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A users guide to men – feminist perspective

Filed under: General — Julie @ 12:27 am Wed 24th March 2010 has an article on Author Kathy Lette about her latest book titled, ‘Men: A User’s Guide’. It’s a collection of clever and caustic quips collected from her writing and observations from her marriage to human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robinson but it sounds like a lot of feminist spin.

Lette tells the interviewer that her human rights lawyer husband is bad because he doesn’t do enough around the home, while her housekeeper serves them tea and biscuits.

When asked about her book being man hate Lette replied….

It’s not man-bashing, it’s just annoying them until they start paying us more attention and pull their finger out,” she says.

First reaction would have to be, “Sack her husband as a human rights lawyer” but being raised by a single mother, it is possible Lette’s angry for not having her father around.

It seems Lette is not only dissatisfied with her husband but she’s dissatisfied 80% of university graduates are female, women’s health has priority to men’s health, a woman’s word leads to a man’s conviction, women’s crimes are being considered a cry for help while men are being tortured and raped in prisons and that western countries have a treaty with feminists.

Besides being dissatisfied, Lette, who lives in London, where women are divorcing their husbands before they loose their jobs in the recession so they are court ordered to pay extremely large sums of alimony even though they can’t earn it has more to say …..

“I said in the book now that women are economically independent and we can impregnate ourselves, if our vibrators could kill spiders in the bathtub and light the barbie would we need them at all? No we wouldn’t.

I see a future where not only the clientele for hitmen/women change from women to men over divorce settlements in the UK, but a new brand of vibrators that kill spiders and light BBQs hitting the shelves in the near future. Who knows, Lette might just put her name to it and men might just invent it.

However Lette has more to say in her 184 page man bashing book that she dares men to read. And gives more excuse as to why she should be able to write horrid things about men.

“Until we get equal pay I’m going to comically kneecap men as often as possible because it’s still a man’s world and they deserve raspberries.

Of course Lette and and her girlfriends singers/actresses/role models Kylie and Danii Minogue out-earn most men and women but even so, she decides it’s men’s fault women make the choice to work part-time for their life style rather than full-time and prefer jobs where it’s safe like inside secure buildings rather than outdoors in the heat and rain putting roofs on buildings or deep down mines or washing windows on the outside of skyscrapers. She also blames men for woman not competing like men do.

The way I see it, Lette’s going to cash in as much as possible on man hate. Her other books include HOW TO KILL YOUR HUSBAND (AND OTHER HANDY HOUSEHOLD HINTS) and TO LOVE HONOUR AND BETRAY (TILL DIVORCE US DO PART).

15 Responses to “A users guide to men – feminist perspective”

  1. gwallan says:

    It’s pretty remarkable what can be put out in the broad mainstream sense isn’t it?

    I know I ramble about things like Oprah’s show’s but there are boys who can watch their rapist applauded on prime time telly. Age doesn’t even seem to be a barrier.

    Wonder what age it is a boy becomes eligible for Kathy’s venom?

    The real frontier presented to true equality between the genders is represented in our capacity to be compassionate to men.

    Or lack thereof.

    Thankyou for this Julie.

    I adore you.

  2. Judge Dread says:

    We use the feminazi handbook of hate in the Family Court.It works well – just look at the climbing male suicide rate.

  3. Scott B says:

    First of all don’t get me started on the mythical pay gap…

    Secondly, this sort of hate book should be banned from NZ. Imagine if someone wrote a book like that about Jewish people or Chinese people?

    They wonder why we call them feminazi’s???

  4. John Dutchie says:

    Don’t marry a Western European Woman anymore

    Did anyone pick up on this statement below,this was quoted in the article…This ‘Fine’ Lady should emigrate to N.Z and be straight employed by ‘The Ministry of Woman’s affairs’…They would welcome this ‘Fine’ Lady with open arms…..!!!!

    “I told her that every man is guilty until proven innocent,” Lette says.

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  5. julie says:

    And I adore you Gwallan.

