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Archive of February 2005

Adult words – from the mouth of a child

Fri 25th February 2005:

Lawyer Vivienne Crawshaw wrote recently about a case of parental alienation. She suggests that the NZ Family Court is well aware of this process and is equipped to deal with it. [Hamish’s] mother Justine, was embroiled in a custody dispute with his father. Brian, his father, was not applying for full custody; his application was […]

Men’s Convoy 2005 Itinerary Released

Thu 17th February 2005:

Child Support Rip Offs Family Court Fiasco Prostate Posturing Educational Bias No Men’s Ministry… Men Don’t Like This ! ! ! Join the second Men’s Convoy, and take the message about redressing the balance of family dysfunction to the streets and Parliament. Convoy starts Auckland Saturday 5th March 2005 at 1:00 pm and concludes at […]

Custody case father calls for Family Court transparency

Mon 14th February 2005:

Stephen Jelicich, speaking publicly for the first time since coming out of hiding with baby Caitlin, said the role of the Family Court in determining parental custody was too important to be shrouded in secrecy. “I have absolutely no doubt the Family Court needs transparency because they do seem to be a law unto themselves. […]

Muriel Newman on motherhood

from Neman Online Helen Clark’s call to get mothers out of the kitchen and back into the workplace failed to strike an empathetic note. As commentators were quick to point out, it had the ring of a communist clarion call. Socialists, of course, firmly believe that a woman’s place is at work and not in […]

Rough Justice

A High Court judgment has exposed a bitter custody battle in which a woman’s false allegations of sex abuse took two years to disprove because of incompetence on the part of social services. The injustice suffered by the father was compounded when a costs award in his favour was reduced by the High Court following […]

Proposed Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other

The document below was released under the OIA. Please note that the lack of consultation with stakeholders as seen in the document. Inland Revenue National Office Freyberg BuildingAitken Street PO Box 2198 Wellington New Zealand Telephone 04-472 1032 Facsimile 04-474 7217 POLICY ADVICE DIVISION 18 August 2004 Associate Minister of Revenue (Hon David Cunliffe) cc: […]

Success using the precedents you provided

Mon 7th February 2005:

Kia ora Folks I had a notable success in the Dunedin Family Court [recently] with the help of the precedents provided on your website. I am a self representing litigant. Three years ago after my children and I sought help from the “domestic” violence we were enduring from their mother I was taken from our […]

Family Friend – Supervised Access

I am currently in Family Court proceedings, Wellington for Protection Oder and Custody proceedings. I have had some supervised access to the Family Friend, Johnsonville last year. During Court proceedings the Access Supervisor stated that no one in 18 years has had supervised access at the Family Friend suspended. Has anyone experienced suspension of access […]

Disattachment Syndrome

It seem that New Zealand is following UK in this new syndrome. CYFS has already win a landmark decision concerning this from Judge Ellis in the Family Court in July 2004 in Wellington. The new syndrome was started by Dr Danya Glaser from the UK. She has stated in her reports that over 50% of […]

Dictatorship of Feminism

Sat 5th February 2005:

My name is Gérard Cassina and I’m a retired French schoolteacher with a degree in English, which I took long ago so please excuse any awkward sentences I could have written. I’ve been delighted reading [the articles at] and I write to you hoping to be useful. My proposition can be shortened in a […]

Masculist / Masculinist

Waiting in my inbox when I returned from summer holidays was a letter from Martin Lewis, founding editor of MENZ Issues. “Hi John I was googling my name to see if something I had written had a reference on the net when the MENZ Issues archives came up. Interesting to revisit them. Also good to […]

High Court hearing about baby Catlin today

Thu 3rd February 2005:

Well, I headed off up North for a couple of weeks disconected fron the internet just as the biggest mainstream media news story about fathers and the Family Court in months was breaking, and returned to find our most active discussion to date. The UK based group Parents For Protest have a comprehensive collection of […]

Paternity / DNA Testing Advice

Am I the Father? Paternity Testing Advice in New Zealand — This is potentially very important to you! It is the right of every child to know for sure who its true father is. It is just as important for fathers to know who their true children are. Yet there is a very high likelihood […]

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