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Archive of January 2010

Men’s Health Paper

Thu 28th January 2010:

Hi MENZ Readers, I work out of the Canterbury Men’s Centre which supports guys by telling them about local useful services and sets up projects relevant to men. I find myself advocating for men in different government forums and I found this course really useful for me to make a solid case for men in […]

Acting like a MAN???

Fri 22nd January 2010:

Is the mother in the article Shock at ‘subjecting children to unimaginable and horrific living conditions ‘acting outside her normal gender role??? Is this possible?? If so then males must be capable of it as well. This then makes it a non gender issue…period. James Cameron, when writing AVATAR, portrayed a society on planet PANDORA […]

The Tide Is Turning

Thu 21st January 2010:

Here’s an interesting article from Carey Roberts, a US “commentator on political correctness”. He describes how the Democrat (Obama’s) candidate lost the recent Massachusetts senate election because she previously discriminated against a male and tried to keep him, but not females convicted of the same offences, in prison for sexual convictions based on ridiculous evidence, […]

Men banned to sit next to children on airline flights

Sat 16th January 2010:

In 2005 airlines such as Air New Zealand and Qantas were found to have a policy that children and teenagers who are unaccompanied by parents or caregivers cannot sit next to men. Air New Zealand spokesman David Jamieson said the company had no intention of reviewing the policy and admitted that it had been in […]

Inland Revenue Child Support Audit

Fri 15th January 2010:

The Office of the Auditor-General is at the early stages of a performance audit of how well Inland Revenue manages child support debt. They are looking to get the views of people interacting with IRD about child support. I wouldn’t be surprised if the agenda is to find ways to collect money but it can […]

New Zealand media presents the news differently

Thu 14th January 2010:

Firstly let me say that my thoughts are with the Haiti people. Such a scenario could easily happen here. Not only that but men always come off worse in such disasters. So there are 2 reasons beyond basic humanity for caring about Haiti. My post is not actually about Haiti or earthquakes. It is more […]

MRm! Issue #2 is out.

Please pass this on to all contacts. Print it off and distribute it widely in public places. We could also do with a New Zealand presence in Issue #3 ! Download and save MRm! magazine issue 2 [17.8 MB], then add .pdf to the filename so it will open.

Woman sells 2yr old for gun.

A woman in the USA tried to sell her 2 yr old child in exchange for a gun. “Nareau allegedly told the man that he would do a better job raising the child than she would — and that she couldn’t buy a gun because she was prohibited by law to buy one.” I guess […]

Lobbying about parental issues in NZ

Tue 12th January 2010:

I haven’t been able to find any good descriptions of lobbying caughts, through appealing undesired judgements. If you know of some, please draw our attention to them. There are many good examples of mothers and fathers lobbying the caughts, by challenging judgements through appeal. When done with a constructive strategy, then success can result. Google: […]

Action Regarding Parental Alienation

Fri 8th January 2010:

Those who have experience or knowledge of Parental Alienation (PA) can do something that might cause this condition to be taken more seriously. The American Psychiatric Association is working on the next edition of the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This is the leading psychiatric diagnostic classification system used in many […]

Bail criteria

I was just wondering how common it is for a man who has been arrested for murder to be immediately released on bail to stay with friends and not have to report in until trial? Woman-faces-murder-charge

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