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Archive of June 2015

Child support

Sat 27th June 2015:

My experience with child support as a paying parent has been an utter nightmare. For one, my daughters are constantly being told by their mother that I do not pay enough. The Ird letters and assessments are shown to my kids, so they are fully involved in the financial battles. This has created conflict between […]

Another Diplomatic Offending Situation, where is the feminist outrage?

Apparently, the wife of the Indian High Commissioner has assaulted a male staff member. There are significant parallels here with the recent case of the Malaysian diplomat accused of some kind of assault. However, there will be one major difference: we won’t hear a whisper from the feminists in objection to how it was managed.

IRD Payments

Wed 24th June 2015:

I have just been notified by my sons school who I have had know contact with since Jan, that he has decided to leave and has a job. He is in process of completing sign out papers (not sure how long that takes, if anyone can enlighten me). He is taking on a full time […]

Colin Craig – Prosecution by Media

Tue 23rd June 2015:

Putting all politics to one side, Colin Craig is man who is being prosecuted by media. The allegations are growing by the hour and all he can do is to publicly address them as false. To me it seems the media has no consideration for the long term affect for a man who is openly […]

IRD again

Wed 17th June 2015:

What I dont get is if you add my income and my ex income together and divide by 50%…the inland revenue seem to think it takes near on $600 a week to raise two teens…so I have to pay her $300 a week, when she earns almost as much as me. The way I see […]


Tue 16th June 2015:

Once again I have been bitten by the IRD, we had a review which was turned down. I do not have a problem paying IRD but I do when the amount is absolutely ridiculous. The ex wife who I have been divorced from for 12 yrs continues to plead poverty even though she has well […]

The Unforgivable Sin Deserving Death

Mon 15th June 2015:

ISIS, or International SISters as they like to be known, have dealt a lethal blow for their cause by destroying an 72 yr old man, Sir Tim Hunt, a Noble-winning scientist, who was silly enough to speak his mind upon giving a speech at a conference in Seoul. Without malice he mentioned his experiences in […]

Stay at home dads are Dangerous!

Thu 4th June 2015:

This story of exposing the price of the marriage break up of Janet and Paul will resonant with many fathers but for a different reason and their side of the story will have little interest in the main stream media it seems. A ‘stay at home dad’ is demonised once again. Journalism here of the […]

It’s so easy to get political change? DV

Wed 3rd June 2015:

Greg Andresen, of Men’s Health Australia, is a persistent and sharp political operator. I have heard many men in NZ complain “Why doesn’t someone [else?] talk to the politicians and get everything sorted out?”. If I have tried to explain what is required to communicate well to politicians, I have been attacked as defeatist and […]

Misandrist Psychology

We came across this interesting article, one of a series. The article is about the ‘Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI)’, a questionnaire resulting in a numerical estimation of how ‘masculine’ you are. The questionnaire is almost certainly misleading and absolutely certainly misandrist. The article provides some interesting insights into how feminists and feminism work.

Was this about his child?

Tue 2nd June 2015:

Waikato school in lockdown. A Waikato primary school and kohanga reo were locked down while armed police negotiated with a man making threats involving a firearm. The man was arrested in the small town of Kerepehi, south of Thames, and taken into custody without incident after police spent hours trying to get him to surrender.

False accusations of abuse in the UK

Mon 1st June 2015:

I spent yesterday in Cardiff, where Felicity was speaking at the annual conference of FACT – Falsely Accused Caregivers and Teachers. The United Kingdom is currently experiencing a wave of sex-abuse hysteria.

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