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The Feminist Cult of NZ

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:13 pm Wed 26th September 2018

Nearly 5,000,000 people; how could a country like New Zealand be a cult?

Sounds rediculous doesn’t it?

We are used to a central misguided figurehead gathering a few gullible followers in an isolated place and creating the myth that absorbs them for the individual purpose. A transfer of purpose … temporarily, as these institutions of manipulation and self interest are routinely dismantled by the authority of mainstream society.

Consider for a moment, that rather than an idividual you have a like-minded group of people who set out to impose their own version of self interest on a small isolated country, by each undertaking individual roles, until collectively they are operating outside of the authoritive structures.

We saw recently how a group of Feminist MPs after having pushed a piece of rogue legislation through our parliament stood and payed homage to their Goddess in the public gallery.

We see in this post here a rogue legal worker actively undermining an entire legal system.

We saw Helen Clark through her Ministry create a political princess who is now our Prime Minister.

Do you feel like you live in the environment of an oppressive manipulative cult rather than a free and democratic society?

7 Responses to “The Feminist Cult of NZ”

  1. mama says:

    Maybe we just are the perfect size for such a cult breeding ground.'s/new%20women.pdf

  2. Evan Myers says:

    If only Wishart hadn’t called his publishing company, “Howling at the Moon.”

  3. mama says:

    Ha,, I reckon,, mind you, do not blame him, have done abit of this lately mysell.

  4. mama says:

    take a breath… Thank paint such a pretty picture..

    “My appreciation of parents, mothers and solo mothers particularly, parents who do it on their own, my appreciation for that has increased ten-fold. I already had that appreciation but it’s gone another level. Our focus on family-friendly policies – we’d already implemented for instance 26 weeks paid parental leave in New Zealand – so now I just had that extra strength of feeling behind that being the right thing to do.”

  5. Derek D says:

    Writing our current Prime Minister off as the result of a cult is like dismissing Prime Minster Bill English as merely the result of Catholicism. 37% of the vote doesn’t signify a fringe element.

    ‘free and democratic society?’. Democracy is fine unless your disapprove of the result, and then it’s manipulation by a cult?

  6. Downunder says:

    We know where the Catholic Church is and what they are about.

    Where does the church of Feminism meet on a Sunday and who gives their sermons and more importantly what’s in them?

  7. mama says:

    It would not have been appropriate for Mr English to preach catholocism to students.

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