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Archive of December 2012

Child support about to become sperm tax in Kansas

Sun 30th December 2012:

Kansas seeks to force sperm donor to pay child support for lesbian couple’s kid. With so called “gay marriage” on the political radar this makes interesting reading.

Police Challenge Integrity of NZ DV Statistics

Mon 24th December 2012:

NZ Herald – Mallet attack sparked by car sale By Edward Gay Thanks to Bruce S for drawing this to our attention Lance Bain loved Ferraris, but after an argument with his partner over a car he was attacked with a mallet and left with a leg wound that became infested with maggots. He went […]

Public Faith in Caughts is Against Evidence

Sun 23rd December 2012:

NZ Herald Rodney Hide: Note to Collins: We want to see justice being done By Rodney Hide 5:30 AM Sunday Dec 23, 2012 Imagine the scene at police HQ and Crown Law: Justice Binnie has done the unthinkable; he’s written an independent report. Worse, he’s damned Crown Law and Police to hell. The Government response […]

School boys rally to save teacher

NZ Herald By Chloe Johnson There is some focus on negatives. Sometimes I do wonder if men’s lives are valued less than women’s? Maybe I am just trying to delude myself? Please notice that some of his most active benefactors were women….

Family Court Proceedings Bill Submission Kitset – Dark Side

Sat 22nd December 2012:

Our lawyers are asking the public to help protect their paramount financial interests: Call to Action – Lawyers want public to protect their Important Gravy Train

Family Court Proceedings Bill Submission Kitset

Wed 19th December 2012:

Write Your own Submissions on Family Court Proceedings Reform Bill. Submissions close on 13th February 2013

Offender Anita Killeen Gets Special Treatment

Tue 18th December 2012:

You might have come across this case last week in which a former Chief Prosecutor for the Serious Fraud Office was nicely discharged without conviction after pleading guilty to forgery charges for which she could have been jailed for up to 10 years.

The Connecticut school serial killer moved to live with his mum after the divorce, 3 years ago

Sun 16th December 2012:

Am I the only person NOT surprised to find that Adam Lanzra, who killed his mum and then killed 26 other victims (20 young children), experienced divorce 3 years ago, then moved to live with his mum that took him out from school for home-schooling. They were financially stable after the divorce, read the article […]

Femaleism at Work

Fri 14th December 2012:

Or perhaps Womenism would be a better term…

Campaign Against White Ribbon

I wish to mount a new challenge to the White Ribbon Campaign. I urge everyone here to copy and paste the letter below either into your email or to a printer, amend it if you wish, add your own details instead of the { } bits, then either send it or email it to the […]

A Few of This Weekend’s News Stories

Sun 9th December 2012:

Story time children, time to analyze a few news stories from a men’s movement perspective. Once you start to do this it’s like enlightenment and you find you’re recognizing the broader reality in what you read. The stories covered here simply happen to be from this weekend’s news and there were more even in that […]

Am I the only person

Sun 2nd December 2012:

expecting a Press Release from Women’s Refuge saying that countless women have been assaulted by their boyfriends, husbands or sons after the All Black loss ?

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