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Campaigning for Mens’ Rights

Filed under: General — mama @ 1:00 pm Tue 15th January 2019

Surely it is time for a political party to stand for Men.
Surely the Women of such a party would like their Men.
Since when did politics play nice and fair.
Since when was there a party that did not Dare.

..and Discrimination has already been played and played hard,
now it is time to even the score and use discrimination once more.

Just like in the recent Triassic post the tides are turning,
could we ask for more?

66 Responses to “Campaigning for Mens’ Rights”

  1. Downunder says:

    We’ve seen this with Peter Dunne Nothing and his hollow promises. That’s how he got his seat in 1999 and that piece of shit as Minister of Revenue would be responsible for more dead men than any other politician in nz-history.

    We did see a more realistic representation from ACT, although outside of Muriel Newman there was no real enthusiasm.

    Winston Peters who’s probably shit in his nest for the last time did the same thing as united future when ACT folded, and we got nothing from them, like a lot of other limited issue campaigners who have been sucked into his bullshit.

    The Republicans although committed to men’s issues made no progress.

    The conservatives picked the lemons from possible men’s candidates and that cost them as much as their lose head leader.

    As you can see mama the issue doesn’t have a great history and many men do not vote for this reason.

    If we saw a party campaigning on legislation to criminalize civil harassment, that might be a different story. Legislation like that would have legal trash like Simon Mitchell behind bars doing the time the corrupt little piece of legal shit deserves along with a few IRD employees amongst others.

    That would be a mechanism around areas judges simply refuse to cooperate in for obvious reasons.

  2. mama says:

    Great,….. jeez I cant imagine Dunne being a spokesperson for men, maybe it was the way he dressed.
    If only there were more normal people like Muriel in parliament today and as for Winston,, I actually voted for HIM !, sorry , and now I cant hear him at all.

    New Zealand is a bit stuffed really, the most with balls could be Barry??

  3. JustCurious says:

    every ideology has failed except for communism according to china.
    democracy or idiot cracy as I call it is in its death throes.
    a parti is nothing but a wish of the population
    a sad joke that sells hope but only delivers deception and despair
    how can that one wish or vision of a parti take precedence over all the real aspirations of a country?
    what happens when that parti reaches its goal?
    Will it become a trust and seek eternal life?
    just like every other parti in this country?
    or any other parti around the world?

    ISn’t it more division in a global agenda of divide and conquer?

  4. mama says:

    It is sad to think of the likes of Gluckman here in NZ as an ideaologist, he says politics should be treated more as a science, there should at the least be practicality and accountability and countering of problems to decisions made and implemented, reflection in parliament should be a given, our most wonderful humans only should lead an entire nation, they should have to pass an integrity test.
    Instead we have ex lawyers, solo mums, university politicians and academics.

  5. Tony says:

    “Instead we have ex lawyers, solo mums, university politicians and academics.

    Negative selection of people means people in senior academic postilions , Court, government posts etc are chosen only if they toe the line , if they are 100% obedient and if they fit the don’t rock the boat at any costs team.

    I met recently a senior Academic who got his PhD on Local SElf Goverments diseration . When I asked him has he included the first localy governed cities of Ancient Greece as Sparta or Athens ( independent city polisis ) he said NO as elaborated only on Maori and Pacific Island’s self governed local entities . Then I met another academic who wrote an ” Just War ” essay for which he got highest mark only based on quotations – not even one original thought was included ???

    This people were selected to hold senior posts only because of their opportunism and zero knowledge. These people as bosses would further employ the same sort of inferiors . Otherwise, any really knowledgeable people would be seen as a threat to the establishment.

    If you want to further your career you have to play dumb , dumber and not be seen as a threat. The big plus will be if you support ” Masculine toxicity ” Me too. Women – poor victim of men and of course if you put Maori/Islander’s point of view in anything ranging from Moon exploration to hwo to get rid of acne.

