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Russell McVeagh – Woman decide to side step due process, sully a law firm and are surprised when it didn’t work.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:52 pm Thu 12th July 2018

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What has happened here is a bunch of woman thought they would arrange a protest and somehow engineer Dame Margaret Bazley to investigate and write a review on the conduct of two unnamed lawyers and shame a legal firm for having boozy parties. It turns out to what appears to be at the minor end of sexual misconduct. i.e. drunk, groping, trying to kiss a woman and at a later time acting in a sexually inappropriate way. I note the two lawyers in question deny the allegations.

Steph Dyhrberg goes on camera claiming it was allegations of serial predator, sexual assaults and it was really serious stuff.

In my view Steph Dyhrberg clearly can’t tell the difference between what is serious stuff and what isn’t. Steph Dyhrberg seemed surprised when the two lawyers were deemed fit and proper and issued with there practice certificates. Former lawyer Olivia Wensley believes the law society was just looking after its own.

Steph Dyhrberg said that if there was misconduct then the accused lawyer should do something to change and Dame Margaret Bazley has come up with a real blue print for change.

I am completely in the law societys corner on this one. You only have criminal history when a judge or jury says so. Not when a self appointed bunch of old woman want to make up a process of their own.

In my view the complainant if she though she was harmed and not a willing participant in the moment should have gone to the police and the matter be investigated, charges laid if necessary. And the two lawyers should have enjoyed the process of innocent until proven guilty.

I encourage people who don’t normally comment to put their view forward here.

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  1. The Law Society is a club looking after it’s own.

    They did it on the sexual misconduct issue.

    They do it on complaints regarding the mis use of the without notice application in the family court which is crushing fathers.

    The law society and the LCRO must go as the judges of lawyer’s behavior (their own members) this is a ridiculous situation as absurd as the Police Complaints Authority and the carefully picked judicial conduct commissioner alone assessing judges.

    We want these scams gone.

    Think it through author.

    Comment by Brad — Mon 16th July 2018 @ 8:05 pm

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