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Archive of September 2006

The Wrath of IRD

Fri 29th September 2006:

There is a dad in Rotorua who applied for a departure order via an administrative review.? The Review Officer decided that the case was too complex and declined to make a decision telling the dad he would have to go to the Family Court.? The dad lodged all the applications and 12 Hours before the […]

Neck-and-neck on female vote

Tuesday September 26, 2006 By Paula Oliver National remains neck-and-neck with Labour in the battle for the female vote, with the latest Herald Digi-Poll survey hinting that there has been little fallout yet for Don Brash from his reported affair. The poll shows National has 42.3 per cent support among females and Labour has 42.7 […]

Navajo Wisdom.

Tue 26th September 2006:

For all of us who are married, were married, wish you were married, or wish you weren’t married, this is something to smile about the next time you open a box of chocolates: Sally was driving home from one of her business trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on […]

School Teacher Exonerated

Loosing a few minor battles like this won’t discourage the anti-male brigade – prospective male teachers will get the message in any case. NZ Herald: Primary school teacher accused of rape wins $30,000 Police investigating a rape claim against a primary school teacher were “haphazard”, failed to take obvious lines of inquiry, made a premature […]

Children quarantined from men

Children are being “quarantined” from men by sexist recruitment policies in the early childhood sector, an industry body says. Early Childhood Council chief executive Sue Thorne said children were missing crucial contact with male role models because men felt unwelcome in the profession. The problem was linked to the “paedophile hysteria” that followed Christchurch’s Civic […]

Herald smears MENZ

Today I sent the following letter to the NZ Herald: In your article: ‘Man who released Davis images says election spending the reason‘ published on September 24 2006, you reported: “Mr Bird, 62, has been associated with the men’s rights group Menz”. MENZ is not about “men’s rights”, and it is not a group. The […]

The Donkin Method

Mon 25th September 2006:

The Donkin Method ( A summary) The Donkin Method for Child Support calculations is designed to provide a solution to the question of how a fair and reasonable child support system can be attained. There is little doubt that the best outcome for children occurs when mum and dad share the responsibilities of parenting. Shared […]

A few good men.

TV1 Sunday’s documentary They are an endangered species when it comes to working with toddlers. Those brave enough to chance it run the risk of being accused of child abuse. It’s serious, unfair the teachers say, and what’s more it’s bad for the kids. Once again Ian Sinclair has shown it the way it is. […]

National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuge Bullies

Sat 23rd September 2006:

The story below is a rare glimpse into the way power and control is exercised by radical feminist gatekeepers. It is interesting to compare their behaviour with other feminist groups such as the National Network of Stopping Violence Services, and Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care. Wanganui Chronicle: Refuge wrangle goes on Wanganui agencies are again […]

Book: Shared Parenting – raising your children cooperatively after separation

Fri 22nd September 2006:

Published by Finch: Online purchase details for ‘Shared Parenting – raising your children cooperatively after separation’ I’ve just finished reading this new book by Australian psychologist Jill Burrett and lawyer / mediator Michael Green. From the very first page it’s clear that the authors are in tune with modern times – this book is presumably […]

Trans-tasman women’s affairs meeting

Lianne Dalziel is meeting her aussie equivalents today in Adelaide to discuss women’s issues. This is an annual meeting. United release below. Government release link on Scoop ______________ Turner backs blokes United Future deputy leader Judy Turner says the Government should be putting as much effort into men’s needs as it does for women’s. “I […]

Investigate: The Smoking Gun Issue.

If you look past the Peter Davis editorial…… It certainly is The Smoking Gun Issue. There is an interesting article by Miranda Devine, entitiled women pulling the plug. “Some discussion at the forum revolved around a six year US study of 65 married couples that found that the secret to a lasting marriage was a […]

F4J Digital Video Of Actions Taken ( Get Involved, Cooperate & Don’t Burn Out)

Thu 21st September 2006:

Authors: F4J (Assisted: Dave Ellison) From: Hands on Equal Parenting Via: The Honor Network Here are 9 motivational tapes of actions & marches taken to encourage everyone in all movements to bring about justice for men & fathers.

