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Archive of March 2018

Counting Down to Men’s Summit, 6 April 2018

Sun 25th March 2018:

The NZ Men’s Summit 2018 is on Friday 6th April, the Friday after Easter, so sign up today! Those who have registered to attend already include leading lights of the NZ men’s movement.

Media Awareness

Fri 23rd March 2018:

The media face within the country is undergoing some significant changes. This is a subject I’ve posted on before and it has upset some of our previous regular commenters, mainly because this has conflicted with the way they approach their use of the internet. Habits can die hard but we live in a dynamic fast […]


Thu 22nd March 2018:

Our email to Radio NZ regarding recent developments from the anti-Rodeo activists. Thoughts? Dear Radio NZ Mammals have evolved with a stress reaction that needs some exercise. They are designed to be able run away from a ‘predator’ and to buck and shake off a ‘predator’ on their backs. Their bodies are capable of running, […]

Jordan Peterson Interview

Wed 21st March 2018:

I have been impressed With this BBC interview With Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism with female interviewer, Cathy Newman, who appears to have a problem with hearing logical answers. Peterson, a psychology Professor at Toronto University, came to fame when he stated he would refuse to address transgenders […]

The Russell McVeagh Spy Novel

This Story by Melanie Reid and Farah Hancock is published at as shown (Melanie Reid is Newsroom’s lead current affairs and investigations journalist) (Farah Hancock is a Newsroom reporter based in Auckland who writes on education, conservation and technology) I’m sure most regular Menz readers will be saying the same thing I am, “Where […]

The Psychology of Modern Woman

Mon 19th March 2018:

There are many relationships within the social contract that might be analysed from a psychological perspective. In this age and led by the media we generally see society analyzed from women’s perspective. Naturally there is an audience, but perhaps also a quiet audience whose thoughts are theirs but whose voices are not being heard.

Judge Timothy Druce

Sun 11th March 2018:

Anyone here had any dealings with Judge Timothy Druce in Auckland ? He is managing someone case that i know. Appreciated

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