    This is called a negative selection of people . No wonder Asians are progressing as they don’t do that or if they do it is very limited unlike in Aoteroa

  6. Murray Bacon says:

    Can the campaign for men’s rights learn anything from women’s campaigns?
    This question might be broken down into two questions:
    Can men learn from women or from society?
    Are there any lessons from women’s campaigns, that would be useful to men’s campaigns?
    All week we revisit the Mervyn Thompson Affair – the strange, powerful 1984 incident when six women abducted an Auckland university lecturer, chained him to a tree in Western Springs, and labelled him a rapist. Today: a modern take on the incident, and its wider implications, by former MP Holly Walker.
    Perfect, right? Convert a few more good keen blokes like this and widespread culture change would be inevitable. Women would be safe, men would be allies, and rape would be rare. Any lasting damage to Thompson would be justified in light of these greater societal benefits, and besides, he deserved it.
    But it didn’t happen. A national conversation of sorts did take place, mostly in the letters pages of the Listener. But generally correspondents divided into two camps – defenders of Thompson and defenders of his attackers – and talked loudly past each other.
    When the ripples from the Thompson controversy finished washing up, general public attitudes towards rape and sexual violence were unchanged. Eventually even allies like Jensen became disillusioned: “Our documents and graphics were mostly fuzzy from repeated photocopying. Our protest marches or pickets shouted versions of the same, tired chants… It became increasingly apparent to me that our various critiques of society were not being heard by society itself – or not as we meant them to be heard.”
    I suggest that there are worthwhile lessons that could be useful and should be learned.

  7. mama says:

    Well I do not know if we can learn from each others words or thinking, Don Brash preaches, rightly so, “that we ought to be all treated as one people”, new zealanders, but gets labeled as racist.

    Being too individualistic is perhaps pulling peoples apart, even pitching them against one another, yet it seems individualism is in fashion, go figure,,, I cannae see the sense in divide and conquer among the peoples of a country, what purpose would that serve.

    Now women seem to labeling men,,, we need to forget the labels and treat each other with respect, other wise how can it be reciprocated.

  8. Evan Myers says:

    Law of the individual or person puts power in the hands of politicians and judges and allows the individual to be civily taxed.

    It’s not new if you’re at all familiar with the history of previous civilizations.

  9. Evan Myers says:

    Andrew Little to the UN; Our justice system is broken and New Zealand is failing women.

    Hard to say if this is another apology for being a man or the start of the next election campaign.

  10. Evan Myers says:

    Morning Report is discussing among other things this morning, recommended changes to the Family Court.

  11. mama says:

    10,,,Yes the second round of discussion including submission starts today.

    # 8….Evan,,, I am far far from a history buff, as I am sure you can tell,,, but as far as individualism goes we have , as humans, been split unprecidentedly now, for instance there used to be only two considered genders.

  12. Evan Myers says:

    @11 here we are also split by a secrecy that creates a language the observer at large can never have understood because they can not see the experience.

  13. mama says:

    12,,here?,secrecy??,, I don’t understand.

  14. Downunder says:

    #13 The individual experiences that create this dialogue are seldom explained either by that individual or the the family law that created the outcome that brought the individual here.

  15. mama says:

    # 14,and # 12,,,sure, and thanks for the explanation but being here is a consequence of seemingly similar experience, it need not split, and Evan, though I needed translation, I do appreciate your knack for covering a few things in a single sentence.

    One of the great things about this site is the opportunity to ” get it all out what’s in my head”..”what’s up’, 4 non blondes.

    or is it more like “Don’t speak”,,,….

  16. DJ Ward says:

    #11 Mama

    The first thing I did was check what they wanted to do with Lawyer for child. The reason was they have a Lawyer from a Lawyer for Child law firm on the panel.

    So in a roundabout way they are saying they want Lawyer for Child to nearly be compulsory, and they want them to be given pay rises.

    Who would have thought this would involve corruption.

  17. Downunder says:

    They were and I assume still are an independent organised group with a very high opinion of themselves and their abilities.

    It has been a career path from lawyer to judge, so corruption and political allegiance is not unusual.

  18. mama says:

    # 16,,DJ Ward,,yes ,,and I am sure the panel members all have vested interest in the outcomes.

    The ladies who represented mediation kept me with some hope that at least there would be heart involved, but my heart sank when I talked of mediation and they (panel) changed the wording back to counselling, it made it feel like certain decisions had already been made , who knows what deals get made behind closed doors.

  19. Evan Myers says:

    The majority of humanity derives satisfaction from being usefull to one another but there is a small group whose satisfaction comes from their own arrogance and enforcement of their ideological beliefs.
    This group has an undeclared doctrine of authority that suits the maintenance of their lifestyle rather than the preservation of others.

    It’s no more a prescription for social development than a concentration camp.

  20. Evan Myers says:

    Paul Hunt … new Chief Human Rights Commissioner.

    Is this going to change anything?

  21. mama says:

    ,,,, and from the NEW CONSERVATIVES !

