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Smear Campaign against Dr Goodyear-Smith continues

Filed under: Sex Abuse / CYF — JohnPotter @ 10:40 am Fri 24th September 2010

Journalist Tim Hume must deserve an award for services to radical feminism. [Edit Aug 2013: Yep sure enough, the story was Highly Commended: best investigation, Canon Media Awards 2011.]

His fabricated story in the SST at the end of August claiming that my wife, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith was contracted by ACC to advise on recent changes to the Sexual Abuse Counseling Pathway, is now being quoted as an authoritative source of information all over the Internet. [Edit Aug 2013: Here is Felicity Goodyear-Smith‘s response to this attack.]

History repeats, unless we learn

Smear campaigns and dishonesty are standard modus operandi for the NZ sex abuse industry. The March 1993 issue of Metro Magazine included an article by Carroll Du Chateau titled: Is the child sex abuse industry telling the truth?, which documents their use and effectiveness.

In the early days of the Family Court, one male report writer needed to be eliminated because he believed that psychological evaluations should be unbiased and evidence-based.

Psychotherapist Michael Marris, once a valued member of Beatson’s team, now rejected, doesn’t agree. “There was a smear campaign brewed up against me over years because of my increasing unease about what I felt were poor clinical standards accompanied by a groundswell of feminist ideology,” he claims. “They take the view that it is better to have people falsely accused and effectively convicted than to see one child abuser go free”.

These are exactly the same issues, still in dispute now in 2010.

Smear campaigns don’t just affect the immediate target. In the early 90’s all psychologists got the message that deviation from the feminist line might result in professional suicide. I have seen at first hand how psychologists recommended by MENZ have been harassed and threatened. The result is that it now almost impossible to get a Court-ordered 29A psychological report reviewed and critiqued by a non-feminist professional.

Right now all NZ doctors are getting the message that giving expert, evidence-based testimony that does not conform with feminist ideology, is likely to result in what Felicity is experiencing. I have heard dozens of her medical colleagues say they would never be prepared to risk acting as an expert witness for a defendant in a sexual abuse trial.

As Du Chateau concluded in Metro Magazine:

“The fact is, the entire sexual abuse industry is politically driven.”

The feminist network in action

The smear campaign is being supported by dozens of websites, eg: LudditeJouro, Kyle MacDonald, Frogblog, SOSA, ACCforum, ACC Focus, The Swamp Report, Wellington Rape Crisis, Shatter our Silence, castorgirl, K1W1, BNET, Google groups, Scoop, Voxy, grownups.

Someone even went to the trouble of altering the Centrepoint WikiPedia page! [Edit Aug 2013: It looks like this misinformation has now been removed.]

As far as I can see, none of these sites bother to mention the subsequent correction of Tim Hume’s misinformation.

Denise Cosgrove, ACC: “Dr Goodyear-Smith had no role in the development of the pathway”.

In denial, Kyle?

Kyle MacDonald, sensitive claims spokesman for the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists, is still trying to flog this dead and now rapidly decomposing horse. On 22nd September he writes on his website: and now for the apology…?

Overall I have struggled throughout this process to know whether all of this madness has been the result of outright incompetence from ACC, or malicious intent. The latter seems evident in stories such as those highlighted in the recent Sunday Star Times expose of the possible involvement of Dr. Felicity Goodyear Smith; the former, namely incompetence, is the tune the review panel plays.

I personally think Kyle’s right on the money with his “malicious intent” theory, just very wrong about the perpetrators and the goals.

Perhaps his judgement has been impaired by an overwhelming flow of warm female fuzzies in appreciation for putting his professional reputation on the line in support of this smear campaign? If he is genuinely struggling to understand what is really going on, it just means the sisterhood doesn’t trust him.

Smear campaigns are easy on the Internet

The comments on public forums such as the TradeMe community, where people can post anonymously, have been particularly virulent, as one would expect. ACC lawyers have clearly been at work removing some of the more extreme fantasies about the supposed extent of Potter family / Centrepoint ‘cult’ influence over the Corporation, but hundreds of defamatory lies and distortions remain.

In a discussion (on an unrelated topic) with a feminist calling herself “Scarpetta”; who is one of the most active disseminators of false information about Felicity, me and MENZ, a commenter outlines the strategy for her:

Such falsehoods take on a life of their own on Internet message boards. Some media outlets save their comments for perpetuity. Sometimes, a comment or post on a message board may even become a valid source through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Promoting pedophilia?

