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Archive of September 2006

Child Support Reform – National Conference

Fri 15th September 2006:

A heads up for all who are interested. A National Conference of Child Support Reformers is being planned for January 2007. The Conference will be held in Wellington. Date is 7 PM on Friday 26 Jan to 5pm Sunday 28 Jan. A conference pack is being prepared and if you wish to present a paper […]

Family Court changes trial

The Family Court’s principal judge has announced a shake-up of the court’s processes in a bid to speed up cases and prevent a “slagging match” between parents. The changes, part of a two-year trial, include reducing the period between hearings, removing unnecessary evidence in hearings and making strong final decisions — irrespective of whether there […]

Bradford : No back down on Section 59!

Wed 13th September 2006:

Many people still regard this as the smacking debate. What does the repeal of Section 59 really mean. Firstly there is a conflict between section 59 of the Crimes Act, and The Care of Children Bill. You try and lodge a custody application based on discipline issues in the family court and they will simply […]

Collins Dunne with families?

Pay up, and penalties will be wiped out link to stuff. Pay up and Penalties will be wiped – Child Support. Judith Collins says “delinquent parents are a disgrace” Now JC is a lawyer and words are her trade, so what does this mean. If a Father lives in a different house from his children […]

War against Boys Paves Way for Islam

Mon 11th September 2006:

An article published recently on The Brussels Journal: How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam, blogger Fjordman discusses the impact of Muslim immigration to Scandinavia, including increasing violence against women. He quotes the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet as reporting that 65 percent of rapes of Norwegian women were performed by “non-Western” immigrants […]

Is there any recourse I can take

Sat 9th September 2006:

I hope someone more knowledgable than me can offer some advice to Mike: Hi, my name is Mike, I am a father of two girls who live with their mum and I have them every weekend. I have always paid my child support, even after I fell ill in August 04, with a serious stress […]

Whats Dunne is Done.

Thu 7th September 2006:

The good intentions of United Futures attack on Mr Boshier will be their undoing. In an urgent email to Party President Graeme Reeves, this morning, I have asked for him to clarify the party’s position. What deputy leader Judy Turner has done (and I fully support her) is represent United Futures position. Peter Dunne as […]

And again we ask the Question!

—– Original Message —– From: Bevan Berg To: [email protected] Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 1:23 PM Subject: Fw: Request for official information. Minister for Revenue, Dear Sir, As you have responded to my original request, I am resubmitting this request to you. Bevan Berg. Republic of New Zealand Party. —– Original Message —– From: Bevan […]

Deborah Coddington: Hard to sympathise with angry, vengeful dads

Sunday August 6, 2006 Talk about the oppressed becoming the oppressors. I used to voice support for groups such as the Union of Fathers, representing miserable dads barred from seeing their children by heartless ex-wives and partners. But lately they’ve taken to making life miserable for other families just because the mum or dad happens […]

Is United Future Falling from Grace.

There was a gasp for the political life of United Future as its deputy Leader Judy Turner took up the challenge of providing leadership and direction to the floundering party. Today’s attack on Mr Boshier would normally be politically unacceptable, but commonsense has prevailed. The family court has lost credibility, and can no longer stand […]

Still waiting for the answer Mr Dunne.

—– Original Message —– From: Bevan Berg To: [email protected] Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 5:19 PM Subject: Request for official information. Dear Sir, I make reference to Question for Written answer 04501 in relation to child support. 1. Could you please confirm this information for me, and update the 2005 figures to their current level. […]

Acquiescence in silence by Dunne.

