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No Basis for a 50/50 partnership…

Filed under: General — mama @ 8:11 pm Tue 10th July 2018

I have to say I have not seen any basis for a 50/50 partnership, if up to women , with immediacy, on the running of our planet.
In any case how would this be possible, maybe communism could get in vogue and we could start new schools rolling out 50/50 engineers, airline pilots, car mechanics, all manor of trades people.

Or maybe women just want to pick and choose the jobs they wish to partake in, if we all do this then who will do the jobs no one wants to do.

So far any basis for major change seems to be largely sexually and monetarily.

2 Responses to “No Basis for a 50/50 partnership…”

  1. Vman says:

    Well it all depends on how you define a 50/50 partnership and who you define the “running of our planet”.

    I would contend that no one is running our planet. No person and no one easily defined group of people.

    And what is a 50/50 partnership? Our species have had for a few millions years a more or less 50/50 partnership between male and female. This is evident in the more or less equal numbers of males and females through our whole prehistory and our history across the planet. By simple evolutionary measures we can see therefore that no one sex has had all the power. It has always been more or less 50/50. I can absolutely guarantee you that if males had all the power, then there would be more females than males. Primal male evolutionary self interest would ensure it. As happens in some mammals. E.g. lions.
    However male humans don’t have all the power.

    It’s just that power in humans, has many facets. The leader of the tribe has a certain type of power. A mother has another type of power. A desirable young woman has another type of power. A rich male has another type of power. Even a helpless infant has some power within the group. And so on. There are many types of power at play in all human societies.
    When we look at the whole thing over millions of years across all human societies that have ever existed. We are forced to conclude that there has always been a roughly 50/50 partnership between the sexes in human societies.

    If you stand back and look at it as an dispassionate alien would look at it, surly that is the objective conclusion an alien would come to.

  2. mama says:

    Hi Vman, I was really more referring to the push that seems to happening, calls to have 50 percent women as board of directors and these sorts of thing, saying that such positions seem to be held by older white men. In cases such as board of directors it is usually business acumen but more so experience that earns a place on a board.

    I do apologise for skipping around such a large subject though and I appreciate the anthropology lesson but seriously and especially in a complicated modern world we need men more than ever.

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