One extremely disturbing feature of these smears is that many appear to be encouraging pedophiles to offend. They promote disinformation such as:

  • pedophilia is common (all contributors to MENZ just for a start!)
  • that this website supports and promotes sex with children
  • that Felicity can be hired as a “forensic expert to help pedos get off child sex abuse charges”
  • that consequences of offending are likely to be minimal.

Of course, when challenged to provide evidence of these claims, there is no response because none of this is true. If any visitors to MENZ are sexually attracted to children, and are looking for support, I’ve made a page with information for paedophiles, where I make my position clear; sex with children is never OK, and they should seek professional help.

Feminists remain staunch

So has anything changed in the last 20 years? I don’t think so:

From a recent TradeMe community forum:

I think the rape and sexual abuse of women and children is far more important than the few ‘innocents’…

If you are a member of MENZ…of course you would think like this…


  1. The Swamp Report contains information about changes to the sensitive claims pathway. I publish press releases, articles, letters, reports, etc, related to that subject from ACC, professional bodies, media organisations, the House of Representatives, blogs, etc, from all points of view. As well as publishing the Sunday Star Times articles, I have also published the correction by Denise Cosgrove that you mention above, letters to the editor by your supporters and the recommendations of the independent review panel into the sensitive claims pathway commissioned by the Minister. Most importantly, I am not and have never been a feminist!

    Comment by Annelise — Fri 24th September 2010 @ 2:46 pm

  2. I’m sorry for calling you a feminist if it’s not true Annelise. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a person by the company they keep.

    Good on you for publishing the correct information from ACC.

    If you share any of our concerns about sexual abuse counselling it sure isn’t obvious. I suspect most MENZ readers are going to agree with me that the overall tone of your site is hostile towards us.

    Thanks for alerting me to Gordon’s excellent letter (below).

    BTW, I was alerted to your site by this anonymous comment that you have displayed for the last six weeks:

    In fact, the entire sensitive claims unit should be shut down – lock, stock and barrel and be started again – with new staff who are not tainted by the warped ‘visions’ of Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith or those of Jackass Jansen’s.

    Comment by JohnPotter — Fri 24th September 2010 @ 8:36 pm

  3. ACC’s flawed review

    A letter to the editor of the Dominion Post by Gordon Waugh

    No wonder the report by the independent panel reviewing ACC sexual abuse claim procedures has been kept quiet.

    The panel relied heavily on emotive sex abuse industry anecdotes, myths and misinformation.

    It ignored good science and the interests of taxpayers who pay for ACC sex abuse claims.

    It recommends a diluted, weakened and more costly process. Instead, the need is for fairness, healthy scepticism and robustness.

    The panel made much of the supposed causal link between sexual abuse and mental injury. I understand no sexual abuse syndrome exists because there is no scientific evidence that sexual abuse causes any specific psychiatric, psychological or behavioural condition.

    Disdaining such elementary science, the panel relied on the Massey Guidelines, which claim more than 700 symptoms or indicators of sexual abuse have been identified. That covers almost every human behaviour.

    The panel accepted sex abuse industry myths that most victims never disclose their abuse, and only 9 per cent of sexual offences were reported to police. It is impossible to know about undisclosed or unreported events. The panel failed to apply critical thinking. It was a deplorable waste of our resources.

    Comment by JohnPotter — Fri 24th September 2010 @ 8:37 pm

  4. hello im just writing about my poor cousin, he has been recently jailed for a crime he didn’t do with no evidence against him and the police didn’t do an ivestigation, it was just his word against her’s and they had a cyf’s woman as the forperson of the jury, that should not be allowed in cases like his, I am very dissapointed in the justice system.

    Comment by barb — Fri 24th September 2010 @ 10:02 pm

  5. why do you say it is a smear campaign when there are FACTS to support that FGS thinks fucking Kids is okay …as do you…..

    Comment by maxine — Sat 25th September 2010 @ 10:09 pm

  6. If you know of any evidence for your false accusations Maxine, why don’t you link to it?

    Your debating technique needs something a little more sophisticated than SHOUTING if you want to influence MENZ readers.

