

Sovereign Sunshine, which is a charity arm of the Insurance/Finance company Sovereign, selects six charities each months and puts them to a vote. This month, Father & Child Trust is one of them. The winner takes $10,000-$15,000, which would be a huge boost for us. Since it’s not all that well known, there’s not too […]

State Rape

I want to further address Sunday’s article A man’s core desire for adventure and some of the following comments. Darren gives us a look at what he is doing for men and their children in Australia. He also invites us and our contacts to join him. In the following comments, Martin is cynical and therefore […]

United Future’s first step to arresting dads at the border

Tue 5th August 2008:

Peter Dunne, United Future Leader, is setting up the groundwork for his National friends. Information matching on child support debt to begin NZPA Tuesday August 5 2008 – 02:49pm Information matching between Inland Revenue and the Customs Service for the purpose of recovering outstanding child support debt will begin at the end of this week, […]

One In Five Fathers Wrongly Identified By Mothers

Mon 4th August 2008:

Press Release by United Future at 3:52 pm, 04 Aug 2008 UnitedFuture is calling on the Government to immediately introduce DNA paternity testing, following new figures from Britain showing that in one in five claims DNA testing proves that the mother misidentified the father of their child. “It is a disgrace that in New Zealand […]

A Man’s Core Desire for Adventure

Sun 3rd August 2008:

So here I am… an Australian man posting on… brave or what? Especially after the Wallabies received an absolute grubbing at the hands of the All Blacks yesterday. John Potter had explained that was specifically designed and created for New Zealand men, but after I played the “ANZAC” card, he was most gracious, […]

Save the Males

Gradually, the worm turns. See

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