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Woman Who Pretended To Be A Man Dies By Assisted Suicide After Realising How Difficult It Was To Be One

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 12:18 am Sun 23rd April 2023

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Journalist Norah Vincent and author of Self Made Man wanted to experience life as the opposite gender so she could write about it.

Male privilege in the modern era is a myth. In 2020, it was found that 70% of homeless individuals were men. Men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women. Men make up 80% of all murder victims worldwide. Men make up just over half of the workforce, and yet they make up 90% of all workplace fatalities.

53 Year old Norah Vincent ended her life by assisted suicide after realising how difficult it was to be one.


  1. There is some clear difference, in genders.
    Women fear walking the street, but men are the ones dying.
    Our jobs are different, our expectations different.
    How we must talk to females, and how we can with men.
    Rules about sex, are about as opposite as you get.
    How the police treat you, how services treat you.
    What prison is like, or the sentence you get.

    The video makes conclusions, that may not be true.
    There is a lot going on, with her mental health.
    So this one thing being a cause, is highly unlikely.
    Did she have a terminal illness, to be allowed to suicide.
    The suffering genuine, functioning nearly gone.
    Just depression is treatable, that can’t be the only reason.

    A part of me for some reason, doesn’t like the story at all.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 23rd April 2023 @ 8:13 pm

  2. How more difficult, is the life of men.
    Persecuted, for DV and sexual behaviour.
    There identity stained, by the conviction.
    Soon only women, will be employable for some jobs.
    The men now limited, to low pay menial jobs.
    Teaching and nursing, with higher pay.

    If corrections, even lets them work.
    Just an accusation, can end employment.
    Dear prosecutor, how many times a day do you…..

    Do you ignore, female DV and sexual behaviour.
    Men commit 7,000 sex crimes a year, what of women.
    Somehow magically, they are never persecuted like men.
    That’s just equal to dishonesty crimes, involving newborn babies.
    What of lying about contraception, if that’s just 1% of events.
    Every million times there’s sex, there’s 10,000 sex crimes.
    Wow that’s ignoring, the prolific female condom remover.
    The list goes on, everything that’s wrong gets ignored.

    It will be true, there is many more male sex crimes not counted.
    Only a small percentage of events, resulted in accusations.
    But what a competition, what gender is the sex offending gender.
    It’s close, but I think women are winning.
    For them, there is no consequences for offending.

    Strange as humans are, what a bizarre behaviour.
    That the gender differences, are so absolute.
    Yet everyone walks around, like nothing is wrong.
    NZ celebrated, as the most equal for women.

    Dear prosecutor, the litigators get harshly judged.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 24th April 2023 @ 11:21 am

  3. Reminds me of the American journalism who used a chemical to turn his white skin black so he could experience life as a negro American.

    I think he also wrote a book or at least documented the experience.

    Died of cancer, though seemingly related to the chemical experience.

    Comment by Downunder — Mon 24th April 2023 @ 12:34 pm

  4. When gender becomes the subject, society falls.
    It has run out of things to argue, life is fine.
    There’s no desperation to life, no real danger or emergency.
    Humans time after time, begin to look at themselves.
    Petty things and persecution, public shaming and expulsion result.

    What is it like, to be a woman in 2023.
    Certainly it’s very different, than any time in history.
    They have contraception, and marriage is made irrelevant.
    They are the educated gender, they can have power over everyone.
    Yet they pay a price, are they not working more than ever.

    What is it like, to be a man in 2023.
    Not much has changed in real terms, they are made to work.
    We still don’t have contraception, still are easy prey.
    Society still ignoring, outcomes for men.
    A woman pretending to be male, is not being male.

    The male can experience some things, a woman cannot experience.
    Just as I cannot experience some things, women can experience.
    Both genders experience DV, it is not a gendered thing.
    A male cannot experience, pregnancy or childbirth.
    A female cannot experience, lying about contraception or paternity.

    I heard a few figures, and the source is well informed.
    97% of alimony, is paid by men.
    90% of child support, is paid by men.
    Imagine being in the US, with prison time for child support.
    The finding out later, the child wasn’t yours.

    Prison, for something they didn’t do.
    Yet the legal system, who imprisoned the man.
    Get no prison time, for not checking paternity.
    Knowingly ignorant and locking up, innocent men.
    See no woman, can experience that.

    I am disgusted, by the no accountability.
    You can do anything to a man, but nothing to a woman.
    We have reached an extreme, in segregated genders.
    Century after century, developing culture and its gendered.
    If humans look in the mirror, some truths are hard to hide.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Mon 8th May 2023 @ 6:49 pm

  5. Man in the mirror biography of John Howard Griffin and the story of Black like me by Bonazzi, Robert
    John Howard Griffin was a man of empathy and his life story is well worth a read. He is a good example of a life well led.
    Regarding Norah Griffin, I agree with DJ Ward that we haven’t heard the whole story.

    Comment by Murray Bacon — Mon 8th May 2023 @ 9:16 pm

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