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Archive of January 2019

Family Violence Act 2018 and Information Sharing

Mon 28th January 2019:

The Family Violence Act 2018 is due to come into force in July. Information sharing is but one part of this law that further abandons fundamental principles of justice and civil rights in favour of feminist ideology and aspirations towards total control over men. Men’s supporters’ submissions were mostly ignored in the creation of this […]

A Homeless Report – NZ Style

Mon 21st January 2019:

When the Mayor of Auckland started the Mother-of-all Homeless-count during 2018, it followed along the lines of our historical perceptions – the old men and the occasional woman sleeping rough, usually with an alcohol problem and not keen on any help from the Salvation Army or these days a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. We […]

Campaigning for Mens’ Rights

Tue 15th January 2019:

Surely it is time for a political party to stand for Men. Surely the Women of such a party would like their Men. Since when did politics play nice and fair. Since when was there a party that did not Dare. ..and Discrimination has already been played and played hard, now it is time to […]

Avoid Women at all Costs

Wed 9th January 2019:

This article illustrates the inevitable outcome of the empathetic nonsense that the #metoo was based on. With more women gaining political power comes the danger of policies based on empathy rather than compassionate reasoning. A 1995 study in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology showed that women involuntarily imitate other peoples’ emotional expressions more than men. […]

A New Year Surprise

This is published Written by; Serafin Dillon (Couples and Family Therapist for Walk the Talk in Nelson) You may not agree with its entirety and contructive comments I am sure, will attract some interest. OPINION: Violence, in all its forms, is abhorrent, however, men alone cannot stop violence against women and men alone cannot stop what […]

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