Bevan Berg PO Box 2601, Shortland St, Auckland 17 August 2006 Minister for Revenue Parliament Buildings Wellington Dear Sir, Further to my complaint 2 August and your reply 8 August. As you are aware I am in possession of two unauthorised documents produced without the authority of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. Having referred this […]

TV3 News deserves a boycott

Wed 6th September 2006:

AS you are all probably aware, a protest was held outside Helen Clark’s (Prime Minister of New Zealand) residence Saturday afternoon.This was well covered by local media including Prime News,TV3 (electronic media) and Sunday Star Times (print media).The protest was peaceful and, one hopes,conveyed our message far and wide.The protest was followed up by a […]

Woman Are Only Battered; Not Children or Men

Dateline: California, USA Author: Glenn Sacks From: Anti-Misandry Via: The Honor Network NEW CAMPAIGN–Veto Domestic Violence Bill Which Excludes Fathers, Children September 5, 2006 NEW CAMPAIGN–Veto Domestic Violence Bill Which Excludes Fathers, Children from State Services! The California Assembly just passed a domestic violence bill which deliberately perpetuates the state’s harmful policy of excluding men […]

‘Most parents’ agree courts should award care to mums

Wednesday September 6, 2006 By Chris Barton Mothers get the majority of day-to-day care of children in parenting orders made by the Family Court, but new statistics indicate that’s the way most parents want it. The gender-based statistics released by the court for the first time since 1990 show 65 per cent of day-to-day care […]

Opinions on Misandry (male sexism) requested

Tue 5th September 2006:

Hi John, My name’s Andy and I’m a writer for Wellington’s student magazine Salient. I am researching an article on Misandry (male sexism), and am seeking to get some opinions for my article. I found your website on google and after a casual read through the material, I believe your [readers’] opinions would be valuable […]

Dunne must Resign.

The Republicans are calling for Dunne to do the honourable thing.


Turner calls for cool heads over Family Court

Mon 4th September 2006:

United Future NZ media release – Family Court Protests United Future deputy leader Judy Turner has today asked for restraint from future Family Court protestors in the wake of the noisy demonstration outside Helen Clark’s Auckland home on Saturday. “While I share many of the concerns of the father’s rights activists who stage these protests, […]

Anyone got a better idea.

I don’t profess to be a seasoned veteran of the men’s movement but here is the benefit of my observations from the last few years. Small groups and to name three of recent times FARE, UOF, PARENTSANDCHILDREN, are vote catchers for mainstream political parties. Anyone who attempts to take one of these organisations beyond that […]

The other side of Fathers Day.

Until NZ society can sort out it’s screwed up values, Fathers Day will more likely be a day of remembrance, than a day fathers are remembered.

IVF and donor conception

Has anyone got any info in response to the following enquiry from a student? Hi there, I was just browsing around on your interesting looking site for the men’s perspective on IVF and donor conception. This seems to be a bit of an under represented opinion in mainstream media, so if you know of any […]

Happy fathers’ day.

Sun 3rd September 2006:

Many of you who read this will be fathers and you will be spending some or all of today with your children. This is a day to celebrate your role, a role that all too often is not only overlooked and underestimated, but undermined and maligned. This is a day for all of you to […]

The PMS Blair Which Project?

Sat 2nd September 2006:

Dateline: London Author: Pit Bull Via: The Honor Network One step forward a dozen steps back; I have just watched Tony Blair on the CNN tube and heard him test the waters for a new sweeping plan being thought up by his legions of gray suited weasels and their nanny feminist cohorts to intervene in […]

Domestic violence goes both ways, study finds

Finally, a study based on reality rather than fantasy Domestic violence goes both ways, study finds Saturday August 19, 2006 Where only one partner in a relationship is violent, it is more likely to be the woman, University of Otago researchers have found. Researcher Kirsten Robertson, of the university’s psychology department, said the finding indicated […]

A Song For Helen

Fri 1st September 2006:

The vocals below are sung to Pink Floyds ‘The Wall’. Imagine 100, 500, 1000 voices singing this song via th PA system. We don’t need no Intervention. We don’t need no State Control. Hey! Hey Stealers! Leave our kids alone. We don’t need Protection Orders. Used to get the DPB. Hey! Stealers! Leave our families […]

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