    Deliberately accusing someone of sexual transgressions is just as morally culpable as committing an actual assault, in my opinion.

    Comment by JohnPotter — Sun 26th September 2010 @ 1:00 pm

  7. A ridiculous, uncorroborated and hateful accusation to make maxine.

    Comment by Skeptik — Sun 26th September 2010 @ 3:43 pm

  8. Oh my goodness.

    Here is the cry of reasonable and good people, whose reputation is besmirched by small-minded and malicious people and lo and behold, equally nasty buggers join in the smears here.

    Have they no shame?

    Comment by amfortas — Wed 29th September 2010 @ 8:46 pm

  9. I can’t believe that entitlement for sexual abuse counselling is even being debated. How come someone can pick up a gambling problem, sexually abuse kids, beat their partners, separate, abuse drugs and alcohol or have an eating disorder and be able to access free counselling by taxpayers. But sorry, if you get abducted overnight and raped repeatedly while your life is being threatened, or are unlucky enough to have to parent your fathers child, have to go through the harrowing process of court cases where there is a less than 7% chance of a conviction, you are still required to be psychiatrically assessed and if you are unwell but robust enough to make it through these hoops, be allocated a miserable 16 hours of counselling to be used immediately with no gaps after a lengthy decision making delay. New Zealand is a has an international agreement with CEDAW which is supposed to entitle women to access to counselling for sexual abuse. This debarcle has been a shocking and inhumane injustice with impacts that will be felt for generations to come and is indeed a rapist charter. With no support victims will be less likely to hold offenders accountable and reduce the shocking statistics of 1 in 4 and 1 in 7 people in this country experiencing sexual abuse.

    Comment by Renee — Fri 1st July 2011 @ 11:31 am

  10. Hi Renee,
    First off your use of misleading and hugely exaggerated ‘1 in 4′ and 1 in 7’ ‘statistics’ and 7% conviction rate regarding rates of sexual abuse reads like a typical feminist hate crime.
    Feminists with their hateful misandric mindsets have so expanded the definition of sexual abuse as to render it meaningless also.
    Rest assured I won’t be seeking counseling having read them though!

    Nowhere on this thread, or other threads at MENZ (I’ve been reading MENZ daily for years now) have I ever seen anyone advocating an end to support for GENUINE victims of sexual assault.

    Go here and here to start taking your free red pill.

    As a related issue of note A voice for men radio aired recently with news of a new online registry they’re setting up.
    It’s a registry to name and shame FALSE ACCUSERS.
    Go hear to listen to the show and get details.

    Careful there, Renee.
    With your male vilifying attitude you may find yourself on it.

    Comment by SKeptic — Fri 1st July 2011 @ 6:22 pm

  11. New Zealand is a has an international agreement with CEDAW which is supposed to entitle women to access to counselling for sexual abuse.

    I just googled “new zealand rape crisis”. It does seem that NZ is satisfying it’s obligations.

    Thankyou for your little rant. It’s answered some questions for me. Such as why, in every state in Australia apart from Victoria, the services funded to help victims respond to calls from male victims and victims of female abusers with laughter and accusations of dishonesty. I have no doubt the same happens in New Zealand.

    When the welfare of the entire community is placed in the hands of groups serving only women and listening only to women one can be assured the welfare of men will be ignored.

    Comment by gwallan — Fri 1st July 2011 @ 8:21 pm

  12. I remember reading a while ago about a study done in Britain where 30% of the men interviewed admitted that they had been coerced into, or forced into having sex by women when they didn’t want too.

    Now that is more commonly called rape.

    30% – that’s one in three men who have been raped by women according to this survey. So it’s pretty clear that there is most certainly a need for rape crisis centres for men. In fact it would would appear that there is more need for them for men, than for women.

    Comment by Mr. Anonymous — Sat 2nd July 2011 @ 1:52 am

  13. @Mr A – Actually, depending upon the study, between 40% and 95
    % of all rape allegations by a woman are false. It’s important to distinguish between unfounded and false. My own analysis of volumes of data reveal that approximately 45% of all allegations by women are unfounded (meaning there is no evidence of a rape) and another 45% are simply fabricated. No matter how you interpret real numbers like that, the number of false allegations are huge. Reasons women lie about rape: (1) alibi – they have an STD or are pregnant and hubby or boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy to find out they were sleeping around, (2) attention – women love attention and they don’t care how they get it, who gets hurt or how much, (3) revenge – nothing like telling your friends and family and girlfriend of your ex or the police that he raped you, especially if you know there will be no legal or practical consequences for yourself, (4) severe and crippling mental illness (of course, anyone who lies for any of the previous three reasons suffers from crippling mental illness called malignant narcissism and psychopathy. Statistically, there are more male victims of real rape in the world than their are female victims (in prisons).

