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Men Make Better Teachers

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education — mama @ 8:41 pm Tue 10th July 2018

Recently I remembered back to my school years and recalled how much I enjoyed my male teachers and one nun!
Anyway I decided to scan the net to see what people thought of the differences between men and women as teachers and came up over numerous articles that men were resoundingly said to better.

More open minded, funny, witty, engaging, diciplinery where necessary to hold attention and better academic results , all according to students, both male and female.

You bet they make great parents.

7 Responses to “Men Make Better Teachers”

  1. Downunder says:

    We shouldn’t have to make that comparison and I say that having been to a coed highchool.

    I had some excellent female teachers but the school was run by men. We had a system where each female teacher had a known male teacher as a minder.

    If you pissed the lady off, that’s who you got to see.

    It was a disciplined environment and today’s schools are a failure by comparison.

  2. mama says:

    I agree that schooling today is a shadow of what it used to be, It was incredibly lucky to have had the schooling of the sixties through to the early eighties.

    The high school I attended had its first female principal and she ruled with an iron fist, when she left/retired the deputy took over , he was affable and definitely led in a completely different manner.

    My english teacher was in a relationship with another woman and teacher of science at the same school, it caused huge dis respect amoungst students..not to mention hugely distracting.

    At primary school these days you do not get male teachers, unfortunate for the young boys I would think. One of our grandsons would absolutely do better with a more authoritarian approach.

  3. mama says:

    Interesting nz herald article… Your Views: Schools losing Male Teachers 25th May 2007.

    Eleven years later, even worse a situation?, no doubt.

    My husband was assistant to the science teachers in a local college.

    He noted that their were two men science teachers, the head being a woman. The head teacher had bullying manner and when looking at her class situation it could be seen to be kaotic, whilst both men teachers seemed well respected and held the classes attention, there must have been some learning happening there.

  4. mama says:

    My husband was explaining to me that back in Scotland, the co-ed school he attended, had separate entry/exit gates for girls and boys, separate classes for them and separate play areas.

    A similar system here would hopefully see male teachers come back and the boys education could get back on track.

  5. Evan Myers says:

    Probably not.

    Male teachers have had enough of having to tolerate abusive behavior without any real means of enforcement of discipline.

    They also face an overflow of female teachers that will hold back wage relativity.

    The environment that encourages male teachers is male teachers who interact with and encourage students who they see have that potential.

    There would need to be a significant and determined undertaking to change the current situation.

  6. JustCurious says:

    there is something here that says much about this topic

  7. Downunder says:


    That is nearly 20 years old, and talk back yesterday the argument was single sex or coed schools.

    Thanks for finding that.

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