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Archive of March 2009

Women burglars target elderly

Wed 25th March 2009:

Blenheim residents are being warned to be wary of women talking their way into houses under the pretence of using phones or toilets, following burglary complaints. Constable Michelle Stagg said police in the past week had received three complaints relating to two females preying on elderly residents in the Springlands area. The pair, in their […]

Plane birth woman charged

The woman who gave birth to a baby on an international flight from Samoa to Auckland has been charged with abandoning the baby girl and assaulting her. The 29-year-old Samoan woman’s baby was now in the care of Child Youth and Family (CYF) and the woman due to appear in the Manukau District Court today. […]

Woman denies false rape claim against police recruit

Tue 24th March 2009:

There have been heated exchanges at a rape trial at the High Court in Wellington, where police recruit Mark James Tulloch, 31, is accused of raping a woman he met on an internet dating site. A lot is riding on getting to the truth now a days with the push from feminists to find more […]

Woman murders, dismembers husband then hides parts around Australia

Mon 23rd March 2009:

A Sydney woman admitted to hacking up her husband’s body before disposing of it at various locations around NSW, a court has been told. The torso, legs and one arm of 47-year-old Revesby man Wayne Robert Chant were found dumped in three separate NSW locations more than 16 years ago. “The crown alleges that the […]

I think Psychologists are the ones that need therapy

Sat 21st March 2009:

I have come to the realisation that the psychologists the Family Court employs as their s133 Report Writers are available because they would not be accepted in the reality world of psychoanalysts. I have discovered this first hand when my partner and I were ‘advised’ by the Court that a fifth, yes 5th s133 report […]

Philippine Story

Fri 20th March 2009:

From the Los Angeles Times: Philippine women’s groups say there’s a plot to free U.S. Marine convicted of rape Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith was convicted in 2006. Now the alleged rape victim has recanted and moved to the U.S. Philippine women’s activists charge that authorities are conspiring to set Smith free. By Paul Watson March […]

83% Still Want Smacking Law Fixed – Poll

Thu 19th March 2009:

We thought you’d be interested in Famiy First’s latest Media Release. Feel free to forward it on to your local MP and others on your Contacts list. PS… If you support the work and ‘voice’ of Family First NZ and would be willing to contribute towards the cost of this research, we would greatly appreciate […]

Scouts Manukau

Wed 18th March 2009:

Scouts Manukau is running an event in conjunction with Stuart Fleming, it’s a great opportunity because: Stuart is very experienced in dealing with young people — he is the Scouts NZ National Commissioner, with plenty of first-hand experience in such challenging roles as Leader in Charge of the Youth Services Team (15-20 year olds) at […]

Woman murders and Eats Her Friend

Tue 17th March 2009:

MOSCOW (AFP) – A woman from Russia’s Siberian region of Irkutsk has been arrested for killing a friend and then eating part of the corpse, Interfax news agency reported, quoting local investigators. The incident occurred on March 5 when the two women were drinking together at the suspect’s home and an argument broke out between […]

Counsel to assist the court

Hi folks I have noticed an increasing tendency for judges in cases in Hawkes Bay to appoint a ‘counsel to assist the court’ in FC cases where the father is self represented. I’m just wondering if there is a trend in any other regions? For the record they don’t seem to add much to the […]

Hot Tips on Growing Boys with Ian Grant

Mon 16th March 2009:

Let’s believe in our boys and ensure they have the best opportunities to become secure and loving men. Boys can be bold, bright, challenging and fun. This seminar will not only share the latest research on boys, but will also give great ideas and insights to help boys thrive. Ian Grant is brilliant! Nothing else […]

How outdated is feminist programs?

