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Social Intimidation of Young Men

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 1:33 pm Fri 6th July 2018

Boys, you look at each one as they come along and question how well they are making the step up to young man.

Given the numbers that would now rely on a mother whose primary concern is how he might treat a future partner rather than how he might survive in the world and the workforce, there has to be 000’s of young males who are open to varying degrees of intimidation.

The political gender-neutral buzz word is ‘bullying’ and that pops up on a regular basis in the media in stories relating to females of all ages, and correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not seeing any great degree of concern about bullying of young males, and I’m quite sure this goes on much more than we realize.

When the first girlfriend is a manipulative time waster that’s doing his head in and raiding his bank account and has her claws into his innocence does his mother do something about it or try and ease the pain on behalf of her ‘little sister’?

Is the next generation mother focused on the development of men or have they bought into the Feminist ideal of unquestioning male compliance?

Likewise if the lad does start work in a male dominantated industry, transport, electricity, roading (there’s plenty out there with the gender separation that gives women the soft jobs in the social administration) who is the go-to guy when he is getting a hard time at work – it does happen, and does his mother really have any answer let alone a good one .

Even if it were a gender-nuetral workpkace, how many mothers, who are the key advisor actually understand basic employment conditions to know when he’s being ripped off either accidentally or deliberately by someone in the pay office – it happens.

If life isn’t hard enough already, how many young men simply don’t have access to male advice or even good advice in modern society?

This post, while not quoting any specifics is based on recent discussions with mothers of boys.

So, this is a problem and questions remain;

How big is it?
What are the personal and social effects?
What if anything addresses this issue?

Is there an example that is visible to you or have you recently encountered an incident of social intimitation of a young man?

23 Responses to “Social Intimidation of Young Men”

  1. Kiwi Keith says:

    I have two heterosexual daughters, and I have long realised they will want to have good male partners. But I have also seen the lads which seem to be on offer and I see how many boys are confused, lack direction, and seem to be muddling around with drugs or and have psychological/psychiatric problems. I cannot see these boys have a clue what it is to be a man, and also equally, most girls, have no clue how to be a real woman either. But like me, these boys will be exposed to the intensse media filtering, which ensures they are subject to vilification and shame (mostly un-deserved). Further young boys are not educated/forewarned of the pitfalls of today’s relationships, the courts, IRD and so forth.
    This morning I noted in PRAVDA the following iten about the G7 wanting to eliminate the anti-woman gender imbalance – . I also noted an item there about the Russian pension changes – where it mentions that even in Russia women retire at 55 and men wait until age 60 – well thats unfair to somebody thats for sure. My points here are: firstly most news is filtered out with intent that we will not see it; and secondly that the anti-male agenda is global. That being so, I really don’t know what to say to our young upcoming male generation.

  2. Downunder says:

    This media filtering I think is a much more complicated aspect than simply a deliberate act of one person.

    1. Young reporters starting out have grown up in a very different world to many of us here. They are taught to construct their writing to suit the modern economic-digital model.

    2. Those young reporters are mostly female or with feminist leaning ideals.

    3. The bulk of the news is media driven, pre-written by the source to have maximum control over the impact. In some cases it’s nothing more than parrot fashion printing.

    4. The commercial nature of the ownership chasing advertising and profit dictates that the click bait be available.

    5. Anything that does sneak through that we might be interested in is filtered out by the now senior editors, like Tracey Watkins, who is well known for exactly that.

    The list could be added to, but needless to say, you can already see why it is so hard to find your opinion represented.

    And …

    A. As I often say, we need to be our own media.

    B. I do believe that many of these people going about their job are so removed from reality they can’t actually join the dots.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    They would probably say the same thing that the older male is out of touch with their reality without realizing they are part of an elite that is separating itself from the bulk of society.

    Also if you watch their tweets you can see the degree to which they are emotionally involved rather than objectively engaged with their work.

  4. denise says:

    I too am very concerned about our young fellows. The young women of today do not seem to have to earn any stripes in order to be looked after so well by our society. In these days where no one can afford to live in a house on their own, it is only the privileged single mothers who can manage this.
    These same single Mothers have an aura of importance whilst the father of their children struggle to pay their way through life and I have encountered many young men still living at home with their folks whether or not the have dependents to pay for.

    I do not know where life is taking these guys,, no where good and governments seem comfortable with this?.. I have a son…. Sad Mother and Grandmother.

  5. Evan Myers says:

    This is not a country that liberated its women, it has oppressed its men. Perhaps now we can start to realise the difference.

