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‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Sir Cliff Richard

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 7:25 am Sun 30th January 2022

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‘Why has no one been made to pay for almost ruining my life?’ Well, that’s a good question Cliff.

The answer is, “we wouldn’t like to prevent others coming forward.”

You wonder how that resolves or excuses the Met Police, who contacted the media and arranged to video the raid on Cliff’s home.

The media is allowed to run their own campaign months or years before a hearing. And as we all know, the accusation is the verdict.

Even not guilty verdicts are treated as “well, where there is smoke, there is fire”.

If you don’t believe me, search the words “Prince Andrew.” See what his loss is before a hearing.

If there was a law to prevent name publication until a guilty verdict, that would go a long way to prevent mental health. The mental health of the families, children of those connected to the accused as well.

Mental health is a newer term to describe people who were abused, by somebody else, died by their own hand.

Currently, New Zealand unreservedly continues to provoke and incite male suicide. They do it without penalty and then blame him by saying, he had mental health.

The blame lays with those who cause mental health and not the victim.


  1. Ireland shows us the way.

    “Within Irish law, those accused of rape can only be publicly identified if convicted and furthermore if the victim waives his/her right to anonymity and the trial judge allows the accused’s identity to be made known.”

    Comment by Lukenz — Sun 30th January 2022 @ 8:03 am

  2. It’s a very complex topic, how mental health problems occur.
    As from the same experience, some will react badly.
    While for others, a mental health condition doesn’t develop.
    Some inherently will react badly, if born with a genetic condition.

    So how stressful can things be, before a condition can develop.
    Certainly fighting over children, is stressful.
    A former partner denigrating you behind your back, is stressful.
    Finding a place to live and the demands of money, is stressful.
    Petty or worse allegations and there consequences, is stressful.
    Trying to explain things to the employer and friends, is stressful.
    Not seeing the kids and feelings of failure, is stressful.

    It seems, many stressful things can happen.
    Allowed to happen, knowingly.
    All you need is a cause, and an effect.

    The effect has the obvious label, PTSD.
    An obvious contributor, to suicide statistics.
    As the symptoms, include depression.
    The other consequences, are also deadly.
    The average age of death, of the homeless is damming.
    Also those that turn to drugs, to self medicate.

    Another group exists, that is hard for society to accept.
    That people do exist, with the genetic conditions.
    For many conditions expose themselves, after puberty.
    Like any living thing, it must survive to the breeding stage.
    Then life’s stresses, triggers an episode.
    Drug use may expose Schizophrenia, or mania bipolar.
    Volatile relationships, may expose things like BPD.

    Society may then wrongly blame, the stressful things.
    It was going to happen anyway, but can’t accept it.
    Or that those stressful things, are unavoidable.

    It is stressful, to get an education.
    Doing the work, to pass the tests.
    You must try, or nothing happens.
    You must have stress, for the reward.

    So some things can be stressful, creating reward.
    But we have stress, creating PTSD by the family court.
    What do humans, expect to happen.
    One person, is out to harm the other.
    There is no intent, for the stress caused to have reward.

    I guess that is, what can be called evil.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 30th January 2022 @ 9:47 am

  3. A day later this news story broke.

    The cycle starts again. Well that promising young mans career is now on hold and likely finished.

    It seems the woman posted this on social media.

    I name the report writers Katie Feehan and James Grant who are paid money for destroying this mans life before he has a chance to defend himself.

    Comment by Lukenz — Mon 31st January 2022 @ 7:55 am

  4. It seems the competence of the police, is in question.
    But actually, it’s a timeframe problem.
    If it’s so long ago, why wasn’t it dealt with at the time.
    The physical evidence, would need to be damming.
    Yet in one off old cases, I doubt there is any.
    Even if he was at the place, on the correct day.
    It still proves nothing, about a crime.

    It is clear the accuser, is a little crazy.
    And as with arguments of parental alienation, someone did something similar in the past.
    But it’s not the person, being accused.

    A persons name is tarnished, by allegations.
    The news percolates, until eventually the case is stoped.
    The start makes headlines and gossip, but the end less newsworthy.
    People who judged him guilty, may not hear the news of innocence.
    And stories find homes, in the murky depths of the internet.

    There is no barrier to a complaint, as in this case they investigated it.
    And he did get a win, against the media and shows the court worked.
    But the ability to convict the accuser, should be to the same standard.
    How do you cross the line, of starting investigation of the accuser.
    An at the time victim, would be rather convincing.
    So it’s not the courts, because they do process the prosecution.

    It’s the police, who don’t take cases to court.
    Yet as we can see, a lie can be very harmful.
    The harm may be as much, as the alleged crime harms.


    I have an anniversary, with my partner this year at Easter.
    Since it’s twenty years, I should get her a present.
    I’ve had a quick look, and it might cost me.

    She has put up with a lot, from me.
    So despite not normally celebrating, those things.
    Twenty years of living with my problems, is different.

    Anything could happen in a week, yet she’s had years of weeks.
    So many, that we are in our thousands.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 12th February 2022 @ 7:48 pm

    The Manchester striker has already lost his contract with Nike. But his guilt has not yet been proven. That’s enough of a rumor.

    Comment by Pokitren — Mon 14th February 2022 @ 9:15 pm

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