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War is coming! – You are going to need some of those old white men.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 3:43 am Thu 17th June 2021

If you ever wondered how you came to live in a democracy?

It was not because people thought it was a good idea. It was not because you expected it. It had to be fought for.

War is not polite. It has rules yes. But those rules tend to be ignored by the aggressor when the bombs fall and bullets fly. I can assure you the defenders quickly learn to ignore those rules too.

At that time, another name they gave for mental health was shell shocked. They would have you think, and even today still believe, it was the loud noise of howitzers and guns sounding off as they sent their message to the enemy.

Oh no, it was not the sound at all. No sir. They could not hear a god-damn thing after the first explosion. Their ears were damaged too much. The truth was those men, who saw their friends with half a face. Their heads bashed in, legs and arms, body parts spread across the battlefields. The stench of rotting bodies. It was the wholesale death, the suicides, rotting food, men being eaten by rats. The barely survivable conditions. The ships that were blown up with 18-inch shells, mines, torpedoes and bombs. The drownings in the cold seas. The horror of sharks tearing them apart with razor sharp teeth, consuming them. The terror of being inside a struck plane on fire, nose diving towards the earth and there was nothing you could do about it.

The men and at that time the women who unselfishly supported them to defend our way of life. Our families. Our way of raising children to be free and creative. To be safe and know if they did no wrong to others they could and should succeed to make for themselves and their descendants a family unit to carry on and do the same.

To choose who they want to be. To make themselves better than what they were before.

Today you call them old white men. Male, pale and stale. The Governments around the world do not even provide the men with the right to keep their name private until proven guilty. The women who without any recourse could point a finger and be called a victim and in time a survivor. The mothers who without reprisal prevent the fathers from seeing their children, sometimes for many years and without notice just to take all he has worked and saved for. To send him out into the street. To make him pay for her and her new boyfriend to live in his house and take over his children.

I would think women should bend their knee and thank them for saving what they now enjoy and have ruthlessly turned against men and boys of any colour.

This post is not to separate men by skin colour, offend or say the men were just white. They were of all nations and colour. I only say white men in the post to defend their singling out as unworthy, unimportant, less or lower than men of colour.

Our privilege is to not rule over women nor is it to hold power over those of the less capable in terms of physical strength. Our privilege is not to be stood up in class and made to apologise to the girls for our gender for something we have not done. Our privilege is to not face media or university trials. Our privilege is not have less of the tax take spent on male only health problems. Our privilege is to not have legislation to send innocent men to jail.

Our privilege is however to say, feminists who want far more than equal rights, you are most welcome to a full frontline share in the glory of war.

I think it highly unlikely any woman could come close to call a nation to war as Prime Minster Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill did.


  1. Lukenz,,, a war certainly has been raging against what is bandied about as the so called patriachal way things,’used to be run’.. every minority group , encouraged by these current bum kissers,, all for there own swell,, or perhaps it is swill, for they sure are making pigs of themselves.

    We should brim with pride for the freedom achieved, the world could have been a very different place, apparently now though, that freedom has had its day in the sun and it is time for everyone else to shine but the Men.

    Comment by Hydes — Thu 17th June 2021 @ 4:56 pm

  2. Yes I can see it now.
    Churchill and his black dog, the tortured mind.
    And women waving feathers, bullying men into enlisting.
    To fight for there freedom.

    Well, clearly Churchill knew who the voters were.
    And ultimately females, in western nations, have freedom.
    As good in history, as they have ever had.
    And the demands for more, and more, organised.

    Presently then men have little, to hope for.
    But a little hope, is plenty.

    One day, a male contraceptive choice.
    Will exist.
    Paternity testing.
    Will be normal.

    It is when those day’s eventuate, that’s the war.
    The one in the background.
    Humans can win a battle against a virus, in a year.
    But can’t solve those problems, since humans began.


    Essentially for the best interests of the child.
    The more consensual, conception.
    The statistics, for childhood outcomes, improve.
    Even after separation.

    It’s if women will help men, win the war.
    Will they enlist for battle.
    That men have, freedom, like women do.
    Do they betray ‘females’, or fight for freedom.

    Where then does a woman’s loyalty, lay.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 17th June 2021 @ 5:22 pm

  3. At the very onset of WW1, the main newspapers covered this with a one or two paragraph story, with people saying they were looking forward to it. The churches were also a main source of information. All the best young men were killed and WW1 and WW2 were the destruction of the European race

    Comment by Frank — Mon 19th July 2021 @ 10:10 am

  4. There is something strange, to the media.
    White men.
    Whatever that happens to be.
    I can say, I go easily brown in the sun.
    Likely some Mediterranean DNA, from my distant past.

    They do however show concerning traits.
    Old white men.
    They seem to be, just like other humans.
    Better at some things, and worse at others.
    Certainly the circulatory system, of a Sherpa.
    I would die, where they can live.
    Certainly the size of the Samoan.
    Is he not stronger, that I would succumb.
    Certainly the height of the Pygmy.
    I could outreach.

