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Archive of July 2009

Pathways through Parental Separation

Thu 30th July 2009:

Last week Scrap made a post about the recent Families Commission funded study on non-resident fathers. If you missed it, here is the Media Release from Families Commission You can download the report Pathways through Parental Separation here [PDF, 557K] Since then, there have been a couple of mentions in the media, and author Phil […]

Example of delivering suicide triggers – judge dale green

Sat 25th July 2009:

Good morning judge green, now known as judge clarkson. I met you at a familycaught hearing at 10 am on 6th October 1992. I had applied for this hearing 10 months earlier, after my children were abducted from my settled care and then re-enrolled into schools in the mother’s area. Although I applied to the […]

Request for you to share your suicidal ideation experience

Whose Finger Pulled the Suicide Trigger? The TVNZ website, source NZPA had the following report: Bevin said the Father’s Coalition had wanted to raise with the commission a range of issues, particularly the likelihood that family break-ups, and events such as separations and divorces, were key factors in a high incidence of suicide among middle-aged […]

Cheap Trick or Courtesy – Families Commission

The Families Commission cancelled a meeting with a group of loudmouthed, somewhat poor, self-opinionated fathers. Having taken the decision about one week prior, they notified these fathers, as they tried to walk into the Families Commission building in Wellington. If we look at the constructiveness of the Families Commission action, we can see that if […]

Recent Incest Case brings Police Voyeurs into the Open

Fri 24th July 2009:

Living comfortably with our human reality – we are animals Putting responsibility where it is due – on the original decision-maker. A recent incest case in Auckland District Caught brings home how some of our legislation is quite out of touch with our human reality. When children are separated from siblings or a parent at […]

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison A Study in Obsession

The Kiss by Kathryn Harrison AVON BOOKS, INC. 1350 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10019 In this extraordinary memoir, one of today’s best young American writers transforms into a work of art the darkest passage imaginable in a young woman’s life: an obsessive love affair between father and daughter that began when […]

Father’s protest outside Families Commission

Hans writes.. The Families Commission had made a commitment to meet next week with a small group of fathers who have been active in the men’s movement, mainly professional people myself included. A main theme for discussion was to be the high male suicide rate and its relationship to social policy and family law. However, […]

Pathways Through Seperation

Wed 22nd July 2009:

Media release – Familes Commission Non-resident fathers study suggests more support needed 21 July 2009 A group of separated fathers who experienced enormous grief and frustration when they were no longer able to live with their children have told researchers that community services do not provide the help they needed. The study Pathways through Parental […]

Broken Promises

Mon 20th July 2009:

Wife wins in court’s property shock The above article supplies more evidence that the politicians are incapable of passing laws that promise to…. “PROVIDE CLARITY AND CERTAINTY”… as suggested by Margaret Wilson MP when she passed the 2002 ammendment to the Property Relationship Act 1976 Contracts and agreements without the protection of well written law […]

Child support shared care provisions under review

Thu 16th July 2009:

08 April 2008 Child support shared care provisions under review The government is looking at ways of improving the child support scheme to make it more responsive to factors such as the complexities of shared care, the income levels of both parents and the costs of raising children. For more information see themedia statement. This […]

re Shaping our Radical Feminist Future

Tue 14th July 2009:

I’ve just been sent a flier advertising a series of workshops about to be run throughout the country by the Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project. Anyone who knows the history of the 1995 Domestic Violence Act will have alarm bells going off at this point I’m sure. The workshops are called: re Shaping our Future – […]

Child Support – Families Commission poll

The Families Commission wants to have a better understanding of what separated parents need to help them make care, contact and financial arrangements for their children. We would like to hear from you about your experiences with, and knowledge of, separated parenting. We are interested in hearing from all Couch members on this issue, regardless […]

News Review, June 2009, Part 2

Sun 12th July 2009:

Lots more news, considered in the light of modern gender politics. It really is incredible to take note, every day, right in front of our eyes, of what is happening to damage men, and to see the constant evidence against massive bale-bashing propoganda that seems to continue regardless. There is a lot of material here […]

Where is the Legal Help??

Mon 6th July 2009:

Hi there, About 6 months ago I applied for day-to-day care of my 16 month year old daughter. We eventually done counseling and came to an agreement. My ex and I were still trying to be friends and we still having a sexual relationship, and everything looked fine. Then in the space of bout twenty […]

Men’s refuge proposed in Tauranga

Denise Rewi, Tauranga Women’s Refuge advocate wants more responsibility put on male perpetrators of domestic violence. She says a men’s refuge for perpetrators of men’s violence would put the focus in the right place. Hmm, I had to ponder on this and make a few phone calls to see if this was something the collective […]

News Review from June 2009, part One

Sun 5th July 2009:

So much news, so little time! Grab a cuppa and sit down to consider some noteworthy recent events from the perspective of aware men and fathers. More than one post will be needed to show the cavalcade of relevant stories.

Bank of New Zealand v Bad Dad

Sat 4th July 2009:

Media release from the Political Busker. On Tuesday July 7th the Bank of New Zealand has filed proceedings against Wellington’s Political Busker, Benjamin Easton. The Bank is responding to proceedings of judicial review filed against them by Mr Easton. Easton claims that in June 2008 the Bank funded an advertisement that was gender offensive and […]


Hosted by His Worship, Hon. John Banks, QSO, Mayor Auckland City and chaired by Bruce Pilbrow, CEO Parents Inc. Parents Inc. holds a number of one off events throughout the year, the largest being the Auckland Mayoral Fathers’ Breakfast. This event was first launched in 1994 by the then Mayor of Auckland, Les Mills. Over […]

True Story…..You Be The Judge

Man meets a lady in 2003. They have a casual sexual relationship. Nothing more, nothing less. The man uses condoms every time. Lady says she is pregnant to the man. 2004 a son is born. Man is adamant that he used condoms every time. So man asks lady for a DNA test. Lady agrees and […]

Judge steps down to help fathers

Fri 3rd July 2009:

Leah Ward Sears became the first woman and youngest person appointed to Georgia’s highest court in 1992. But she stepped down this week as Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court after her brother’s suicide. She found amongst his personal effects a questionnaire he had completed in 2005 for a church class. The very first […]

Anti-corporal punishment lobbyists abuse the scientific process to further their pernicious political cause

By Barbara Faithfull On 16th June 2009 I wrote (in “The fraudulent case against corporal punishment”) : “The anti-corporal punishment lobbyists operate dishonestly” etc. Nevertheless I hardly expected them so soon to provide the excellent proof of that assertion which has come to hand over the past few days via abuse of the scientific process. […]

Principal Family Court Judge Boshier on TV One

Wed 1st July 2009:

From Peter Zohrab What do people think of what Judge Boshier said on TV One ? You can read what he said at Watch the video here. In particular, what do you think about what he said about Family Court statistics? You can see the statistics at: He is saying that the stats […]

Family in strife after kids left alone in park

Sunday Star Times 28 June 2009 A Christchurch dad who let his nine-year-old son and four-year-old daughter play at a school park unsupervised is furious the government’s child welfare agency is now investigating his family. The case highlights the dilemma parents face in striking a balance between protecting their children and risk them becoming bubble-wrapped […]

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