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Female Teachers Stand By While Pupils Fight

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:02 pm Tue 11th October 2016

This story today raised some interesting issues. The video recording shows two female teachers at Rosehill College standing right next to some male students who start a fight, punching each other violently with other students egging them on until they intervene when one fighter dominates. The teachers do nothing to intervene.

The female principal attempted to justify the teachers’ inaction, claiming they were calling for backup on their walkie talkies while shouting at the boys to stop. No evidence of that was apparent on the video’s sound recording. The principal also said that teachers had been told to prioritize their own safety, but that if those teachers had been males they may well have intervened by restraining the pupils.

The following questions arose for us:

Whom were the teachers calling for backup? Answer: You can bet it was one or more male teachers, or if there weren’t any at that school it will have been male security officers.

What does this incident tell us about discipline in our schools? Answer: It tells us that our youth are growing up with such a disregard for discipline and respect that they seriously misbehave right in front of teachers. Feminist preference and obsession against ‘power and control’ have overridden male wisdom, so now the disciplinary consequences allowed to be used by our schools and parents are lame and ineffective. Children have been put in charge.

What does this incident tell us about modern schools? Answer: It shows us how dangerous schools have become since the adults have been disempowered and since male forms of discipline have been banned. It shows us that modelling only nice nonviolent behaviour to children doesn’t stop them from becoming violent brats.

What does this incident tell us about pay equity? Answer: It shows us that women are unable or unwilling to carry out certain tasks that they call upon men to do, but they still demand to be paid as much or more than men.


  1. Maybe there are more points hiding in this. First up, female teachers simply passing the buck to males [be they staff or security] to sort out, then females are side-stepping having to deal with any complaints relating to how it was handled, and of course avoid taking RESPONSIBILITY. The females get an EASY-RIDE, and the males having to take the risk, be responsible, all the while a target in this anti-male world. Also it smacks of the old supposed Patriarchal effergy that feminists hatred assigns to us all. Mums were always telling the kids – “wait until Dad gets home, he will take the strap to you!” and of course by doing Mum’s bidding, Dad became the violent abuser. The mother afforded an exemption from responsibility… its just like the school incident.
    I once listened to a Radio NZ interview of a male-nurse. He called humself “a nurse” but clearly regardless of how he saw himself, the world sees him defferently. He mentioned how he was “the crane” in the ward. Female nurses would shirk the lifting and call for him. Further he was not permitted to be involved with obstetrics and births – so a whole section of normal routine training was bypassed because he was male. Clearly this is one aspect of equality which feminists do not want to acknowledge.

    Comment by Jerry — Wed 12th October 2016 @ 4:56 am

  2. #1 Jerry. I have a friend who is a mental health nurse. A whole swag of female nurses have resigned because of the “violence” by the patients. My friend is a man and when things get hairy, the female nurses stand back and expect the male nurses to deal with restraining the patients while being punched, bitten and kicked. Are the males paid more ? Nah ….

    Comment by golfa — Wed 12th October 2016 @ 8:11 am

  3. At my children’s collage! They call the police!
    Fighting, call the police.
    At the primary school of over 700 students there were only two male teachers anyway.

    Comment by Simon — Thu 13th October 2016 @ 5:10 am

  4. Parents also now need to call the police when their preschoolers misbehave, to avoid the risk of being prosecuted for ‘child abuse’. Our government has changed the law to remove the right from parents and teachers to use force in discipline, and instead has handed that right exclusively to agents of the state. This has been just another assault on the functioning and stability of the family.

    Comment by Man X Norton — Thu 13th October 2016 @ 7:49 am

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