    I know I ramble about things like Oprah’s show’s but there are boys who can watch their rapist applauded on prime time telly. Age doesn’t even seem to be a barrier.

    Ramble away because feminists need to be shown up for the corrupt group of women they really are. You’ll find this link interesting (it’s another post on menz) because it explains how feminists control show hosts like Oprah.

    It’s terrible that feminists blackmail the media and that single women are out-earning single men and no-one can speak to the media about it.

    Yet, it’s even worse that they have expectations on women that they can’t achieve. They have been ditching all the feminist mothers who couldn’t change the culture of their sons because once the boys became of age they saw their father’s as role models. It matters not to them how much support these mothers have given nor how detrimental it is to children to lose their fathers and one day the floodgates are going to open and the truth will come out.

    They get away with saying men’s culture needs to be changed only because they got away with lies on men’s abuse for so long. They knew they couldn’t change our boys while fathers were around so they made out father’s were bad.

    Even today they show a young man on TV with the slogan, ‘never shake a baby’ and yet they know full well mothers are the prime killer of babies. Our children’s hospital ‘Starship’ has women staff saying, “If only New Zealander’s knew how bad the abuse on children problem was” but they can’t know because feminists care more about changing men and women than the innocent lives of children.

  6. Phoenix says:

    This article made me laugh, mostly because it is so rife with contradictions.

    “Skimming through the 184 pages, there’s not a lot of positive things Lette has to say about the male of the species.

    But she insists the book isn’t an exercise in man-bashing.

    “It’s not man-bashing, it’s just annoying them until they start paying us more attention and pull their finger out,” she says.

    Ummmm. That sounds like man bashing to me……then she continues with……..

    “I said in the book now that women are economically independent and we can impregnate ourselves, if our vibrators could kill spiders in the bathtub and light the barbie would we need them at all? No we wouldn’t.

    I hate to point out a very obvious fact…….women CANNOT impregnate themselves. It’s basic biology…..they still need sperm to get pregnant..and that sperm comes from a man. Seems Lette doesn’t even know the basic “facts of life”.

    ……latter on………

    The main problem, as Lette sees it, is that women make that mistake of thinking they can change men.

    “You can only change the male of the species out of a nappy,” Lette says.

    …….ok more male bashing…….and then still later……

    So what’s the one bit of crucial advice about men Lette gives to her daughter, 17-year-old Georgie?

    “I told her that every man is guilty until proven innocent,” Lette says.

    …….so that’s more male bashing, this time being passed on to the next generation……and then……

    “I think the younger men are nicer anyway. I meet all Georgie’s male friends. They cook, they sit and talk about feelings, they go shopping with the girls.”

    … other words the only men that Lette thinks have any value are the ones who have been feminised. Seems to me this “woman” is nothing more than an ignorant, male hater with honesty issues. I’m sure in modern western society she will do well.

  7. julie says:

    just look at the climbing male suicide rate.

    Great point.

    We use the feminazi handbook of hate in the Family Court

    For sure.

  8. Phoenix says:

    Absolutely agreed. My own partner is from Uzbekistan, which is a part of the former Soviet Union. She is shocked at the way Kiwi women behave, regarding them as insolent and disrespectful of men.

    From my own experiences I will say this: if you start associating with women from non-western countries you will soon learn what a REAL woman is like. Get outside of Western countries and you will find the women are far more feminine and in fact celebrate their femininity. They have a stronger character, higher levels of commitment, have a more realistic attitude toward relationships and family and are much better partners.

    Get away from Western women and you will NEVER consider one as a serious long-term partner again.

  9. John Dutchie says:

    A Friendly challenge to Karen

    Come on Karen,I know and also Katy,both of you are still are reading all the posts that have been submitted ….

    So do I take it, We as in Men/Father’s are all so called ‘Negative’,because we will not submit to your Evil Kiwi social engineering Feminism…….

