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Parental Alienation – The grown child’s view.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:14 am Fri 14th April 2023

Mothers do it for property, accommodation, income, resentment and spite. Fathers are the falsely persecuted, children are the victims. But it doesn’t end there. That is just the beginning of a lifetime of suffering for father and child.

This clip is of a man who found out he was cheated out of a childhood without his dad. He thought his dad was the enemy. A very bad person. Someone not to be trusted. Not to have any contact with. The alienation was not only with child but mutual friends, family and school teachers.

As time allowed, eventually this child regained his relationship with his dad.

But it does not always end in the way it did for this father child relationship. Seeing his children from a distance. His child, children being raised by another. Stolen assets, his belongings and drained of his ongoing income. No decent place to live. Death by their own hand often takes the father and sometimes the child.

Now we have a huge number of fatherless children and all the problems that lead on from that. Poverty, homelessness, serious youth crime, drugs, gangs and mental health. Mental health is the politically correct way of saying suicide or thoughts of.

What sort of society legislates this to happen? Our elected New Zealand politicians do, and they have been doing it for decades.

4 Responses to “Parental Alienation – The grown child’s view.”

  1. DJ Ward says:

    It’s such a hard problem, due to its nature.
    The false complaints, look and sound like real ones.
    How can you not act, on a real complaint.
    Inherently the false complaints, are treated as real.
    They make a story, that even the child believes.

    It’s not gendered, as men can be offenders.
    You should have controlling people, be alienators.
    How successful are women offenders, vs male offenders.
    Dishonesty as a strategy, more effective for women.

    Exaggeration also effective, good can be made to look bad.
    The male defending himself, becomes him being violent.
    Changing nappies, becomes a child sex crime.
    The argument about her wrongs, psychological abuse.
    Drunk or initiating sex, presented as sexual abuse.

    The female alienator, has all the services they need.

    The problem is dishonesty, as it’s effectively legal.

  2. DJ Ward says:

    I know from experience, that it does happen.

    Picking my son up, her with a few friends visiting.
    They looked at me, like I was just dirt.

    Her family with a joke, about an event.
    Her chasing me with a knife, now an amusing story.

    And breaking my heart, my son taught I was violent.
    Confronting me, in a moment of anger.

    So it happens, I am just an example of normal.
    Each persons story, different but equally wrong.
    Alienation may be normal, always presenting in some way.
    Like a scale from petty things, to the extreme false accusation.

    So where is the crossing the line, to be an alienator.
    The crown with a standard, that identifies offenders.
    Male offending types punished, but not female types.
    Female offender types actually supported, male victims ignored.

    Logic dictates, that you can’t stop normal behaviour.
    Your only option, is to prevent the outcome.
    The outcome is winning, getting full custody.
    To prevent that outcome, 50:50 must be normal.

  3. Downunder says:

    That looks very much like RCR advertising – is that where it came from?

    RCR meaning

  4. DJ Ward says:

    I listen to a few stations, in my car and shed.
    In the past, I would listen to talkback.
    So hardly listened to music, most of life.
    But in recent years, it’s all music stations.
    Preferably older music, matching my age.
    Over the Bombay hill, you need a station change.

    Unlike with the talkback, I get inspired by music.
    Somehow music, is like arguments.
    A story, an outcome.
    Music has more of the good stories, good emotions.

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