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Archive of October 2014

Violent Women a Problem

Sun 26th October 2014:

MoMA Media Release 24 October 2014 MEDIA RELEASE VIOLENT WOMEN A PROBLEM Black Ribbon campaigners have noticed an increase in reports of female physical violence. On the streets this month they received disclosures such as a wife throwing knives at her husband, a partner assaulting her male friend with a bat, a girlfriend trashing a […]

Feminist Abuse Children To Get Point Across

Fri 24th October 2014:

I don’t think I have ever seen a more offensive or abusive use of children to make such a video. The hard core feminists who wrote scripts and taught these young children to make this clip should be jailed for destroying these girls childhoods. It’s up to adults to work out adult problems and not […]

Affirmative Consent for U.S. Students: Stupidity that Feminists Will Try to Import into NZ

Thu 23rd October 2014:

See here:

NZ Police Discriminate Against Men

Wed 22nd October 2014:

We all know that anti-male sexism is rife throughout our country including our police. We all know that police routinely discriminate against men and behave as ‘white knights’ serving the interests of women as if royalty. We all knew that ‘police safety orders’ would become yet another tool with which to blame and harm men […]

MoMA Black Ribbon Campaign 2014

Some supporters of MoMA will be out campaigning against White Ribbon and in favour of the MoMA Black Ribbon Campaign, encouraging people to show they are against violence towards men, women and children rather than supporting misandry. We will be at the MT MAUNGANUI MAIN SHOPPING CENTRE this FRIDAY 24th OCTOBER from 11am to 2pm […]

Is IRD showing increasing awareness of self-harm?

Tue 21st October 2014:

I didn’t see this article published back on the 8th October. Includes comment from Union of Fathers (New Zealand)

Who really murdered the “angel”?

Cold case: Death of ‘angel’ devastates dad – National – NZ Herald News The biggest crooks here are the IRD and everyone involved with the Child Support system. The father in all faith would have complained to the Police, should he have had the slightest inkling of his daughter missing. But the Child Support system […]

The boy school leaver

Thu 16th October 2014:

NZCER was contracted by the Association of Boys’ Schools of New Zealand (ABSNZ) to undertake an analysis of student achievement in New Zealand boys’ schools, and to identify approaches and strategies used by high-achieving boys’ schools. In 2012, 28 percent of boys leaving school came from boys’ schools: a total of 7,439 students, increased somewhat […]

Pater Invisiblis photographic exhibition

Carl Lea wrote: I am a Photographer / Artist from Raumati, near Wellington. I have an exhibition running that opened last weekend. “Pater Invisiblis”(invisible Father) is a photographic exhibition about my experiences as an absent father. The exhibition is at the Bach Gallery, Waikanae Beach and only runs until 19th October.

Call to people caring for families involved with CYFS

Perhaps the main highlight of this website “MENZ’, for me, was the connection to men caring about families dealing with Child, Youth and Family Services aka CYFS.

Fairways Mediation Service

I have been asked for feedback on this new service (active since 1 April 2014). If you have any feedback that you wish to have passed on; good, bad, anonymous then please respond either here or to me at [email protected] We will be meeting with their team leader of mediation services early next month.

Kiwi tinder gang rape claim

Sun 12th October 2014: Ide like to know what the Oz cops spent on this woman and her false gang rape claim. I note the Oz law is 7 years for a false complaint. NZ is only 3. But in reality it’s nil because they almost never charge and if it ever goes to court there’s just a […]

Male Victim of Serious Violence Doesn’t Get Justice

Fri 10th October 2014:

Here is a good example of New Zealand’s attitude regarding violence towards males. A man had almost every bone in the right side of his face broken, underwent numerous facial reconstruction surgeries, has titanium plates in his skull and suffers permanent damage and ongoing complicaitons. The attacker was charged with the serious offence ‘injuring with […]

And now, the Brenda Leyland Pussy Pass!

Tue 7th October 2014:

Brenda Leyland committed suicide (apparently), a few days after a tv crew ‘outed’ her for making thousands of tweets under a false identity mostly expressing blame and hatred towards Madeline McCann’s parents. For example “I fear, that we are in this 4 long haul, up to all of us to a) Bang home the facts […]

Report of a fault with this site

Mon 6th October 2014:

This message was recently sent to me via the contact form. I will advise Tammy to check the comments her message receives.

Police Interference

Recently, the local Police Family Violence Coordinator rang me on behalf of the ex, who has a Protection Order against me. He offered to mediate an upcoming contact, which to me wasn’t that bad anyway. I politely refused his offer on these two grounds:

The White Fibbin’ Anti Male Propaganda Campaign

Sat 4th October 2014:

Misguided men continue to be hoodwinked into supporting this discriminatory campaign. Note the trickery where this campaign that cares only about women and demonizes only men, refers to itself as “inspiring and equipping men to help stop violence in their communities” and “this Hui effectively engaged men, educating and inspiring them about violence”. So these […]

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