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Archive of May 2005

Parents’ defence should go

Tue 31st May 2005:

Press Release: New Zealand Law Society Parents should not be able to defend charges of assault against children by claiming they were using ‘reasonable force’ to correct a child, says the Chair of the New Zealand Law Society’s Family Law Section, Simon Maude. He was responding to the jury’s acquittal in Timaru of a mother […]

Have today’s women got the jump on men?

Women fill the roles of Governor-General, Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker and the heads of our biggest listed company and our second-biggest bank. Labour MP John Tamihere told Investigate magazine last month that the most powerful network in the ruling party was “the Labour Party wimmin’s division … it’s about an anti-men’s agenda”. Men, it […]

Workplace Is Major Focus For Women’s Affairs

Sat 28th May 2005:

Press Release: Ministry Of Women’s Affairs Women’s safety in the home and their ability to participate as fully in the workforce as they choose are the priorities for the Ministry of Women’s Affairs during the next three years. … The Ministry’s Statement of Intent 2005-2008 released today says that the Ministry is pursuing a range […]

Six CYF children a month housed in motels

Tue 24th May 2005:

Child, Youth and Family has housed six children a month on average in motels and backpacker hostels because of a shortage of caregivers. Figures obtained by The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act show that 54 children in CYF care were placed in motels, backpackers and guest houses from January to September last year. […]

Prostate treatment cuts rate by 60%

Mon 23rd May 2005:

Australian and New Zealand researchers have identified a treatment which cuts the chances of prostate cancer returning by 60 per cent. The 10 year Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG) trial on 800 men with inoperable prostate cancer found a period of hormone therapy before radiotherapy could help stop the cancer returning. The treatment also cut […]

Stressed fathers needed for research

Witnessing a loved one give birth, especially for the first time, is both an anxiety provoking and exhilarating experience. Yet for many fathers childbirth was not the joyous experience they hoped for. Having a baby is an extraordinary event in a man’s life, but many men do not receive the support they need. Some suffer […]

To The Editor

Fri 20th May 2005:

The New Zealand Herald PO Box 32 Auckland New Zealand The Lace Curtain During the cold war the Soviet Union embraced the ideology of communism and kept control by excluding contrary view points, it became known as the “Iron Curtain.” Feminism has imposed its ideology on all areas of our society to the exclusion of […]


I knew Garth George was in trouble when he started by saying he had sympathy for another man. Is his oestrogen level to high or was he responding to Benson-Popes emasculated behaviour.

The Wake of the Feminazi

Be honoured for a future
That delivers our children the best.

Police Give Warning

Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties local pubs and singles organisations particularly on the internet to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman. Many females use a date rape drug on the market called “Beer”. The drug is found in liquid form and available almost everywhere. It […]

Abortion lowered USA crime rates

Thu 19th May 2005:

Extract from a book review of ‘Freakonomics’, by Levitt & Dubner. One of his best-known, and in some quarters notorious, findings concerns America’s falling crime-rate during the 1990s. Towards the end of that decade, confounding the expectations of most analysts, the teenage murder rate fell by more than 50% in the space of five years; […]

Shared parenting, not $6m, the answer

Dr Muriel Newman (ACT Party) It is a sad day for New Zealand when a government throws another $6.2 million of taxpayer’s money into the family destruction industry, instead of getting to the heart of the problem and fixing the law, ACT Deputy Leader Dr Muriel Newman said today. Dr Newman was responding to today’s […]

Failings of Feminism

It has often been said to me, “Men will not save themselves from feminism -they will need to be rescued by women”.


Parents separated from their children urged to withdraw their party vote from Labour and National.

Family break-up – a King Hit for Opposition?

Tue 17th May 2005:

A New Zealand Herald columnist Sandra Paterson may last week have been the messenger with bad news the Labour-led Government does not want at the forefront of news coverage in coming weeks. It was nothing as riveting as a Ministerial resignation in the face of verbal fire from the opposition; nor an administrative scandal of […]

Letter from Elsewhere: Joe McCarthy Lives

Joe McCarthy Lives — Right Here in New Zealand Last week Ian Wishart, Tamihere’s interviewer, and Sandra Paterson, who gets published in the New Zealand Herald, both wrote articles about how a woman called Kay Goodger and a pamphlet published in 1974, was, they claimed, linked to women in the Labour government. “In short,” wrote […]

The Burden of Proof – Peter Ellis

Sun 15th May 2005:

Early last month, convicted child molester Peter Ellis suffered a heart attack. Ellis may be a chain smoker who is partial to red meat and the odd tipple, but the most probable cause of his condition appears to be stress. Ellis has waited nearly two years for a select committee to decide whether to recommend […]

Net brides lured and abused by Bay men

White, middle-aged Western Bay men are luring poverty-stricken internet brides from overseas by lying about their income and occupation – and then using the women as virtual slaves after they arrive. Tauranga Women’s Refuge currently has five internet brides in abusive relationships on its books – two Americans, one South American, one Polynesian and one […]

Berlei Champagne in the Park for Women’s Refuge

As you’d expect, there’s big support for champagne in the park — thanks to bra-maker Berlei that is. Berlei Champagne in the Park is a series of four national, women-only charity fun runs on November 14 to raise funds for NZ Women’s Refuge. Model and celebrity Nicky Watson is the ‘face’ of the fund-raiser. And […]

Taxman’s rules: Father until proven innocent

Ross Hill opens bills with what has become a familiar dread. There are the standard accounts – power, phone, credit card. And then, inevitably, the letter from the IRD, demanding $220 a month in child support for an 11-year-old Australian girl he has never met. The letters started coming 15 months ago, but since then […]

Police chase woman for false rape complaint costs

Sat 14th May 2005:

NZ Herald 14/5/05 Police are seeking nearly $5000 from a woman they claim wasted their time over a false rape complaint. The case highlights a dilemma for police, who do not want to discourage women from reporting sexual abuse. But they say that when an accusation is blatantly untrue, they will lay a charge of […]

Feminist agenda reaches fruition

There is a little old lady in Auckland with whom Helen Clark would not be very pleased. If she knew who she was, that is. Back in the 1970s, when the little old lady was much younger, she used to go to feminist meetings. Not because she was a feminist, but because she and her […]

Conference to tackle children’s rights

How can we help children and young people increase their participation in society so they and everyone else might benefit from their input into decision-making processes? This is one of the key issues to be discussed at a major conference running from July 7 to 9 at the University of Otago. Children and Young People […]

Girls better in every subject

Fri 13th May 2005:

Girls have out-performed boys in every school subject and low male achievement is spurring concern. Secondary school NCEA results were released yesterday by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The profiles show a growing gap between girls’ and boys’ achievement, and suggest children might be better off in single-sex schools. Girls-only schools dominate all NCEA levels. […]

Counsel services for men planned

Wed 11th May 2005:

As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the [Australian] family law regime, scores of new services for men will be funded in a $74 million prevention package. Mensline Australia will get a big funding boost to support more fathers and to help them become more involved with their children before and after separation. Up to […]

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