    Comment by Darryl X — Sat 2nd July 2011 @ 11:35 am

  14. OMG! Next thing you’ll be telling us that women – not all, but some – occasionally take sick leave because of, um, woman’s problems!
    Coincidentally, even my own mother has admitted this to me.

    Comment by Northern EMA — Sat 2nd July 2011 @ 2:38 pm

  15. A feminist is someone who wants equal rights for men and women right? So while they’ve been focussed on women’s rights – which I don’t think is disputed that women historically have had less rights than men, like the right to vote – they shouldn’t be doing stuff that ends up with men being disadvantaged compared to women.

    Comment by Miss Learning — Wed 27th June 2012 @ 9:14 am

  16. #16…google ‘the history of voting in NZ’ and check out the voting criteria might learn something..New Zealand’s first parliamentary elections were held in had to be male..own land worth more than 50 pound..this land ownership criteria excluded most men from voting..Women who owned property and paid rates (mainly widows and ‘spinsters’) were allowed to vote in local government elections in Otago and Nelson from 1867..a 14 year wait.. New Zealand became the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in parliamentary elections..This right was extended to the other provinces in 1876…read this..
    you might learn something

    Comment by Ford — Wed 27th June 2012 @ 9:48 am

  17. Mislearning,
    No feminism isn’t about equal rights for women.
    It’s a female supremacist movement.

    Check out –

    Notice that whilst women got the vote and thus a say in how their country was developed in 1911, only MEN were forced under threat of imprisonment to die on battlefields as cannon fodder.
    Personally I think if you aren’t willing to defend a territory then you don’t deserve a say in how it is governed. Period.
    Thus I believe, contrary to what feminist dogma will say, that women getting the vote whilst men got fed to prisons or battlefields in WW1, WW2, Vietnam etc it isn’t a case of enfranchisement for women, but rather a case of disenfranchisement for men.
    Of course feminists will never explain it this way.
    They will conveniently gloss over the fact of MASSIVE male sacrifice, because well, their just men right? And females are sooooooooooooooooooooooo oppressed and special compared to mere men.
    Did you know that in the USA today men are still politically arse raped in a country which ridiculously upholds itself around the globe as a beacon of democracy and human rights?
    For unlike USA women if USA men refuse to sign up for the military draft they AREN’T allowed to vote!

    Comment by Skeptic — Wed 27th June 2012 @ 1:53 pm

  18. #18..women and their ‘woe is me’..’poor victim’ crap

    Comment by Ford — Wed 27th June 2012 @ 4:24 pm

  19. Show me examples of a feminist or feminist organisation complaining about or even acknowledging gender inequality when it’s men who are disadvantaged. Then I might agree that feminists include a few people who want equal rights for men and women.

    Comment by Hans Laven — Wed 27th June 2012 @ 10:09 pm

  20. Come on feminists, there must be one example somewhere of feminists demonstrating a desire to ensure men have equal rights to women!

    Comment by Hans Laven — Thu 28th June 2012 @ 1:32 pm

  21. Reply to Hans

    Many times I have issue a challenge to Feminists to explain there definition of equality towards Manhood and Fatherhood… especially the feminists employed at the Ministry of women’s affairs

    So far, as I am aware of,no Feminist had the guts or fortitude to respond

    Kind regards… John Dutchie… Free at long last from the Feminist cesspit called New Zealand

    Comment by John Dutchie — Thu 28th June 2012 @ 2:58 pm

  22. Hans,
    you might as well try to get blood from a stone as get a feminist to admit any male disadvantage, let alone advocate it’s being fixed by society. Their whole philosophy (cult) is built on the premise that women’s problems are created by men, and men’s problems are created by, well, men of course.

    Comment by Skeptic — Thu 28th June 2012 @ 3:37 pm

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