Sun 15th March 2009:

It is really sad how programs work. This is not a perfect description but it isn’t far off. Someone came up with a theory and this theory extended to other theories. (All students are learning these theories). Then and now research is done by hypothesis to measure these theories. Sociology does this and so does […]

The Pre-feminist Situation

Sat 14th March 2009:

I came across an interesting piece of information. According to the NZ Doctor magazine only two NZ GPs have had memorials built in their honour. One of them was Margaret Cruickshank, the first woman GP to be registered in New Zealand. She died in the 1918 influenza epidemic, and a marble statue was erected in […]

Child support payments: readers respond

Fri 13th March 2009:

Many readers thought it a good idea to have non-payers of child support stopped at the border, but others see problems in any attempt to find a simple answer…. Regards Scrap


DB says offensive signs will be taken down Here’s some great news for Friday the 13th! As a result of a local community protest against an offensive billboard, the company responsible has said it will be taken down. Brilliant! YES! It is worth speaking up . Congratulations to Voice Waikato. They have our full support. […]

Sweden reaps benefit of better nurturance of children

Thu 12th March 2009:

One of the the world’s leading examples of peace and social justice achieved through childrearing reforms exist in Sweden. How did the Swedes manage, despite their relative scarcity of natural resources, and their Arctic climate, to prosper so much and advance so far socially? For instance, Sweden was one of the first countries to enshrine […]

Family First news

1. Residents Win Brilliant Victory Over Brothel Family First Media Release 5 March 09 Family First NZ is congratulating the Mt Victoria Residents Association (Wellington) for being successful in their legal action against both a brothel in their street and the Wellington City Council who allowed the brothel to operate there. “ This is a […]

Corporal Punishment

Wed 11th March 2009:

Just read the comments on section 59 theme from 14. March 2007, – and felt the need to write this: Family violence produces social violence. Violence in the home is trans-generational. Violence in the home produces violent children. researchers can and have accurately predicted boys criminal behaviour, based on which boys had a history of […]

UK MP discusses familycaught problems

Sun 8th March 2009:

UK MP John Hemming has completed over 1 and half hours against the secret caughts on Edge TV. He’s really dishing the dirt on secret courts and dodgy social workers. It’s been uploaded to YouTube: YouTube speeches Campaign . What do you think about his straight shooting comments? Cheers, MurrayBacon.

Negotiations between Parents

With the economic situation quietening down, many people may be finding that old arrangements need to be renegotiated. This pressure will probably rise as time goes by. Less free cash, often swings against more free time. Stiff if the other party wants cash more than help based on time! With incomes dropping a bit and […]

Remember to update your IRD CS Estimate of Income

All non-custodial parents who are paying IRD [Spousal and] Child Support should think through whether they should submit a new Estimate of Income, before the 31st March. If you haven’t submitted an Estimate and your income has reduced, you might end up paying quite a bit more CS than is set by the formula. This […]

Teenage Pregnancies (UK) and Alcohol (NZ)

Teenage pregnancies soar after sex ed (UK) Mail Online (UK) 26th February 2009 Pregnancies among girls under the legal age for sex have shot up to the highest level in a decade, new figures showed today. The surge among girls under 16 dealt a fresh and devastating blow to Labour’s hopes of slashing teenage pregnancy […]

In the name of child abuse?

Schools call cops 40 times a week NZ Herald Mar 02, 2009 Police are being called to schools about 40 times every week of the academic year to deal with behaviour teachers say they cannot handle. Figures issued under the Official Information Act and obtained by Family First NZ show officers were called out an […]

Family Violence includes men too ya know!

Mon 2nd March 2009:

A shocking display of discrimination has occurred over male victims of Domestic Violence receiving assistance at court in Brisbane, Australia. State funding was given to a group to care for victims of domestic violence but instead the group has given the money back saying “We won’t work with male victims.” “We are not prepared to […]

Telephone contact

I have had no contact with my children for one and a half years on account of a super toxic ex. Last month I lodged a parenting order application asking for telephone contact. I have just received a notification from her lawyer opposing the application. I don’t think they have a snowball’s chance in hell of […]

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