    Marriage Policy: The traditional definition of marriage goes back thousands of years and spans all cultures. New Conservative believes in the traditional definition of marriage as between one biological man and one biological woman, with all other legal arrangements categorised as civil unions.

    We believe that couples should undergo pre-marriage or relationship training prior to entering into marriage – and that this will be State funded and highly encouraged.

    To support strong marriages into the future, our policy will allow for up to five State sponsored marriage counselling sessions for couples experiencing marital problems.

    In the unfortunate event of divorce and separation, both parents have equal rights and access to their children unless it is determined not to be in the children’s best interests. Gender based discrimination in parental access matters will be prohibited.

  22. JustCurious says:

    #21 — any license is a replacement of rights with privileges

    effectively, a marriage license is a contract between the state and the two parties. \Teh state si a the top of the triangle.

    That t is why there is a probate at death or; at divorce, a split of everything, even kids… plus alimony and child support.

    nothing to do with rights, fairrness or justice…. only appearances of same

  23. mama says:

    Following are the email addresses of two parties who ,one, may be in need of votes,
    …and two, may be hope for equal rights to be seen to be equal rights for all of us.

    Maybe we just have pretend we are starting all over again, and that the issue of equal rights is a new challenge.

  24. Evan Myers says:

    I see the New Conservatives are busy online. They appear to be a development of the old Family Party.

    It is still very much a case of what you’ve got at ground level.

    That said, it would only take an institutional shift such as the Polynesian churches in Auckland to destroy Labour’s re-election chances.

  25. mama says:

    …and I heard on radio this morning, a new party, the Blue Greens, seems that an ex green is the head….a Guy, yay,,, seems we have a raising of heads in rebuttal to current policies,,,hope, hope, hope????

  26. Evan Myers says:

    National only have themselves to blame for that, they started the teal-deal idea.

  27. Evan Myers says:

    Have anyone ever come up with proposed legislation to campaign on?

    Like a register of serial solicitor abusers.

  28. Evan Myers says:

    To clarify that for these women that need 20 consecutive solicitors for one court case.

  29. mama says:

    or the general court/family or police time wasters and abusers,, the one we are embroiled with has taken to use of police and court numerous times, at whim almost… but privacy would now be an issue for fear of shame or blame.

  30. JustCurious says:

    I have been back and forth between the criminal, family, civil, high and every court almost in this country.

    I have dealt with all levels of lawyers from legal aid to senior barristers/QC. self rep

    also with cyfs and police and crown lawyers.

    Have been fortunate to get ahead with almost every case and at all level

    but in the end, the system always win.

    None of the laws affecting us are lawful – and yet legal, they are.

    Parliament drafts laws.
    people make submissions (usually ignored)
    LAw society makes recommendations (always inconsistent with bill of rights)
    legislation goes through first,second and fraud readings. then gets passed, with royal assent.

    WE the people, get fucked royally.

    Judicial cannot second guess if legislation is lawful.
    But they reserve the right to interpret it as they wish.
    (apparently in consistency with parliament’s intention)

    but the lower courts do not know this.
    That’s why the only right we have left is to injustice and a right to appeal.
    All within the same system.
    When you do not lose faith, your income, your mind, family, your morale and your life and finally get to the highest circle of Justice, you find that they condemn all the judges whose hands you had to pass through.

    until then, you are just a case number, a file and subject to a process…
    And each case is an income source….
    The law society makes money

    another parti is just another party at the back of the people.
    Empty promises and colorful lies.

    in one more generation, there will not be a judge or lawyer left to see the fraud they themselves are the embodiment of.

    Only a handful of judges know the law…
    the rest confuse it readily with legislation.

  31. Downunder says:

    Perhaps what you’re not looking at is the human aspect of the law and its ability to fail.

    A lawyer applies an argument but there is no consequence for the outcome or the decision.

    Then you have to ask whether the lawyer and the judge colluded in that decision.

    At the end of the day it’s High Court Judges that are responsible for their legal society, and if can’t wipe its own arse then the outcome is inevitable.

  32. JustCurious says:

    the human factor is such that
    Judges making 300K a year
    They feast over people’s misery
    lawyers may make more
    They drag the living underworld
    Cops are mainly psychos
    They corrall people into a cell and
    the lawyer presents them before a judge.

    IF there were no lawyers
    Judge would go bankrupt

    IF the laws were lawful
    then the bank would make no money

    and lawyers would have to get a real job
    and judges would have to apply the real law

    and of course cops would have to protect our rights again.