    So what then of myself.
    When the media, denigrates the old white men.
    Certainly there inventions, and science, must belittle them.
    A result, from ideas from many races.
    The Chinese with many of the important inventions.
    India with philosophy.
    Egypt with society.
    Endless, little contributions.

    Everybody seems to be good at war, however.

    War is ignorant to race.
    Still many races, strive to be better at it.
    Even old white men.

    Even with all there inventions.
    Was there not trench warfare here.
    Only to be copied industrially by those that faced it.

    The Vietnamese and gorilla warfare.
    The Teleban, and the retreating world.
    A simple gun, and ample volunteers.
    War is even ignorant, to technology.
    Given time.

    The war is lost of course.
    Humans have a habit of breeding.
    Highly likely that Mediterranean DNA.
    Was from a Roman solder.
    Even, possibly an after battle party, love child.

    Soon, we will all have a little of each other.
    Hidden away, in our DNA.
    If not already.
    Only a fraction, of DNA, is unique to race.

    Mine, little as it is, an easy target, for the media.
    The list of wrongdoings, timeless.
    If not the only target left.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 24th July 2021 @ 9:42 am

  5. The Green don’t seem to like Churchill.

    Perhaps they would like to move to a country that is managed like Nazi Germany was.

    Comment by Lukenz — Thu 12th August 2021 @ 10:47 am

  6. Free trip to Tokelau Islands, for a loooooong vacation.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Thu 12th August 2021 @ 12:15 pm

  7. A holiday sounds good.
    My only overseas trip, was to Samoa.
    As my father lived there, post tsunami.
    A few weeks of that life, is worth every penny.

    No holiday for me however.
    I have a task at hand.
    An anniversary is in 2 days for me.
    When I first, stepped up to the plate.
    To take on the Crown, no matter my punishment.

    Interestingly they decided to pretend, it never happened.
    I wasn’t, pretending.
    Luckily, I wasn’t actually ready to take them on.
    I had not written here, or read, others writings.

    Last year I did something, that was extremely hard, to decide.
    I set a deadline, to take them on again.
    No matter my punishment, is no easy choice.
    That was April 8, my brothers birthday.
    Because of what they did to him.
    And that, it was allowed, by many, to happen.

    So began reading, as much as I could.
    But in only days, I had my experience.
    I knew then that I couldn’t manage April 8.
    I did misbehave, but everyone is pretending it didn’t happen.

    I needed to look at a lot of subjects, first.
    So set August 18 as the day.
    I haven’t written enough yet, for my letter.
    And want to take my time.
    So things worked out correctly, for me.

    I also reference things by distance.
    I have to act, when I reach the number.
    I have some left to go.
    But only a little.
    I have written 7 arguments so far.
    So not enough yet.

    Then I’m guessing, I’m only at the start of things.
    So no holiday, for me.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 16th August 2021 @ 5:33 pm

  8. The post actually has relevance, to today with Ukraine.

    “War is not polite. It has rules yes. But those rules tend to be ignored by the aggressor when the bombs fall and bullets fly. I can assure you the defenders quickly learn to ignore those rules too.”

    I watched a video, the look of shock of a female politician.
    In seeing, the battlefield.
    I am guessing, she will like Russia less.
    And Europe will export, its old gear as donations.

    But how can we help, or would we want to militarily.
    Certainly we could donate, some things.
    Is there not something, needing replacing anyway.

    What if skills, are more important.
    We could take a hundred recruits, and train them properly.
    Trained with the gear, and officers they go home with.

    We could get inventive, and ask for donations.
    The crown doing an armistice, on illegal guns and amo.
    Paying a fair price for them, for shipping to Ukraine.

    Obviously many will be rubbish, and not suitable.
    A large caliber scoped rifle, is always relevant.
    It’s still ok, if it can’t fire on auto.

    The moral, of the Russian soldier.
    Cannot be good, if they see the world is against them.
    They must be asking, what is victory to Putin.

    What newly donated weapon, will fire on them next.
    And what to do, when the donations don’t stop.
    I have faith in the woman leader, in not playing games.

    Ukraine could start attacking, taking bits of Russia over.
    Since that is the game Putin, is playing.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 10th April 2022 @ 11:03 pm

  9. This is not, 1939.
    The tank and plane, has the same problem.

    So technology, can beat the machine.
    Even the US fleets, are vulnerable.
    The Japanese with the intelligent, kamikaze plane missile.
    The Germans, just to late with its inventions with rockets.

    But today, we have the extreme.
    The sea no safe place, for a missile thinking for itself.
    Neither the sky, or the vehicle.
    Where then to hide, with the drone watching.

    You have no choice, but to dig if your Ukraine.
    No matter of Russian military, show of strength.
    It must still, use humans to take land.

    Technology is now beating, the machine.
    In stead of the machine winning, like WW2.
    This could look more like, WW1.


    Do not underestimate, the ability to build things.
    If you choose to build many, you can quickly.
    So Russia could quickly, mass produce weapons.

    As it did, in WW2.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 19th April 2022 @ 12:12 pm

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