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A meeting concerned about the welfare of men

Filed under: General — Paul Catton @ 8:56 pm Wed 26th September 2018

An anonymous poster “Audi Alteram Partem” has provided an initiative to go further than keyboard venting and wishes to engage with our dis-affected men.
To date there are 66 comments, bitching pro and con, upon this initiative and perhaps a handful of RSVP’s.
John Potter (site administrator) has advised, he will be in attendance.
I have also given assurance of my attendance.
Representatives of MOMA have guaranteed safe haven with Opal and I.

Please keep any negativity/trolling/controversy to the original post Concerned About Men Meeting – Saturday 3rd November

Please use the comments section of this post solely for registering possibility of attendance.
User name (your location optional, might be beneficial though for car-pooling).

John, please use extreme moderation to keep this register untainted.

6 Responses to “A meeting concerned about the welfare of men”

  1. Paul Catton says:

    Paul Catton, Auckland

  2. voices back from the bush says:

    Good Post Paul,

    William Baldwin aka voices back from the bush, Waiheke Island.

  3. george simonovski says:

    Me too ha ha

    George Simonovski

    Brown Bay , North Shore , Auckland

  4. mama says:

    ME TOO,, Mama, Auckland Sth.

  5. Audi Alteram Partem says:

    Hi Paul,

    Just checking in to see if you got my email and if you are planning to come on the 3 November?


  6. Paul Catton says:

    @5 Affirmative.
    Refer to email reply.

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