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Domestic Psychological Abuse

Filed under: General — ashish @ 4:17 pm Mon 14th July 2014

Nice post by an ACT candidate. Not sure if she’ll get enough percentage to enter parliament, but should be interesting to see what her response to my question is:


Excellent family-oriented approach for tackling domestic violence. What are your views on the domestic psychological abuse carried out against the males? Society still has not come to a point where a male can confidently come out and talk about this abuse without being looked down by other males and discarded as rubbish by liberal feminist groups.


  1. You are looking FOR some psychological abuse? … ah, … then let us refer you TO the family court then … 😉

    Comment by Depleted — Mon 14th July 2014 @ 9:14 pm

  2. We as mothers, aunties, and sisters need to educate our boys about how to treat women, and educate our girls about how they should be treated.

    What is so excellent about this sexist rubish?

    Comment by Pete — Mon 14th July 2014 @ 9:42 pm

  3. Examples of psychological abuse.

    Shame: When a women slaps a man in the face in a public place, especially in front of friends and family.
    Shame: When a women uses the threat of a child sexual abuse allegation to gain power and control.
    Shame: When a women belittles the performance of the man, publicly.
    Shame: When control/abuse of money by the women is used to create sense of failure.
    Shame: Use of the male(media stereotype), your stupid is normalised in the relationship.
    Shame: When a partner orders the man to do something(degrading social status), publicly

    Guilt, fear, destitution, degradation, entrapment, etc,etc

    All these versions of Domestic Violence have powerful/damaging resultants. The Domestic Violence responses that are physical, in the profound majority of cases have these hidden precursors. The legal system ignores these things, because it analyses effects not the causes. Physical violence offenders profoundly cannot communicate the process that led them to striking out.
    This is where the sense of injustice can develop from. Inherently the offender offends, due to the complete lack of emotional intelligence, including the ability of the court system to recognise it, and treat it. Offence or illness?

    Thanks Minister of Education.
    Thanks Minister of Social Development

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Sat 19th July 2014 @ 8:13 am

  4. via Hoefledorf:

    Also, the owners of the country do this…
    They create false enemies…
    They stimulate conflicts…
    To keep us busy…
    Republicans against democrats…[Labour against National instead of the person]
    Blacks against whites…
    Natives against illegal aliens..
    The rich against people who need free healthcare…
    That way we have so many useless things to talk about and we don’t have time to take care of the real issues, to go against to the real enemies…[the govt, cops and Judges]

    Comment by Phil Watts — Wed 23rd July 2014 @ 2:37 pm

  5. and of course females against males.

    Comment by Phil Watts — Wed 23rd July 2014 @ 2:38 pm

  6. Dasha Kovalenko is ACT’s Auckland Central Candidate, a 25-year-old solicitor based in the CBD.
    1: We as mothers, aunties, and sisters need to educate our boys about how to treat women, and educate our girls about how they should be treated.
    2: Many offenders are getting away with repeated domestic violence offences. Repeat offenders are a serious danger to families and must be imprisoned.
    3: Punishment or imprisonment of a family member is difficult, but choosing to ignore the problem is acceptance of violence and can lead to greater harm later on.
    4: Reforming the justice system to focus on the victim and ensure recidivist offenders are put behind bars should be a priority.
    5: Rehabilitation is all well and good, but when someone doesn’t want to help themselves, family and community safety should take priority.

    These are the things she has said. MMM

    She is a Lawyer so as you can see, so she has been trained to hate men (1), as she doesnt see that females should be educated not to be domesticaly violent towards men. Despite it being a statistical fact (MSD research) that NZ women when taking into account all types of domestic violence, are more domesticaly violent than NZ men. Thats before I count the versions of domestic violence that they don’t even measure. Like Oxytocin abusers, an absolute evil, and very deadly.

    Well I guess she thinks our prison systems should be filled to the brim with all those men, and children bashing women (2). Yeah right. Like I said proffesionaly trained to hate men, you can even feel in her writing thats she is doing it with a smile. Must be imprisoned!

    You meen after years of torture, the man finaly breaks (3), so she and her bigot Lawyer mates can blame it on the man. Thats what you get when you support a rape culture, IE non consensual conception, in all its male raping forms.

    Bet all the money she, and her mates have stolen from “male” domestic violence victims, of female domestic violence, and sexual, and financial, and child abusing offending. That (4) did not meen females that have gone from male, to new male, to new male, and not only gotten away with it, but with her and her friends help, has been financialy rewarded for it. Priority, what a load of feminist, proffesionaly trained propoganda crap.

    Oh yes (5). Is she saying she should find a prison cell for herself. Clearly by (1)(2)(3)(4) She’s a Lawyer, she wouldn’t tell lies, or misrepresent the facts now would she. She clearly needs lots of help, not our vote! I want to feel safe from her bigot idealisms, MMM

    Comment by The man in Absentia — Tue 29th July 2014 @ 11:55 pm

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