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Archive of February 2015

Gender News Update

Thu 26th February 2015:

Here’s a female psychologist suggesting that men should be complaining as much as women about being parents. She thinks men should be as self-centred as women rather than being grateful for their blessings and having a strong commmitment to their duties. Interesting stuff especially the readers’ comments.

White Fibbin’ at it again

Here is the latest email campaign from the anti-male hate speakers of the White Fibbin’ Campaign. Note the statement “..our mission to end men’s violence towards women”, making their sexist, unbalanced agenda clear.

Book Launch of Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze

Fri 20th February 2015:

Last night we held the official launch for Felicity Goodyear-Smith’s new book: Murder that Wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze.

Is the Ban on Using Force in Discipline Working?

The anti-smacking law (actually the anti-use-of-force-in-discipline law) was based largely on feminist ideology. The idea that male characteristics of size and strength should be allowed to be used to exert ‘power and control’ was anathema to feminists, and they projected their sense of injustice on to the matter of raising and disciplining children. State-sponsored sole […]

Mojo Mathers MP Spreads False Propaganda

Thu 19th February 2015:

Sent via email to [email protected] Dear Ms Mathers In the context of debating the composition of the Intelligence Committee, you were quoted in the NZ Herald today as stating that “every day skilled women found themselves overlooked for jobs or promotion, or competing with men with far less experience and ability”.

Family Hero Falls Ill

MEDIA RELEASE 19 February 2015 FAMILY HERO FALLS ILL Ministry of Men’s Affairs spokesman Kerry Bevin says that many kiwi men and their families will be saddened by Jim Bagnall’s terminal prostate cancer.

A Great loss to NZ

Tue 17th February 2015:

Celia Lashlie passed away today after suffering from cancer. She was a very wise woman and a great advocate in the education of raising healthy young males in our society. She will be sorely missed and I salute her for her brave stance in our matriachal ideologically driven society.

Four Yorkshiremen on Divorce

1. My ex got 90% of all assets after separation! 90%. Sheer luxury. Sheer bloody luxury. 2. I only got 5% and all the debts. 3. You guys don’t know how lucky you are. All I got was me gumboots. You guys just don’t know how lucky you are. 4. Gumboots. You got your gumboots. […]

Systematic Discrimination Against Fathers

Sun 15th February 2015:

Unbelievable Duplicity Story number 73,456,864: “International tug-of-war in custody fight”. In order to pursue her own career, this mother deliberately abducted the daughter to the USA against the wishes of the girl’s father and denied the girl a meaningful relationship with the father for some years. She arranged a fake contact visit with the father […]

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fri 13th February 2015:

Source Article: Lloyd, who engages with victims at the point where they require or have obtained a protection order against their alleged abusers, said the issue for the court was whether what took place was domestic violence. “The legal argument is about whether there was domestic violence given there was consent,” she said. “Well, how […]

Is Valentines all about women?

Wed 11th February 2015:

First what’s it all about? As much as I am a little cautious about referring to Wikipedia, this seems reasonable enough. There is no evidence of any link between St. Valentine’s Day and the rites of the ancient Roman festival, despite many claims by many authors.[15][37][notes 1] The celebration of Saint Valentine did not have […]

UK Barrister: Rape and Consent

Mon 9th February 2015:

Barrister David Osborne caused outrage with his blog She was gagging for it (the blog has been changed due to public outrage, but the original is included below) where he went as far as an wrote: I have a very simple solution which I hope you will agree is fair. If the complainant (I do […]

Men seen as Actors – Women seen as Acted Upon

Sun 8th February 2015:

A short video clip to show why men are treated poorly. It details why some men choose to end their lives.

Isn’t this just typical NZ reporting ….

Fri 6th February 2015: Nowhere in this “report” does it say the attacker was a girl. Oh, it says that the victim was a girl, but the gender of the attacker is conveniently omitted throughout. Sexist ? You betcha !

Update – Family court Revamp part 3

Thu 5th February 2015:

Since April 2014 I have been in the system of the New Family court system. my previous posts – So my last update was up till about the 9th of December, My ex finally accepted a mediation date for the 13th of January 2015. Since one of the primary reasons for restarting the proceedings […]

George Gwaze murder case – Radio NZ Interview

Wed 4th February 2015:

Felicity Goodyear-Smith was interviewed by Kathryn Ryan on National Radio’s programme Nine to Noon this morning about her new book Murder that wasn’t – the case of George Gwaze. Listen here: Miscarriage of justice – the George Gwaze murder case GP and forensic physician, Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith, on her fresh investigation of the George Gwaze […]

UNCROC report by MOJ

Tue 3rd February 2015:

Hey all, I havent seen this mentioned here so am wondering who is following this, attending the HRC workshops and who will be making a “submission” on the MOJ’s report that it will submit to the UN. I began reading it last night, up to about page 30 and have already picked up 30 points […]

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