    THere are no safeguards to our freedoms
    and liberties. When we fight feminism
    it is a decoy we are chasing.

    We area at the merci of the law society
    and its employees.

    The Judicial process comes first.
    The preservation of the “appearance”
    of Justice IS paramount consideration.

    They all sit at the same table
    Whisky at the end of the day.

    Do they collude?

    We may see it as colluding
    but they will see it is as
    “fair proceedings.”
    or Due process

    Their duty is to the Court first

  33. mama says:

    …any one have knowledge on Vernon Tava,,, Blue green party.

    following is a quote from the leader of the australian blue green party.

    That actually shows how out of touch he is,” Ms Steggall said. “A broad part of my support base is the extremely dissatisfied, long-term, moderate Liberal voters who are looking for sensible financial policies but progressive social attitudes.

  34. Evan Myers says:

    Originally a Green activist, switched to National and now signaling along the new Blue-Green lines.

    National appear to be trying to create a support brand possible to gift a candidate seat to get them across the line.

    I don’t think anyone has brought a new party into parliament without a sitting MP except perhaps Jeanette Fitzsimmons in the first MMP election in 1996 when she beat the National candidate, and I pretty sure they didn’t cut the 5%.

  35. mama says:

    well I hope his blue green signal is strong ,,, National will need all the help it can get.

  36. Evan Myers says:

    If there was such a thing as successful Socialism feminists killed that golden goose. When you have to kill men for civil revenue when there isn’t enough tax revenue it’s us that needs the help not failed politicians.

  37. mama says:

    This seemed like a good article,, I liked the name he gives the likes of Norway, as compassionate capitalism.

  38. mama says:

    timely,, this excerpt from above in article…@ #37.

    The Nordic countries are smart enough not to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  39. mama says:

    This is from the New Conservative party,,, they care but as he says here “growing evidence” is all they have, imagine if they had all the stories that had been compiled, something to get there teeth into.
    “I tabled your previous letter at the Board last week. There is growing evidence that men are getting a raw deal through the family courts and this is something we would love to address if we get the chance. We are still developing policy and we will attempt to address this issue in policy sometime this year.”

  40. Evan Myers says:

    I think it was KiwiKeith who last election went along to a TOP meeting to see if there was any support for men’s issues but if I recall correctly he got shown the door.

    If they don’t look how can they know if men’s issues will get them more votes than lose?

    The natural inclination is toward chivalry especially when they still see left wing parties bastions of the working man rather than feminists.

  41. mama says:

    It is the only door though,,, and recent seemingly unequal policies are further case in point.

  42. Voices says:

    No it was Jerry
    He said :
    “Feminism is not about equality, nor is politics – so is there any party which will acknowledge males equally with females? Well by my attendance at Winston Peter’s campaign launch and also my attendance at Gareth Morgan’s TOP party function tonight – neither party acknowledge males equally. and I think we know the others all too well also.
    TOP party website under “Democracy” has a bit about “Constitution”. “Women’s Rights” is specifically mentioned – while “Men’s rights is absent”. I went early and asked them about this. A tall guy denied it, but I recommend you check their site for yourselves. I was then accused of “sexism” and physically guided to the door and instructed to leave. So there is the TOP party’s treatment of males and tortured dads in action. Do they treat abused women similarly – I really doubt it.
    This is why I don’t vote- no party represents me. There is no party I can back in order to simply protest vote against the others.”

  43. Downunder says:

    It’s extremely difficult to enter a new party into the political scene … even with the Green situation mentioned above Fitzsimmons after 20 years of campaigning got across the line as part of the Alliance in 1996. The only reason she won the electorate seat (1999) was because Clark openly asked Labour voters to vote for her but give Labour the party vote. Even then it was a marginal victory.

    And with men’s issues a leader would automatically become the target of leading and political Feminists making the job even harder. No new party has ever got over the line without a sitting MP.

    The over representation of dysfunctional females is destructive to society but the feminist pack of attack dogs can be relied on to go after anyone that challenges that situation, and they’ll do it illegally if they can’t do it with public humiliation.

    The public discourse is becoming more reflective of reality as understanding works it’s way slowly uphill. And while some commenters get bitter and twisted about the word ‘bitch’ on this site, in the last couple of months I’ve seen two very public arguments between male and female strangers with one in particular ending in ‘arogant fat cow’.

    Politics can deny reality but it can’t stop it.

  44. mama says:

    vote for the “we need your vote party”, one with a possibility to get more votes than Winston.

