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Peter Boshier

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:40 am Sat 20th August 2022

Currently the Chief Ombudsman but he’s been an exploraire man and every where man from family court judge to its principal, law commissioner, White Ribbon Chairhuman, and in the end to his banished and insignificant post looking after our official information distribution.

Any long time visitors to the MENZ site, would probably identify Boshier as one of the most hated persons in New Zealand history but he’s not scared to gather enemies.

History will tell you, he was the second judge on the protest list after Jan Doogue when the Separated Fathers Support Trust (SFST) started protests outside judge’s homes, late last Century. But wait there’s … more

Warren Heap Founder SFST

This week Judge Boshier, in his role as Chief Ombudsman launched an extraordinary broadside at our Prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, writing to her office to remind her of the laws of our country,

“I have written to the Prime Minister to seek her assurance that she, along with her Ministers, MPs and staff understand their obligations under the OIA [Official Information Act] and apply the right processes when handling official information and responding to requests.”

How that all came about, was through Labour’s Hamilton West MP, Gaurav Sharma, going public about bullying in Parliament and the Labour Party in particular.


For his trouble Sharma is currently suspended from the Labour Caucus for his allegations not only about official information but about the extent of bullying that goes on under Ardern’s leadership. Dr Sharma, directly accused Labour’s new fire-fighting poster-boy Wairarapa MP Kieran McAnulty of being Ardern’s head bully.

Kieran McAnulty

Boshier didn’t have a choice, some might say as he had recently raised the issue publicly after protests from many journalists (present company included) which had been led publically by Andrea Vance.

Andrea Vance

Vance, of course is well known here, as she has that ardent feminist streak. You get the feeling there is a man in her past that did her wrong and she isn’t going to let it go any time soon.

But what draws this unruly bunch of protestors together is information. Not even truth, I would suggest, but denial, avoidance, control of information, and dare we say it, that hoary old chestnut, “Freedom of Speech”.


  1. It pretty obvious, avoiding creating information exists.
    An MP could make many decisions, in conversation.
    A ministry may do things, but not collect information.
    So if it’s not recorded, you can’t request it.

    Can an MP be taught, to avoid official information.
    What do you know, wanting to avoid its recording.
    What exactly is the intent, of such a class on avoidance.

    So in some ways official information, is flawed.
    Certainly if if a thing is recorded, but it’s opposite is not.
    Boshier is an expert, being a family court judge.

    What irony the expert on disinformation, is the information expert.
    Similar is the hacker, given an internet security job.
    The firebug, becoming the firefighter.
    The cleaner, who sweeps under the rug.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 20th August 2022 @ 1:12 pm

  2. […] Published at […]

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  3. I suggest that the MPs involved in the elsewhere mentioned “training ” in OIA request avoidance simply received the same training as is given to the administration of the New Zealand Police

    Comment by Richard Orsulich — Sat 20th August 2022 @ 6:14 pm

  4. Spot on Downunder.

    Information privacy is an interesting subject. In the family court, oranga tamarki reports, s133 reports and others must only be read in the presence of a lawyer. Neither party is allowed a copy. Therapist reports or any info said during therapy cannot be used by either party in any proceedings. So if you are unlucky enough to be the respondent, you are at the mercy of these predominantly female report writers who can say whatever they like and you have little recourse.

    Recently, Police reports were requested in my own proceedings to close out an s133 report which interestingly enough supported the current week about child care arrangement. The good old LFC (who has higher than normal access to police reports regarding children) had requested these reports before my hearing over a year ago but never shared the contents. Today I learnt that the Police had said my children had been coached and influenced before their EVIs were taken.

    For over a year I was forced down a path of making applications to the court, child therapy sessions, supervised visits, monitored visits, one night per fortnight, 2 nights per fortnight, 3 nights etc, until I finally reached 50/50 care.

    Vincit Veritas (but only if people let it)

    Comment by ErasingDad — Sat 20th August 2022 @ 8:09 pm

  5. @4 The truth prevails, but only after a very long time. Sometimes years. How long was yours? If not money, what is the purpose to delay the truth.

    I am a great believer that the good always win. When your children are old enough and the time is right, bring it out into the open and see where the chips fall.

    @1 Wasn’t Family court Judge Peter Boshier sideways to the Chief Ombudsman for highlighting the suicide rate of men?

    Quoting from,

    He identified 22 people involved in Family Court cases who died between May 2008 and June this year as a result of either suicide or homicide.

    “Of these 18 (82 per cent) were suspected suicides, and 41 per cent of the deceased had been, either directly or indirectly, involved in domestic violence proceedings,” he said.

    Other quotes from the same link.

    “Estimate was 100 to 150 men’s suicides per year.”

    Comment by Lukenz — Sat 20th August 2022 @ 9:35 pm

  6. “I feel for people that use our courts who eventually cannot cope and take their own lives. I am not only sad for them personally, but for the children they leave behind,” he said

    His funny bone might work.

    Comment by Evan Myers — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 4:54 am

  7. OK so Dailymail has reported Dr Sharma alleges Mr McAnulty, a favourite of Ms Ardern’s and now emergency management minister, ‘kept gaslighting me, shouting at me, degrading me in front of caucus members … and telling me that I was a terrible MP’.