  6. denise says:

    Aye….and I can not see fourth wave feminists doing the jobs that men do, they would run a mile even if they could. Sure we always need to move forward but you can not put blinders on and take over when you think that social media will sort out your plumbing.

  7. Downunder says:

    social media will sort out your plumbing

    You are no doubt a woman with her eye on the ball.

    I put up a post here asking men where we went wrong but to date I haven’t had a huge response.

    What are your thoughts?

  8. gwallan says:


    “The list could be added to”


    Women control 80% of discretionary spending. The adert…er…media knows this very well.

  9. gwallan says:

    Three generations of boys have grown up hearing nothing but spite and venom targeting their sex and male suicides are through the roof in the past half century. Of course these things have nothing to do with one another.

  10. Downunder says:


    When you look at the comparison between wages and productivity and how significantly the gap has increased, and out of those wages the % of income required for accommodation, any standard of living is in the hands of the State.

    As this situation continues to deteriorate more men drop off the bottom rung.

    We could predict this 15 years and said as much, 100,000 homeless men in NZ.

    It was too incredible for people to take on board back then, and Feminists certainly had no interest in changing that.

  11. Evan Myers says:

    How many men end up in debt trying to live up to social expectation or female demands.

    If they’re not earning the money what is the choice – debt or crime?

  12. mama says:

    Well the choice is debt of course, and if you ask the Lovely Justin Truedau we should bring up our wee boys as feminists so all wee girls can grow up princesses and the men of the future can service the worlds consumerism and everyone will be happy.

  13. Downunder says:

    @12 And don’t the girls hate Trump.

    I don’t see him starting a trade war as such but rather a buy-US-made economic strategy.

  14. mama says:

    Yep, Trump or Truedau…easy choice…and yep dont mind a bit of old fashioned protectionism and old fashioned patriotism..otherwise who are we but one big happy family??

    If happiness comes from standard of living where does this leave us??

  15. Doug says:

    Feminism is a Marxist movement. Marx lived off a trust fund, never worked a day in his life, married into one of the world’s wealthiest families, did everything to destroy the middle class and sabotaged efforts of the people he pretended to care about. He never attacked the ruling class but envisaged a two class system (he pretended to support a one class system). People are low class for a reason. The middle class are the most essential group for making a better world. The ruling class are mostly in-bred, layabouts. The global elite want to get back to a two class system with an ignorant poor class and the upper class. Who was Marx really? You will never learn about that at university

  16. Tony says:

    @ Doug

    Dear Doug

    Would you be so kind to support your thesis with some quotation from Marx’s huge opus instead of just just labeling him with sweeping general sentences? Also it would help if you have read something written by him.

    In his Phd thesis about Foerbach , he wrote “Till now, the philosophers have just been describing the world, the point is to change it.”
    Very reasonable isn’t it ? The same sentence can be applied to our Forum, don’t you think so ?

  17. Downunder says:

    Feminism existed before Marxism.

  18. Doug says:

    Tony – a PHD is much more about virtue signalling than competence. I wasted a lot of time at university myself.
    Downunder – you must be blind if you don’t see the feminist/Marxist connection

  19. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    Doug @18. That did not address the request by Tony @16

  20. allan harvey says:

    At our Kidz Need Dadz Conference there was a panel session (4 speakers and a moderator) where the labels feminism and also MRA were discussed. The consensus from the panel was that such label are largely unhelpful.
    There seemed consensus that young men do best when our humanness was to the fore and not being stuck in gendered roles was helpful for us all.

  21. Evan Myers says:

    We just call ourselves DUMB

    Disadvantaged unhappy men and boys.

  22. mama says:

    20. Yes I agree humanity first and foremost.. what it is to be human it is to be man.

    I have had 54 years in womanhood, working with women over the years has taught me that men are so honest and now too honest for the world to put up with.. stick this in a face book and smoke it if you like but I see too many men the butt when actually they are still the light.

  23. Downunder says:

    Humaness? That’s a bit of a social vacuum isn’t it, Allan.

    It’s been my unfortunate experience to see some boy’s lives (as I would put it) totally ruined by this acceptance of human frailty as normal.

    Woman that never grew out their rag doll and somehow achieved motherhood.

    Society without some level of expectation and criticism might suit Feminist ethics but that’s a total failure for some boys.

    It’s hard to be a shining light when the law says comply with stupidity because she said so.

    If you’re not going to call that Feminism what are you going call it?

    Who called us MRAs – it’s simply their way of abusing our opinion.

    Some nice conflict avoidance mechanism that in the end achieves nothing?

    Perhaps the moderator of that group might want to share some thoughts in a post, rather than leave that as a vague suggestion.

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