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Archive of February 2018

What’s your name, who’s your Daddy , does he look like me?

Wed 21st February 2018:

I was 21 and had been living in the UK for a couple of years when I got a letter from my father in Australia. He was writing to tell me that he was very happy and that he would soon marry a local woman who he had known for a just few months. They […]

Bettina Arndt – Speaks about how men have been left vulnerable in today’s society. And why men are committing suicide at a rate of almost 5 to 1.

Mon 19th February 2018:

Ideas from the Fathering Forum 2006

Sat 17th February 2018:

Ideas from the Fathering Forum 2006 [Authors name not included, due to possible privacy issues.] This document was salient in 2006. In the years that have gone by, I believe that it is just as salient today. I guess some progress has been made in some areas, but nothing like what should have been. In […]

Education Issues in 2018

Thu 15th February 2018:

Current issues you are encountering with education of our sons.

Gendered Politicians

In a simple analysis; if a politician acts in a gendered way and seeks votes based on gender then you would expect them to represent their constituency in the same way? As the Green’s female leader position is currently being contested it may be interesting to observe this contest as a starting point, although a […]

Air New Zealand gender equity experiment

Sat 10th February 2018:

Sources indicate that men need not apply for the time being. In a step to upwardly adjust the ratio of female to male pilots a policy of hiring female only applicants is in place. Further information in relation to this especially any knowledge of a government directive would be welcome. My genuine concern here would […]


Fri 9th February 2018:

A Tauranga couple will launch their community men’s man cave this Saturday. The couple Mike and Charice also have a fire engine for sale if another men’s group is interested.

Part Time Prime Minister

News about our part time, celebrity, primeminister, expectant mother, and the political confussion is gathering some international attention. Of particular interest is the passage of articles on the right hand side. Not a Woman’s Weekly reader myself, but if you happen to pass by one you might justify a look only to assist with comments […]

Next of Kin Debate

Thu 8th February 2018:

A next of kin debate is surfacing after the body of a man remains unclaimed for 7 months.

Black book for men to stop them from being employed.

Mon 5th February 2018:

Recommended by Government to start tracking sexual misconduct in the workplace And there you have it!! Woman’s Minister Julie Anne Genter will set up a Government registrar for men who have allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace against them. No need for anything else. No investigation, trial, no jury, no lawyer, no judge, just […]

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