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Archive of July 2015

Provocation and Hopelessness Cause Terrible Reactions

Thu 30th July 2015:

Tony Robertson committed seriously disturbed sexual and sexually motivated offences against children and was sentenced to eight years prison. It may well be that he would have committed the horrific running down, injuring, rape and murder of Blessie Gotingco after his release if given half a chance. However, it may also be that if he […]

Millionaire leaves daughters $27m – but there is a catch!

Tue 28th July 2015:

In this NZ herald article the final line says it all. Rather than being portrayed a loving wise father wishing to protect his daughters inheritance, and therefore setting up protections and persuasions for such, he is simply labeled as a ‘controller’. The etymology of this word in this context is derogatory and the Herald must […]

Harmful Digital Communications Act

Mon 27th July 2015:

This Act came into force on July 3. It’s probably a good idea for all posters to check out the information about it published by the Dept of Justice. It seems to provide the opportunity for people who don’t like something that was posted to ask/demand that it be taken down. The site administrator then […]

Canterbury DV research 38% of victims are men

Fri 24th July 2015:

When Men Experience Violence – An Interview with Researcher Shelley Johnson Well, I was amazed to find that of the assaults in the Canterbury region from July 2014-March 2015, 38% involved a male victim. All the media is around males being the perpetrator and females being the victim but there are males that are victims […]

Labour MP Kelvin Davis mocks men with a white ribbon

Thu 23rd July 2015:

We noticed that Labour MP Kelvin Davis wore a prominent white ribbon in parliament and during subsequent news interviews when he challenged the government about a possible cover-up concerning the death of an inmate who was thrown off a balcony in one of our privately-run prisons. Hey, it’s great to see any politician pay any […]

Female U.S. Restaurant Manager Would be Prosecuted if a Male

This interesting US case involved a female restaurant manager who yelled at a crying baby. An opinion piece on the matter was published here. Below is a reader’s comment in response to the article. The case raised similar issues to those in NZ’s ponytail-pulling crisis.

Titanic Syndrome

This is a media release from the Ministry for Men (Formerly Ministry of Men’s Affairs): “Titanic Syndrome’ Destroys Males A spokesman for the Ministry for Men (formerly Ministry of Men’s Affairs) claims the “Titanic Syndrome’ is destroying males in NZ. The Ministry for Men is a community group because successive governments have failed to protect […]

The Formation of Union of Fathers

Wed 22nd July 2015:

Reading through the previous post, NZ Men Fed up with the Family Court, it occurs to me that some history from a few years back may be of interest to some of the commenters. At the time I arrived on the scene of the Family Court chaos and corruption, the North Shore Men’s Centre had […]

NZ Men Fed up with the NZ Family Court

Wed 8th July 2015:

This Facebook page is humming! Well done Dominic. It reflects and is building a fast rising wave. We’re in for some interesting times.

The Age of Estrangement

Safe in the bosom of wickedness Rocked in the arms of selfish defeat The wind whispers their names Heard only by those in hopeless retreat They’re spoon fed and neat Dressed only to be seen There’s starlight dancing in the sky. A lonely reminder of what could have been. There’s cash a plenty Thou satisfy […]

Interesting article on Equal Shared-Care

Tue 7th July 2015:

Inside the mind of a victim

Mon 6th July 2015:

Yo feminists, remember when you preached about Rihanna being a typical victim of male violence when she and Chris Brown had an intimate partner altercation? Remember how you slagged off Chris as a tyrant? We’ll take a look at the mind of that victim in this video created and directed by Rihanna. “Bitch-better-have-my-money” Reveals the […]

The Silverspoon Sisterhood

Sun 5th July 2015:

There is a lot that could be said about the recent deaths of a mother and three children in Ashburton. You could hardly be blamed for thinking ‘oh no, not another Ed Livingstone‘ when this story initially went to air. There is something a little more sinister afoot (a foot in mouth that is) around […]

More research showing the importance of fathers

Sat 4th July 2015:

This article was interesting: Moms, Let Dad Be Dad It raises questions about the adequacy of all those parenting assessments done mainly by female psychologists in Family Court with misguided assumptions about what constitutes good parenting and bonding. (It goes without saying that most of those assessments found the mothers to be superior and were […]

The most bizarre men’s rights campaigns

Fri 3rd July 2015:

I do not see anything bizarre about any of these campaigns Bizarre men’s rights

Forced to relocate overseas

Source: Judge brings malicious case (male assault female case) to an early close.

Oh Dear, and we were told violence is a male problem!

Woman in custody over Wellington stabbing spree Hark, did I hear some hint of concern from Women’s Refuge, Shine, White Ribbon and the many other male-blaming feminist groups about this family violence? No, I must have been mistaken, that was just the sound of them sipping tea as they discuss their next campaign to convince […]

New Deputy Leader for New Zealand First

Source: Ron Mark having recently re-entered politics has secured the deputy leadership of New Zealand First in a ‘not-so-secret’ coup, that predicted the outcome before the event. The eventual leadership of New Zealand First under Mark has been discussed on Menz before as has the possibilities that might eventuate from his stewardship rather than the […]

Courts are busy and serious places, and judges are busy people

Wed 1st July 2015:

Courts are busy and serious places, and judges are busy people Man rebuked for claiming to be ‘fictional entity’ in court 2:11 PM Wednesday Jul 1, 2015 A man who fell off a moped and said his identity was a fiction created by the State has been rebuked for trying to be “funny” in an […]

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