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Judge Timothy Druce

Filed under: General — Jay Zane @ 9:48 pm Sun 11th March 2018

Anyone here had any dealings with Judge Timothy Druce in Auckland ? He is managing someone case that i know.


37 Responses to “Judge Timothy Druce”

  1. JB says:

    Just Druce slapped 2 x without notice orders on me. Both got thrown out as soon as I had my day in court. He’s a crusty old idiot, often has judgements overturned in the high court.

  2. Downunder says:

    You would only need to know that he was appointed to the position when Margaret Wilson was Attorney General to know he would be a problem.

  3. Bradley Petherick says:

    A Margret Wilson appointment?
    Say no more!
    Is his honor a good judge?
    Is his honor corrupt?
    Does his honor believe decent fathers should be forced (
    by the process) to leave their children.

    Does his honor feel that fatherless children are better off?
    Does his honor consider fathless children are likely to be involved in courts, with police, perhaps abused by the guy 50 times more likely to abuse them than their dad (mummies New boy friend) and that this is good for the children? His honor may consider that this outcome is better for those in the process. Lawyers, judges, police and mummies New boyfriend?

  4. Downunder says:

    @3 I don’t want to disagree with you on this Bradley, but it is the stuff we were talking about 20 years ago, before the days of UOF, and it did get a certain amount of media attention, and there is a public awareness of these statistics and issues.

    What I do want to point out is that this is not the contemporary news that will raise public awareness, which is what I want to see coming up here from concerned men.

    To give you an example, what I’m seeing with teenagers is a badge of honour system amongst youth.

    Dad can’t do anything about it.
    I got kicked out of Mum’s place.
    I fooled the silly bitches at WINZ, got a $1,000.00 in my bank account, and blew it all online in a week.
    And then WINZ gave me all these special allowances for kids and I’m getting more than the old man who is unemployed because he lost his job last week, because of cheap immigrant Labour.

    So what’s next of the badge of honour list, score a cheap car and get the cops to chase me.

    This is why we have get out there and get the news, ourselves, because Feminist media isn’t going to pitch their failings to the public.

    Crusty old dick wackers in the Family Court are nothing new. When I first arrived there we had one’s that dribbled out one corner of their mouth and didn’t come back from lunch, because they needed their afternoon nap or got pissed at lunch time.

  5. Evan Myers says:

    #4 it is a good time to be pointing out Family Court failings – the Law Society says it wants to clean it’s act up, and Andrew Little was quick to say he would if they didn’t, but when it comes social consequences the news here is somewhat behind the eight ball. I use that expression remembering that being in a billiard salon under the age of 16 was against the law in my youth.

  6. Bevan Berg says:

    It helps to understand the benefit of cooperation that existed with Union of Fathers.

    We kept files on judges and identified patterns of behavior.

    When biased or corrupt judges turned up in our court cases we would refuse to let those hear any cases we were involved with.

    Apart from successfully writing these thugs out of our members cases, we also published an annual ranked list of bad judges based on the evidence we had from our members court cases.

    Just another reason some people had an issue with us but of course it worked for us.


    At JB

    Hi JB . Can i contact you as i were slapped twice with PO from teh same woman . the first one was dismissed .Now I am waiting for the Court to set up a date for the second one .Thank you

  8. DJ Ward says:

    #5 Evan
    I think you have been misinformed about thier intention, or correctly just taking the piss.
    The cleaning up thier act means the investigation into, the transformation into and the indoctrination of the legal profession into compiling to modern feminist philosophy in how males should behave towards females in the workplace and how workplaces should function. As if the profession isn’t gynocentric and misandrist already.
    Let’s just say that along with actions regarding the Human Rights Commision that Little is serving his pay mistress well.

  9. Bradley Petherick says:

    We all realize nothing has changed. So what are we going to do it? Keep writi g Here?

  10. Downunder says:

    Writing is important, for many reasons.

    We should keep writing.

    Change, as we have often seen, comes from cooperation and collective action.

  11. Evan Myers says:

    #8 right on the second count DJ, naturally I was having a Little joke.

    As far as self regulation goes that was lost in 1987; the stock market bounced back but the Law Society crashed and burned.

  12. WrongGender says:

    Hmmmm if same judge I had once… twice.. too many times….
    Former psychologist turned judge?
    Not bad as a judge. Sadly too comfortable on the fence.
    Carries the strawman of the night in shining armor so women get to have their day in court.
    Wants to believe women. But that is not what the courts are here for.
    Likes a bit of sado masochism at the hand of senior lawyer for child who can’t seem to resist binding his hands with THE LAW ( as they present it to him).
    His disadvantage of not knowing the law as thoroughly as senior counsels causes his decisions to be often sodomized over the bar at the high court.
    That is why they call him a learned Judge, not wise nor seasoned nor astute.
    To be fair though he does try.
    But way too intellectual and probably been sheltered most of his life so kinda too idealistic to be realistic.

