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Archive of July 2010

Simon Power, Enemy of Men

Sun 25th July 2010:

Minister of Justice Simon Power has been talking for some time about introducing an inquisitorial system for cases involving child complainants and for complainants in sex crimes. Of course, he uses the ploy of referring to “child victims” and “sex abuse victims” to manipulate the public towards believing that all such complainants are necessarily victims […]

CYFS destroys fathers and children

Fri 23rd July 2010:

How far will a father go to protect his little girl? Two months ago I wrote about a father who has been protesting outside Prime Minister John Key’s home, Social Minister Paula Bennett’s office and CYFS offices around the country. He has been trying tirelessly to save his 3 year old daughter from her mother’s […]

IRD child tax spin at its best

Thu 22nd July 2010:

Have a read of this article Upaid child support $17 Million note : Inland Revenue documents released to the Taranaki Daily News show more than half the parents liable for child support in the region had an outstanding debt. A total of $6.7m of the money is assessment debt, money either passed directly on to the […]

A departing French ambassador to New Zealand…

Wed 14th July 2010:

Dating New Zealand Women A departing French ambassador to New Zealand once commented at the end of his stay in the country that New Zealand women lacked elegance, complaining that they dressed only in black and ‘walk like soldiers’. That was a bit cruel, though it’s true you won’t see many Kiwi women prancing around […]

Children on planes

CHICAGO – A Chicago-area man is suing Southwest Airlines, saying its flight attendants failed to protect his 14-year-old son from an older female passenger who made sexual advances toward him and offered him illegal drugs during a flight to Florida. According to the lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, the incident occurred on […]

Mothers in the news today.

Mother jailed for ‘cruel, horrible’ abuse

Mother rammed police officer with 5 year old daughter in car.

Aimee L. Sword gets prison for sex with her son

Home alone.

Mum gets 10 months jail.

Disabled Woman Left in 100 Degree Room Dies; Mother, Sister Charged

In Western Australia a mother failed to negotiate a bend and drove her car into a tree.

Mother, 19, charged with assault of former spouse.

Pregnant women who drink alcohol may reduce the sperm count of sons

Some ideas

Tue 13th July 2010:

I have been giving this Child Support and Family Law question a bit of thought lately. Rather than prattle on about the inequities of our Family and Child Support Laws, which in this forum we all know so much about, I thought I would offer up some ideas about where I think it should go. […]

Men’s rights issues and videos

Thu 8th July 2010:

I came across a couple of interesting short videos on the net that echo the message men give through writing on this site and thought “Hey, cool”. This one (below) is about men choosing surrogacy to become fathers rather than risk losing their children when a mother is involved.

Financial abortion-a male right to choose?

Wed 7th July 2010:

Interesting article that is well worth a read. What if a father could choose not to accept financial responsibility for a child before the child was born? Should create some interesting discussion! Regards Scrap If it were law,a financial abortion would allow a man — one who has specifically said to his partner before intercourse […]

Child Tax Debt

Sun 4th July 2010:

Stuff this morning . Note Family First true colors are showing! Note the spin of this article Note no one representing liable parents (UOF – Fair and Reasonable etc) has been asked for comment in this article Child-support dodgers owe their children — and the taxman — billions. Inland Revenue is owed more than $1.8 […]

Separation, depression and equal care

Sat 3rd July 2010:

If you have been separated from your children/child then the chances are that you will have experienced some degree of depression. If you already had an existing disposition toward depression then father alienation by the State will most certainly hurl you into a massive black hole that you may never recover from without undergoing wise […]

Increasing child compliance: Fathers flying solo

Fri 2nd July 2010:

Title: Increasing child compliance: Fathers flying solo Authors: Havell, Elaena Margaret Keywords: children triple p solo fathers non-compliance behavioural intervention Issue Date: 2008 Abstract: This study investigated the effectiveness of the Triple P Programme to reduce non-compliant behaviour in three solo father families. Using behavioural monitoring, observational coding, and self-report questionnaires, outcome measures included non-compliant […]

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