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Archive of November 2011

6 Year Old Boy on felony sex charges

Tue 29th November 2011:

My initial reaction to this headline was to burst out laughing; and then I read the article. Whilst not in New Zealand, with globalization and “trickle down” effects; it could well be a sign of things to come.

Impact of abortion on men

Fri 25th November 2011:

This topic is not discussed sufficiently. Although men are sometimes derided, for getting women into the situation where an abortion may be “needed”, men may experience strong feelings of loss and hurt. If these are not understood, they may come back as psychological problems…. This difficult topic is well covered, in my opinion, on Life […]

White Ribbon Campaign misrepresents the facts

Thu 24th November 2011:

Today’s Herald has one of the best articles about domestic violence that I’ve ever seen published there. Tomorrow is White Ribbon Day. This campaign is the public face of the NZ Families Commission’s shameful support of the radical feminist campaign to demonise and discriminate against men. The only useful function the white ribbon serves is […]

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs

Tue 22nd November 2011:

Kerry Bevin with Craig Jackson set up a pretend ‘Ministry of Men’s Affairs’ in the grounds of parliament about two years ago to highlight male suicide rates. Kerry, Craig and I have now decided to form a group under the banner ‘Ministry of Men’s Affairs’ to distribute press releases etc. We think the title will […]

Woman’s Refuge for Men

Thu 17th November 2011:

I’ve never quite understood why attempts to open a men’s refuge in Auckland a few years ago ran into so much official opposition. It’s never made sense that the taxpayers pump millions of dollars a year into providing temporary accomodation for women victims of domestic violence when overwhelmingly it is men who get removed from […]

‘Half of women’ tell of emotional violence

Tue 15th November 2011:

Full story here: NZ Herald: Half of women tell of emotional violence Just another small step for feminism and a giant leap backward for men. “A family violence expert is calling for a national discussion about relationships after finding that more than half of New Zealand women have suffered psychological and emotional violence from their […]

Angry father smashes up CYF office

Tue 8th November 2011:

Full story here: NZ Herald: Angry father smashes up CYF office It amazes me we don’t see more incidents like this. Whilst none of us condone violent and intrusive actions such as these; it is not difficult to comprehend the aggravation and despair that drove this man to remonstrate against the high handed, totally non-empathetic […]

A Personal Experience of Police Sexism

Sun 6th November 2011:

I attended a protest on Friday in Auckland outside the Family Court, in the hope that it would encourage people to make submissions for the current government review of the Family Court. This review is a very rare opportunity to encourage change. When I arrived at the protest I met another protester there for the […]

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