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The Dating Game

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 11:57 pm Tue 3rd August 2021

History dictates that when civilization falls apart older men marry younger women.

We see that in biblical history and in the history of Rome.

In the current age I’ve recently seen adds saying Asian women like older men.

What’s that about?

If you’re currently in the dating game, how’s it going for you?

2 Responses to “The Dating Game”

  1. George Simonovski says:


    I was dating Asian women because I appreciate their maturity , realistic expectations and hard working nature , in general. The last year I am in a stable relationship with a mature Korean woman.

    Of course it is not perfect ha ha but much better than being with a Kiwi women .

  2. DJ Ward says:

    Liked the drawing.
    Met my partner when she was 21.
    I’m 9 years older.
    And we met at a bar.

    Stereotyping would say it’s for the money.
    In any races, females.
    But while money, security.
    And all the assets, when he finally dies.
    A clear suspect, for those relationships.
    One cannot ignore that’s it’s a pragmatic decision.
    I don’t think it’s driven by sexual attractiveness.

    Good on the men.
    For having these relationships.
    Many impoverished females, are now not poor.
    While divorces by men are fewer.
    Women need to understand.
    Happiness, only an internet site away.
    What then does the female, offer men.
    In our new world.

    Society’s sexual behaviours, are very Roman.
    Even the politics, of sex.
    A weapon to destroy reputations.
    Fabrications, and the media.

    Criticism of age difference, is an irrational argument.
    Certainly one person, has only met another.
    And found some happiness.
    A world, a little less lonely.

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