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Archive of September 2016

Documentary on NZ Family Court

Sun 25th September 2016:

Radio NZ today played a documentary on the NZ Family Court and the 2014 law changes. It provided some interesting figures and raised (but did not ask) some important questions: We pulled out six issues arising in this documentary and discuss them here.

Most Prostate Cancer Treatment Doesn’t Save Lives

Sat 24th September 2016:

A 10-year outcome study just published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine shows that men diagnosed with prostate cancer who chose to forgo treatment were no more likely to die. Surgery and radiation therapy often have severe side effects such as incontinence and impotence.

Mens needs wants and desires dont feature highly on the agenda of modern marriage.

Bettina Arndt is currently co-hosting a new relationship programme which has just started on Tues nights, 9-11 pm on Sydney radio 2UE. It can be accessed online: She’s planning to start off softly but if the programme develops she’s hoping to cover some of the more meaty topics she has been writing about recently. […]

What Happens when the Custodial Parent gets a Custodial sentence?

Thu 22nd September 2016:

I have shared care with my ex of two of my kids aged 9 and near 11. Their mother has committed an offence that is shortly due to see her incarcerated for anywhere up to 4 years or possibly more. In reality she will only serve 1/3 of that so in all likelihood, will be […]

Successful Complaint to Press Council

A representative of the Ministry of Men’s Affairs has achieved a small success in a recent complaint to the NZ Herald about this article (that the Herald has now amended). Although the Herald probably won’t concede the important matters regarding misrepresentation of Protection Orders, failing to identify its real victims in most cases (i.e. the […]

Wolf Whistling May Soon be a Hate Crime in England

Wed 21st September 2016:

What the F**k is the world coming to?? Are women becoming so protected and so offended by and afraid of the world that a man can not even whistle at one without being charged with a crime. THEY HAVE TO BE JOKING!!!.Needless to say it will happen in NZ sooner or later to.

Surprise Surprise, The Chief’s Stripper Lied

Sat 17th September 2016:

Told you so. Let’s see how much prominence our misandrist media gives to this information. Many people appointed themselves judge and jury regarding this lying stripper’s allegations, making the same mistake that our Courts so often make in taking a sexist position favouring women’s tales. Will we see apologies from the following people to the […]

Mark Williams Fathers Reaching Out Seminar in Auckland

Mark Williams is a well known UK advocate for supporting fathers in their Perinatal Mental Health. He has been active in support work and media awareness, helping his wife through her postnatal recovery after a trauma birth and getting through his own journey. Mark is speaking at the MARCE Conference in Melbourne and made a […]

Random News Round-Up

Fri 16th September 2016:

We think it’s time for a bit more fun with another round up of recent news. No other media seems to want to present men’s perspectives in news items but thanks to MENZ Issues it happens here.

Female Hypocrisy Concerning Sentencing of a Male

Lynch mob calls for harsher punishment of Nikolas Delegat for repeatedly punching a police officer have claimed that his wealth, status, ability to afford a good lawyer and his skin colour all led to a light sentence. The skin colour issue became a major focus especially after the ‘Independent’ Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) released an […]

Our Prime minister reading a speech which was written by Amy Adams or which feminist politician ?

Tue 13th September 2016:

WATCH: Major government Family violence announcement (Elections coming soon ……… ) Facebook video link Stuff news link

Chiefs’ Stripper Scandal

Sat 10th September 2016:

The Chiefs’ rugby team stripper scandal has been in the news for weeks now. The only real scandal is how feminist forces have behaved and how media have milked it in such an unbalanced, misandrist fashion. Stripper ‘Scarlette’ made allegations about the behaviour of Chiefs players who hired her to ‘perform’ at their end-of-season celebrations. […]

Fathers Day Ambushed

Thu 8th September 2016:

Thanks to Father & Child and other groups who have generously supported the spirit of Fathers Day this year. Unfortunately, misandrist and femicentric forces have used the commemoration as another opportunity to bash men. A previous post – thanks Jerry – drew our attention to a couple of articles. One was about the ’10 worst […]

Arrears Remitted Anyone??

Wed 7th September 2016:

OK, so it seems under the new legislation that us paying parents (love the term “paying”) can get our arrears remitted if we apply and if we have been paying our liability more often than not. So, I contacted IRD CS about this on the 1st of April and was informed that I should call […]

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