    Looks like the “be kind” was “be unkind.”

    Now claims of misspending of taxpayer funds.

    It appears there has been quite a bit of horsing around.

    It seems has gone into Dr Sharma / Ms Ardern blackout mode since Thursday night. Wondering if it has anything to do with their share of NZ$55 million Ardern gave them.

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 9:17 am

  8. @4 2.5 years LukeNZ. And yes the delays were simply to ensure the gravy train kept running. The Family court will of course say the delays were to ensure the safety of the parties. ie Will the father abandon the fight so that we say we were right and label him a deadbeat dad, or will he snap and harm someone so that we can say we were right and label him a danger to society, or will he commit suicide and so that we can say we were right and label him mentally unstable.

    Woe behold anyone who tries to tell the court they were wrong.

    Comment by ErasingDad — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 10:15 am

  9. Unfortunately for Ardern she has another rebellion on her hands.

    The Disinformation Project being run out of the Prime ministers office is responsible, supposedly for dispelling misinformation.

    The reality is though and that can be clearly seen by Stuff Circuits Fire and Ice flopumentary, that the PMs office is fronting a propaganda campaign against what would be damaging to Ardern’s and her Government’s credibility.

    Comment by Downunder — Sun 21st August 2022 @ 11:56 am

  10. For those who think Ardern, is a communist.
    Imagine nationalism, of lawyers as a profession.
    With realistic fees, for legal work.
    Ask yourself, the true cost of a day in court.
    And how much, tax already pays for lawyers.
    Public prosecutors, and public defence lawyers.
    Lawyers who step in, for hard cases.
    Specialist lawyers, and watchdog lawyers.

    After all that in a perfect world, lawyers aren’t needed.
    Artificial intelligence, will be a great judge.
    The AI reviews all the footage, and media.
    Reads, each person’s statements.
    Out pops, the solution.

    Do we have AI first, or living on the moon first.
    Which would lawyers, prefer.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Tue 23rd August 2022 @ 5:55 pm

  11. Ah, Boshier, well known for saying “I don’t care about the child” in the position of Principal Family Court Judge… Sentence after which he was hidden away in law commission with judicial misconduct investigation botched by JCC coverup agency.

    Watch him closely, he is likely to be the next New Zealand dictator, leading feminazi propaganda.

    Comment by Anatoly Kern — Thu 25th August 2022 @ 12:36 pm

  12. Cowardly selfish narcissistic bullies only ever pick on the weak and vulnerable – thats why our children ( and Elderly ) are the focus of exploitation and conflict escalation for money in the NZ family courts.
    What do ALL Psychopathic uncaring narcissistic bullies do when caught out????

    DENY DENY DENY – and keep DENYING. Admit to NOTHING.
    ATTACK and ACCUSE those who Caught them.
    Blame shift, Psychologically project, and play the VICTIM – since this is the most powerful position to take.
    If all else fails feign Memory loss.

    The very behaviours and actions of the cowardly bully when caught exposes them and they dont like it when people stand up to them.

    Remember the RUFFIAN ( BULLY ) wants you with no confidence and low self esteem – they dont want you happy or successful, and best of all the selfish narcissist wants attention so the conflict and court circus – centre stage offers the narcissistic bully the perfect look at me space. Bullies protect other bullies.

    Sharma was removed because he breached PARTY RULES in speaking out – the Bullying concerns are still an open file unresolved.
    Claiming that those who were “ accused of bullying” are now exonerated by the dismissal of Sharma from the party clears their names is a fiction – it’s another blame shift and projection. They have not been cleared of anything. But the collective bullies picked on a single man -now alienated and isolated and gas lighted ( sounds like family court ) and made an example of him to cast fear and terror into anyone else who speaks out. Another example of mass Bullying by the gang.

    Comment by HORNET — Thu 25th August 2022 @ 2:57 pm

  13. It’s a dangerous game, creating 3rd parties.
    Because he becomes one, by being kicked out.
    He may rebel, joining an existing party or starts one.
    Can you imagine, how rare they are to succeed.
    Winston and Dunne, our examples.

    The point is, he can create a party vote boost.
    A fledgling party, may help him win his seat.
    The electorate voter, gets extra MPs with party votes.
    All dependant on the electorate, so working for them.
    The Act party, being the example.

    Labour lost an MP, but next election may lose more.
    Third party’s, can hold the balance of power.
    This event, is no success for Labour.
    What of the unhappy left voter, if they won’t vote right.
    Worse he fails, and gets a high party vote.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Thu 25th August 2022 @ 8:27 pm

  14. It’s not what’s said, it’s what’s not said.–ombudsmans-report

    So the article, has some information.
    Entity and rates, of delaying a request.
    And the average days, to get information.

    What it doesn’t talk about, is the answers.
    Did many just say, we don’t have that information.
    It never gives us, an assessment.
    We’re the responses, answered.
    Was the question, avoided in the answer.

    But true to form, from our trusted expert Boshier.
    All seems well, with not one bad defined act.
    The questioner, never surveyed for opinion.
    Carry on, as before.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Wed 28th September 2022 @ 6:08 pm

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