  13. Downunder says:


    wants to believe women

    He’s expected to believe women – that bit where they write their own laws – so he’s a Feminist comformist, which is what you’d expect from a Wilson Era State pussy, and no doubt what prompted this post.

  14. WrongGender says:

    Not quite down under… He is expected to identify facts and draw conclusions accordingly.

  15. WrongGender says:

    To be fair to Judge T>H>Druce though.

    Once he facts are known to him, he will do what is required (provided lawyer for child does not oppose it).

    Or do as best as he can within the circumstances.




  16. Bradley Petherick says:

    The LW Society does not want to clean up anything at all.
    The law society wants the status quo of being the self governing body of lawyers (members and mates)
    That is it.
    They will purport to investigate, enquire, purge etc. They will “beat the drum of honesty, wrongdoing and claptrap.
    They will then say “See how great we are at representing the public when our members do wrong we must remain the self governing body for lawyers- our chums, mates and paymasters”.
    They will then say “have confidence in the Law Society as the gate keeper of lawyers honesty, integrity, ethics.

    What crap white wash is about to unfold.
    What of the Russell Mcveay lawyers Sexual Abusers some will say, who are now judges?
    Will this be the responsibility of the “white wash office of All white washers”. Yes, yes the (loud pompous drum roll please) THE JUDUCIAL CONDUCT COMMISSIONERS OFFICE?
    The “joke of the folks as this office is often called.
    Many abusers will now be judge’s.

  17. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Bradley Petherick @ 16: What abusers are you referring to concerning the Russell McVeagh law firm? Intelligent adult women well-versed in feminist ideology were offered alcohol; they chose to drink. Those women were invited to participate in sexual activity; they chose to do so. If any law was broken then it’s up to those who believe they were offended against to make complaints to police; nobody has.

    The review of the law firm by Dame Margaret Bazley is significant not because of any in-house lawyers’ white wash but because it extends the gender war against men, in this case using irrational, vague and over-inclusive notions of ‘harassment’ and ‘assault’ and attempting to establish a new set of quasi-legal, femicentric rules with which to persecute men.

  18. Evan Myers says:

    I would like to think the path he was going down was if the ‘current abusers’ are being put under the spotlight the ‘former abusers’ would already be judges.

  19. Bevan Berg says:

    #15 @wrong gender

    That would be the biggest load of Feminist crap I’ve seen on this site for a while.

    Judicial incompetence is acceptable because the political appointment is more important – so what if he’s a fucking try-hard – would that be accepted in the medical profession when you’re dealing with other people’s lives and social outcomes.

  20. WrongGender says:


    You appear to be very angry AND/or mentally constipated.

    Here is the original post:

    Anyone here had any dealings with Judge Timothy Druce in Auckland ? He is managing someone case that i know.

    I simply gave an opinion based on my dealings with him (4 years).

    And I cannot spot the feminist crap you are referring to in my posts.

    By the way medical incompetence costs us many lives nationally and worldwide. Just because you do not know about it does it make it acceptable?

  21. Bevan Berg says:


    You can call me an angry shithead if it helps ease your pain but that’s not going to change my opinion of what you said.

  22. WrongGender says:

    @21 – I just cannot see what you have referred to re “feminist crap?”

  23. Bradley Petherick says:

    17. Articles re Russell McIver refer to senior lawyer’s. They are what 40 – 45 years old.
    The inturn is what 20.
    Oh yea it’s legal to get a 20 year old pissed and bang her.
    The point is.
    I am not a moral prude (far from it)
    A 25 year old guy has some office romance with a 20 year old – so what!!
    Come on, you make sure the girl is ok and get her a cab or get her home if you are 40 -45 a senior and she is young and pissed.

  24. DJ Ward says:

    The only question is the legal one.
    Was she too pissed to consent.
    If the answer is yes then what happened is wrong.
    If the answer is no, then she had the funtioning mind to have informed consent.
    We have no right to then say what occurred was wrong.
    She new he was older.
    She new he was senior to her.
    She new she was drinking and new its consequences to behaviour.
    She chose that whatever took place occured with the intent derived of that knowledge.

    You have looked at the situation as a feminist does.
    The perspective of the woman, as a victim.
    The perspective of the man, as an offender.

    You imply its wrong for a 45 year old man to have relations with a 20 year old woman.
    Is it therefore wrong for a 20 year old female to have relations with a 45 year old man.

    It is right for a 25 year old but wrong for a 45 year old.
    At what age does the individual become a different individual.
    At what age does the female qualify to knowingly consent to a morally defined individual.
    Or does your rules that you pass judgement with not come with a definition for female moral standards.
    Not a prude except descrimination agianst older males.
    Forget all the rest of history,this is moral and biologically rational, to any modern human.

    I can even figure this #metoo stuff out, or the intent of it.
    The employement court has been handing out harsh fines for decades for sexual misconduct in the workplace.
    Bradley, please read more. Your promoting persecution, and a witch hunt.

  25. Evan Myers says:

    A student having finished year 13 at school is expected to be able to handle the work place.

