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Archive of June 2012

Women driven to abortion

Sat 30th June 2012:

An article in today’s NZ Herald by Simon Collins gives publicity without challenge or analysis to claims by a previous MENZ Issues poster, Julie Whitehouse, that women will be driven to have abortions or to hide their new babies from authorities by planned changes to the DPB.

Helping Men

I recommend careful attention to two issues, when helping people dealing with familycaught$ (or CYFs). 1. Mental Health 2. Parenting Skills

Prejudice Rears its Ugly Head?

One shortcoming of many investigations, is to pre-judge the situation, or to latch onto the first obvious correlation and then to fail to complete a competent, broad and open minded investigation. Evidence is easily swept away by Sympathy Our friends at Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, International have published a paper comparing available tools […]

Kill the Family Court Protests

Thu 28th June 2012:

The first protest took place last Friday 22 June, to highlight the need for a rebirthing level of change to our family law and Family Court. A small but vocal group made this need clear to those involved with the Court and to many public passing through the area. A toy suction gun was used […]

Male Suicide and the social determinants of health

Tue 26th June 2012:

The Tip of the Iceberg: Male Suicide and the social determinants of health Keynote presentation by Professor John Macdonald President, Australasian Men’s Health Forum. Co-Director MHIRC UWS The tip of the iceberg theme will be used to suggest that we need to look beneath the surface of things, in many areas of life: often we […]

The New Zealand Marriage Strike

Mon 25th June 2012:

One thing that gets little press is that New Zealand men are on a marriage strike. This is not something feminsists want to hear so it is not reported or is dismissed. Sticking their head in the sand is not stopping the marriage strike though. The rate of marraiges has fallen sharply in the last […]

Suicide Prevention Conference 2012

Dr. Annette Beautrais has returned to NZ and is now employed at Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Auckland University, at the Middlemore Hospital Complex. Friday 28th September 2012 She has organised a Suicide Prevention Conference, to follow on from a World Injury Conference, a few days earlier in Wellington. (As quite a lot of […]

UK familycaught$ routinely uses “unqualified experts”

Sun 24th June 2012:

Scandal of ‘unqualified’ experts who advise our family courts: Decisions about the care of thousands of children routinely flawed By KATHERINE FAULKNER PUBLISHED: 01:48 GMT, 13 March 2012 | UPDATED: 09:31 GMT, 13 March 2012 Life-changing decisions about the care of thousands of children are routinely being made on flawed evidence from poorly qualified “experts’ […]

How courts and the culture disrespect dad Barbara Kay

Tue 19th June 2012:

A Father’s Day downer How courts and the culture disrespect dad 16th June 2012 By Barbara Kay / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS From the loving, engaged portrayals of fathers featured in recent popular movies like “The Descendants,” “Moneyball” and “A Better Life” – all three performances were nominated for Academy Awards – one might conclude […]

It’s Happening Holding Well Child checks on a Saturday was such a success that Wanganui Plunket clinical leader Anne Wild may do it monthly. She said 10 babies and children came to be checked, some of them with their fathers. “It’s really nice that the dads came along. There was one of them that had never […]

It’s fathers day outside of New Zealand this weekend

Sat 16th June 2012:

For example; this man needs YOUR help. Please read the article. Please put as much pressure on child youth and family to ensure this man gets his children this Sunday or at the very minimum, has contact with his children on Sunday. Perhaps, some media interest in NZ would be great although, I’m not confident […]

Anthony Mahon: ten years ago very justifiable concern about gender bias in Family Court

Thu 14th June 2012:

The 7th June edition of The Court Report on TV7 featured an interview with Anthony Mahon, co-author of the Law Society’s submission on the current Family Court review, and Deborah Hart, executive director of the Arbitrators & Mediators Institute. They were discussing the recent 70% increase in costs of running the Family Court, with no […]

If your partner defrauds MSD National wants you to be responsible.

Partners of DPB fraudsters may be targeted to make repayments

How feminism changed fatherhood

Mon 11th June 2012:

There’s an article on Stuff at the moment: How feminism changed fatherhood which MENZ readers might find interesting.

Would Someone Please Wakeup The Driver?

Fri 8th June 2012:

Efficacy of ban on abusive men questioned – Radio NZ News Social Development Minister Paula Bennett says the Government could go further than stopping abusive parents from having more babies, by banning abusive men from living or working with children. Ms Bennett says the proposal is being discussed as part of the Government’s white paper […]

Punishment or Child Protection?

Wed 6th June 2012:

Severe sanctions considered for abusive parents NewstalkZB | 12:39pm Wed 06 Jun 2012 Forced sterilisation is off the table, but the Government is considering severe sanctions for people who have babies after committing serious crimes such as murder or abuse of children. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has been forced to defend herself after last […]

Fees introduced for civil disputes in Family Court

Fri 1st June 2012:

The Family Court is about to introduce fees.

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