The New Zealand Mental Health Survey.

Wed 20th September 2006:

Stuff Link: The New Zealand Mental Health Survey, released by Health Minister Pete Hodgson yesterday, found that by the age of 75, 46 per cent of people would have experienced a mental health disorder. Dr Wilson believed these figures would help people be happier to talk about these kind of issues in everyday forums. “Things […]

113 years on, equality battle continues

Tue 19th September 2006:

4.00pm Tuesday September 19, 2006 By Lindy Laird New Zealand women won the right to vote in New Zealand 113 years ago today – but that didn’t mean equality issues were all over bar the shouting. “It took another 70 years of nagging” before women could sit on juries, be Justices of the Peace or […]

Study finds bias against women in science

1.00pm Tuesday September 19, 2006 By Maggie Fox Women are being filtered out of high-level science, maths and engineering jobs in the United States, and there is no good reason for it, according to a National Academies report released today. A committee of experts looked at all the possible excuses — biological differences in ability, […]

Lock em up says Judith.

Scoop Link: Lock em up says Judith From the National Website. Revenue – Dr Hon Lockwood Smith Associate Revenue – Pansy Wong. Look who has got plenty to say for herself when it is not even her portfolio. Looks like Pansy Wong is going to be the National Patsie set up for the Hospital Pass.

It Would Seem Pro-Fathers Rights Females Must Shut Up or Lose their License to Practice Law too!

Dateline: USA From: By Brad Haynes of the Eagle-Tribune Via: the Honor Network Additional Comments: Timocrat ANDOVER – Barbara Johnson, the flamboyant Andover lawyer who fought for the rights of fathers, campaigned for governor in an antique fire engine and drove a hearse to Washington, D.C., to protest divorce laws, has been barred from practicing […]

Licence tests for parents

Economist Murray Weatherston says child abuse costs New Zealand $1.25 billion a year. About 120 people, including social workers, paediatricians and Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro, attended a one-day seminar on Monday called by Weatherston and Family Court Judge Graeme MacCormick. NZ Herald: Parents should sit licence test, say experts A high-powered expert group has proposed […]

Men out in the cold

Mon 18th September 2006:

If you’re a male and need emergency housing, even for just a few nights, there’s often nowhere to lay your head. Merilee Andrew reports. Western Welfare Agencies, which can comfortably cater for displaced females and their children, say the housing situation is desparately inadequate for males. Citizen’s Advice Buraeu manager Diane Mellowes has trouble placing […]

Personal Politics, or Men’s Issue.

It is no surprise that Clark wants to Tazer Trevor Mallard, but the question is why. Is it because she abides so strongly with the principle of keeping private and political separate, or that she saw that a similar such retaliation might expose something more damaging for her. What was exposed in the personal life […]

We Got Us A Convoy

Child Support Convoy Auckland to Wellington. Friday 26th January 2007 Time to get serious about child support protest. The Convoy will travel from Auckland to Wellington ahead of the National Child Support Conference. This is Auckland Anniversay Weekend. If you are serious about participating in this weekend, take Friday off and travel home on Monday.

Bothered About Child Support.

Sun 17th September 2006:

Had enough of the IRD child tax department. Project Re Union Trust is hosting a child support forum in Auckland. Those interested please note the following date and time. Auckland Child Support Forum. 10.00 am – 3.00 pm Sunday 29 th October. This is advance notice for those interested. Further advertising will follow. Guest speaker […]

The Busker

Sat 16th September 2006:

I don’t know how many of you are getting information on the work Benjamin Easton is doing. He is part of the Father’s Coalition so if you are on their mailing list you probably know. But to the rest of you IMO he is similar to Wayne’s unusual tactics to protest and educate the public. […]

Film about prenuptials, request

Fri 15th September 2006:

A Production Company is producing a film on ‘prenuptials’ or as they are now referred to under the PRA Act 2002 , ‘contracting out agreements’. The producer wishes to hear from anyone who has experienced an attack on one whether or not it went to a full court hearing. If it did not proceed to […]

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