  45. mama says:

    sorry, could not help harping on a little,,,,

    Established only six weeks before the 2011 election, the Conservative Party achieved over 2% and was well on track for the 5% threshold for the 2014 election before the well reported public fall out for the then party leader Colin Craig, who resigned from the party in 2016, and a rebuilding process began.

    “Time worked against us for the 2017 election,” recalls Baker, “but we could not ignore the members who remain committed to the core values of the party.”

    With sound policy, and a leadership with extensive experience in the areas that present most challenge for New Zealand, there is fertile ground for New Conservative.

  46. Evan Myers says:

    Voices was saying it’s a bit quiet around here … it only takes the whiff of a pork barrel to shut most of this site down.

  47. Downunder says:

    @mama 2014 Conservatives were gifted a nationwide platform by John Key, which in effect was a better opportunity than a safe seat. They self destructed. I can’t see National taking that risk again – they look very set on a Blue Green support party.

    The mouthpiece the Conservatives have got at the moment is doing just about as much damage as Colin Craig but I suspect he is a major funder and thinks only his opinion matters.

    But as you see above it has worked before and a ‘Conservative Alliance’ may be worth considering.

  48. mama says:

    # Downunder,,,,I fancy, idealogically of course, that the Deputy take over, Mr Ileiki seems to be up for it… He was happy to show his feather tails when interviewed by Wendyl Nissen on the radio.
    …this from the below 2018 article…

    At some stage, though, New Conservative may have a choice. There have been rumours floating around about a right leaning MP splitting off from the mothership and starting a new conservative ally for National, or joining an existing party. That would then lead to the possibility of a coat-tailing deal to game the MMP system.

  49. mama says:

    a real chance exists here.


    17 October 2018

    New Conservative has been quick to throw its hat in the ring for the Botany By-election announcing that Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei will contest the seat on a platform of Family, Justice and Democracy.

  50. Evan Myers says:

    The Nats held a keep Botany Blue campaign over the weekend so it would appear they are not pursuing a gift seat for the Conservatives.

  51. Evan Myers says:

    Labour and the Dirty Greens versus National and the Blue Greens.

    NZF gets caught in the squeeze.

  52. mama says:

    #51, Evan,,one of those sounds very painful indeed.

  53. Downunder says:

    Looks like the Conservatives are out in the cold. I can’t see their current strategy man as an asset and I doubt National would want anything to do with it.

    Probably their only real option is to move left and chase disgruntled Labour voters.

  54. mama says:

    no way, the saying goes look left, then right, then left again, look being the word, look don’t touch,,they could ne,er find them selves that desperate, their moral compass surely has them moving in the opposite direction.

    They are a baby and needs feed and nurtured and for sure NZ needs new blood.

  55. Evan Myers says:

    There are some interesting common themes running through social media international news.

    Open and Transparent government is a failure.

    The Greens have failed so let’s steal the brand and rewrite the script.

    Conservative parties are on the rise.

  56. Evan Myers says:

    Have David Moffat and the Conservatives parted ways?

    He’s stopped tweeting and is no longer on their leadership page.

  57. mama says:

    It must almost be a cut off time for, ‘getting your shit together’, for our political parties.

    no. 1, reason….

  58. mama says:

    …no. 2, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, ha,….

  59. mama says:

    no. 3,,,,,,,

    I know you have heard it all before,,, but at least they are saying it,,!!!!

  60. Evan Myers says:

    That is so badly written it has a negative change of connection with the average Kiwi.

  61. mama says:

    “All of it?”…..and about this, negative change connection..

  62. Evan Myers says:


    Their website is dysfunctional on a smartphone at least.

    I was referring to the third item, the first two I cannot access.

  63. mama says:

    I thought a Labour party had been elected with the help of others as well an awl, how ever this guy seems to be saying it is a one horse race.

    Were an election held tomorrow, Jacinda Ardern would win in a landslide.

  64. Evan Myers says:

    Matthew likes to have a silly day every so often.

    The Governor General wouldn’t see a need to dissolve parliament for Jacinda’s silly ambitions.

  65. mama says:

    Thank you Evan,,, It will be long year in politics for all.

  66. mama says:

    One great step for NZ First, one great step for man kind.

    I have to admit the capital gains tax was sounding so difficult I was becoming bamboozled as to why they would try to pull it off, even Cullen thought it was a minefield around business. Winston pulling his king hit card after at least 2 million spent down this track, making the girls at the top squirm with worry that they will be left hungry come election time.

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