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Request 4 your ‘time’, ‘support’ & ‘wisdom’

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:11 pm Sun 20th September 2020

It’s been a while since I posted here …. or anywhere, for that matter. And I need to overcome this hurdle quickly, because I’m venturing into an online magazine dedicated to ‘Empowering Single Parents & their Families’, both dads and mums. (btw, your input is valued and desired)

Something is blocking my willingness to expose corruption and abuse of power while I’m highly motivated using anger and rage (considered dark energy by Jim Bagnall that’s formed during interventions (I.e:, CYFS, Family Court)) heightened when dealing with corrupt interventionists who abuse their power.

(Btw,I have wondered if you saw my dealings with Police 10/7). That was before I learned to manage the ‘dark energy’ that simply appears when dealing with new interventions similar to CYFS and their corrupt,power abusing, destructive, interventionists.

I do visit and write posts while preferring to use office word, 🙂 so you can’t read the embarrassing drafts.

But THEN…. grrr, shoot, bummer….
I’m stuck….
I can’t post…

Instead I save the post, hide it away, and leave.. only to return when once again, angered or enraged.

I think perhaps, I am affected by expected consequences and empathy whilst I’m in a ‘priviledged’ position having the best of information and knowledge.

I am also sad and sorry for attacking Sue Bradford which may be the last post I wrote. As I become wiser, I understand things much clearer. Was she placed in a bad position as was Peter Dunne from United Future (given the CS portfolio when wanting to empower families, especially nuclear families)?

Have you ever experienced what I am dealing with? Do have some advice to share?

5 Responses to “Request 4 your ‘time’, ‘support’ & ‘wisdom’”

  1. Julie says:

    Election 2020
    12 Days till voting opens

    There’s so much imo to reveal.

    PS: Since seeing you, I almost again died. This time, I had a week to live, hehe.
    There’s much to share on Hospitals and pther infrastrure. Straight the mouths of hopaital specialists.

    OMgosh: You can see Nationals work at play . I dont think any of us analysed the changesd national made to WINZ, CS, etc that had zero to do with Family interventions.
    Their changes are going change the whole system, imo. Workhouses, poorhouses, institutions for people unable to work, etc, etc.

  2. RobinNoah says:

    The family court system is enabling parental alienation.
    Child abuse in any shape or form should not be tolerated, let alone enabled by a justice system which provokes the abuse of power mentioned. For the sake of the innocent people being effected, raising awareness is necessary.

    I believe it would be in any child’s best interest to experience the love from both of its parent’s.
    Why do parent’s need to fight in a court regarding child custody / access for the right to give their child the love they need, deserve and want?

    Targeted parents and their children are torn from each others lives on a daily basis simply due the ease protection order’s are served – left right and centre. All one has to do is write to the court making claims and allegations which will be deemed as true – no evidence needed.. “Next”.

    In my opinion if a person really needs protection then pick up a phone and dial 111 or hire a body guard.
    It will help filter the innocent people effected by the DV racket.

    The impact and long term effects of emotional neglect alone are devastating to a child who suddenly experiences the loss of a parent/s they love. Emotional effect to the other parent who suddenly has to experience the loss of a child they love can be described as crippling and quite often fatal.

    Why not have proceedings go in front of a jury with an equal gender ratio and outcomes made based on key facts and actual evidence evidence to determine the best interest of the child / children involved.

    Scientific facts researched are available which should help a judge identify whether a persons emotional state is normal or abnormal behaviour.

    Raise the question with the prime minister around the corruption concerns ruining innocent children and parents lives, perhaps a few law corrections for the sake of peace.

    In the end of the day the only real victims are the children. Too many wreckless judgments destroying families.

  3. phil r watts says:

    spot on noah (2), ‘protection’ orders are the most extreme of all child abuse: Legalised Child Kidnapping. those who don’t campaign on this sentence alone are clearly agents of the the govtpedoring. my Tregear-Watts have been legalised kidnapped against their original will and brainwashed (stockholm syndrome) not to contact me 2012-2020+ and NO ONE HAS DONE JACK SHIT TO EVEN ARRANGE MEET BETWEEN ME AND MY KIDNAPPED CHILDREN NOW ADULTS. NO ONE.

  4. RobinNoah says:

    Yes Phil, it is very sad and the frustration of it all is indescribable. Its hard to let go of a child who you love dearly (law enforced) but it is literally the only way to heal and focus on personable well being.

    – I agree with you in regards to the lack of law assistance and disregard for emotional well being of the child and target parent – in the Family Court.
    The District court however… will lock a man up for even daring to text message their wife.

    It can be the most civil text message to a wife, your Childs other parent it doesn’t matter, its a “breach” and is a conviction at a high level. #NoFilter

    District Court:
    – It is a “breach” of the law to practice good co – parenting with an alienating parent.
    – It is a “breach” to directly show concern for their Childs well being
    -It is a “breach” to show any attempt of expressing their interest in their Child’s life with the alienating parent.

    Family Court:
    – Alienating parent breaches parenting order’s with no concern or investigation’s.

    Parental Alienation and/or Syndrome (PAS) Awareness idea’s.
    – leaflet’s or quick tv advertisement like the Covid announcements we hear on the radio and see in the paper, on the web and on the television. The aim focus is educating and encouraging support for the parents and the children in all aspects – emotional, mentally, physically and psychological.
    – A lot of good and nothing bad can be done by raising awareness of what parental alienation is and the effects it has on some people. A lot of the alienation / abuse happens “unknowingly” apparently.

    – Legal documents to explain openly with how equality of human right’s are assessed and addressed.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be a case of “it takes one to know one.”

    -Raising awareness will be great to help educate parents of certain behavior’s.
    “parenting through separation course” means nothing when only one parent does the course and is not mandatory. All separation / child access / marriage dissolution cases must have both parents do the courses.

    – Parental Alienation to be deemed as illegal (Parental alienation is illegal in some countries e.g. Brazil and Mexico.

    Hope this info helps Julie, some idea’s on raising awareness 🙂

  5. DJ Ward says:

    Hello Julie.
    Good to hear you are still fighting for the people.

    Been in deep thought lately (Month’s) about men’s issues.
    It is clear to me that society has developed serous problems.
    Many of those that you encounter, are the results of bigotry against men.

    It’s a cycle of violence.

    Bigotry towards males.
    Males respond with failure.
    Males punished for failure.
    Males punish society for failure.
    Proof of need of bigotry.
    Bigotry towards males.

    I recently looked at what I could find on the death of a man.
    He committed suicide.
    His poor defenceless child will be left with the knowledge that something they said in a family court interview, was the justification for his loss of parenting rights. No allegations of physical violence, sexual abuse, or any other abuse was made.
    They took his home, his business, his income, his freedom, his dignity, his beliefs, his future, and in a profoundly disgusting way, his children.
    The child said dad got angry at him once. The other kids offered nothing of interest.
    All I saw from the coroner was, lies, lies, and more lies.

    I am sad.

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