    Lets put this Karen ,I hope you as a Mother will never ever experience the pain,despair and anguish of seeing your Son totally destroyed by a false allegation based on ‘Here say’……by a Kiwi Woman….

    And I will tell you right now,to your face if need be ….I will never ever in my lifetime, will I look at a Kiwi Woman…

    My young adult Son is engaged to a wonderful Asia/Indian Lady…She sum up ‘Kiwi’ woman so beautifully with this comment…’They demand respect and ‘peddle stool’ treatment from there so called partners,and there respect back to there Male partner is… ‘Contempt’….’…I wholeheartedly agree with her too…

    Kind regards to you Karen….John Dutchie

  10. Dave says:

    I think I am going to be physically sick.

  11. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Dave

    ‘Tongue in Cheek’…and just ‘stirring the pot’….Well Dave, if you are going to physically sick ….Make sure you don’t be sick over a Kiwi Woman…You will be definitely charged and arrested by the police for ‘Male assaults Female’……

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  12. Dave says:

    Sorry it was just that I made the mistake of reading what Kathy Lette had to say. There is a whole 10 minutes of my life I will never get back!

  13. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Dave

    On a very serious note Dave…I know so many Kiwi Woman who think,act exactly like and have the same opinion towards Men as’ Kathy Lette’ has….

    And then they have the ‘Gall’ to ‘bleep and moan’ at me …’Why can’t I find a Partner’….These are same Kiwi Woman who have a list on what they want as in a potential Male partner…

    But heaven help you if you as the Man have a so called list on what you want in a Lady partner…that in there eyes is,and they have actually said this to my face…That ‘Discrimination against Womanhood’…I have said to them ‘Enjoy in being single for the rest of Life with your Double standards’..May the so called Man drought continue for them….!!!!!

    Kind regards John Dutchie

  14. Phoenix says:

    These same Kiwi women have not clicked onto the fact that us Kiwi men can easily find quality partners elsewhere. And outside of New Zealand there is not the same attitute toward age gaps. Finding a partner who is 10 years younger is considered totally normal, in fact even 15 years is not frowned on in most non-western countries.

    Because we men don’t have a biological clock to worry about we can easily afford to wait to find the appropriate partner, and have a family. The simple fact is that if we marry someone ten years younger we can wait until our mid forties without any problems at all. 15 years younger and we can wait until we are about 50. Women can’t do this. At 50 it’s pretty well over from their perspective.

    And foreign women absolutlely love to be with western men. Much as I don’t like to say it, a large number of men from non-feminist countries are real assholes. Russia as an example has 10 million more women than men. This has created a situation where Russian men don’t care about how they treat their women, simply because they can just dump them and find someone else. They are known for their boozing, promiscurinty and physical abuse. In fact it’s not uncommon at all over there for a woman to know her husband is sleeping around and simply put up with it. The divorce rate in Russia is the second highest in the world for exactly this reason. Unlike here in New Zealand it really is a one sided problem over there. As a result the women dress to kill, and do everything they can to keep their man. Family is their top priority. In other words they become wonderful partners for Western men.

    Kiwi women have no idea what a male chauvinist really is, put them in a country like Russia and they will realise how lucky they are to be around us Kiwi men, who will put up with their shit.

    Feminism has actually forced Western men to be more understanding, and kinder. And this also works against Kiwi women. Foreign women love the attitudes of Western men toward women. In most instances they end up with a better quality partner, kinder and more understanding of their needs. And us guys also end up with a better quality partner, who is genuinely feminine and in most cases family orientated, it’s a perfect match.

    My advice? Don’t bother with Kiwi women, find yourself a lovely feminine bride from either Asia or the FSU (Former Soviet Union).

    Let these Kiwi women whine about not being able to find a partner and let them worry about their biological clocks….unlike us men they haven’t got the option of finding someone of quality from a non-feminised country.

  15. John Dutchie says:

    Reply to Phoenix

    ….Beautifully said Good Sir,and not one word you have said, can I disagree with you…

    Kind regards John Dutchie

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