    A law graduate having done several years at university, worked part time, probably done an OE, may have been assisting lecturers at University with tutorials,

    Is …

    A) going to be way over 20
    B) if they can’t manage life by then would never have graduated.

    That’s buying into media bullshit and not real life.

  26. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    DJ Ward @24: Well said.
    Law graduates will probably be in their early 20s at the youngest. The age of consent in NZ is 16 so they have already had 5 years or more practice at being young adults and making decisions about sex. Are we to treat adult women as if they are children, protecting them from their own decisions in case they later regret them? We allow 18 year old women legally to marry, to die in wars as soldiers in our army, to drink themselves to alcoholism, to live in poverty due to gambling. Where is the outcry against the registry officers,military recruiters and bosses, pub, pokie bar and casino owners who don’t protect adult women from their own decisions? Then why don’t we think similarly about protecting young men, said to be less mature than women age for age?
    The rhetoric in the news refers to “sexual misconduct”, sometimes with “sexual assault” and/or “sexual harassment” added. If there was sexual assault then a complaint to police can be made in good conscience. However, ‘misconduct’ and ‘harassment’ are highly subjective concepts the rules for which can be made up to suit anyone’s preference. Taking such allegations to scandal-hungry femicentric news media can only be malicious.

  27. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Quite right Evan [email protected]

  28. Downunder says:


    What feminist journalists do is write emotively, usually to create sympathy.

    That’s actually fiction writing, not journalism, which is non-fiction.

    One of the primary tenets of journalism is to write without creating conflict, or if they’re reporting on conflict, without inflaming the conflict.

    When they want to step outside these parameters, then it needs to be labled opinion, which is acceptable media but not journalism.

    Journalism is objective non-fiction, and you don’t see a lot of it in New Zealand.

    If you want see the difference in action read articles by someone who places more value on their professionalism than some ideology, like Chris Bramwell, one of the parliamentary reporters or Kurt Bayer, a Christchurch based reporter. A lot of male journos are just as bad, if not worse, in the feminist endeavour to saturate the net.

  29. Brad says:

    Suit yourselves guys, I am 58 and dont go around banging pissed 20 year old women who are working for my firm who I have helped to get pissed.

    I dont bang 20 year old hookers either no matter how legal it is.

    You dudes might want to, I dont; I am not a prude or moral crusader. I accept that this is a legal age and consent and all that but if some old xxxx got my daughter pissed and fxxxxd her and she didnt feel good about it the next day then a stern talking to would be in order.

    The bigger the lawyer the sterner the talk too.

    There is a duty of care involved here in my view.

  30. Vman says:

    If I had to go through all this family court custody BS again, I would take a high risk strategy;
    1. I’d get it established that the child(ren) had a very good bond with me. I would not respond or answer any other thing – except to say that I want to continue to be a hands on father raising our child.
    2. I’d just let all the court and the ex and her lawyer and lawyer for the child and the court feminist – err I mean court psychologist and all the rest of them, shut me out of the child’s life as much as they like. I would not give any consent to any of it but I just let them raise all their barriers. In my case that would have been 2 hours a week on the side of a rugby field for 2 years until we got to court.
    3. I would focus on getting to a full court hearing and more or less ignore everything else.
    4. At the hearing I would lay it out simply as thus:
    * most if not all of the allegations made against me are not true and I refute them all.
    * The child had a good bond with me
    * The court, the process, the mother and all involved have combined effectively to totally convince me that there is zero chance of me having a relationship with the child unless I am involved in raising the child at or approximately half of the time. Therefore the court’s decision is a simple one. Either prevent this child from having a father or allow the father to raise the child at or approximately half of the time.
    I would express this regretfully and with some sympathy for the judge but simply inevitable as a consequence of careful consideration of everything that the mother had done and everything the court and all involved had done and said.
    Half time or nothing at all for this child. Tell me now because if it’s to be nothing then I’d like to get the grieving process started.

  31. Leonie Jackson says:

    I have nothing but good things to say about Tim Druce.

    He was a kind professional man in all his dealings. Was considerate to my family and treated everyone involved with care and respect. I have had Tim Druce in several Family court matters.

    Just remember when dealing with any court issues, stress and anxiety are always at a heightened state and people react in all different manners.

    I wish all who are suffering peace in their decisions.

    To Tim Druce, I offer you a pat on your back for all those years ago you made a real difference in the lives of our family through you the care factor you showed all my family.

  32. golfa says:

    #31 Leonie, your opinion of Judge Druce would be a very different one if you first name was Leonard instead of Leonie.

  33. JustCurious says:

    kinda interesting of a comment.
    Just remember the Court is an act…
    So whoever can act best breaks a leg.

  34. golfa says:

    #33 Who says I’m fighting sexism ? I’m just pointing it out.

  35. Evan Myers says:

    Perhaps @34

    Just Curious may think you’re MoMA in disguise?

  36. Conflex says:

    Probably, one of the worst judges in Auckland

  37. Melissa Stewart says:

    I need to talk to anyone that is dealing or had dealings with Judge Timothy Hindmarsh Druce than you please email me [email protected]

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