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Archive of September 2015

Helen Clarke chairs plan to censor internet to prevent anyone hurting feminists’ feelings.

Tue 29th September 2015:

UN to Censor the Internet to Save Feminists’ Feelings Helen Clarke has chaired a UN working group and published a plan to censor the internet to prevent anyone from hurting feminists feelings. I am not kidding. I couldn’t make this stuff up. According to feminist culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who spoke at the event, online […]

Cyber Bullying and Suicide

Sat 19th September 2015:

This article Cyber bullying’s fatal connection reports correctly that more than 500 NZers commit suicide every year, but as usual makes no mention of the fact that about 80% of them a males. At least this article does focus on one male who apparently committed suicide after extensive cyber bullying. It also reports college principal […]

The Emperor is not wearing clothes!!

Fri 18th September 2015:

There, I’ve said it…..ok, ok, ok, I realise I now risk appearing to be an idiot revealing an IQ of less than 100. To be a journalist today one requires big big balls because to declare the obvious is proffesional suicide. I refer to Chris Brown and his dilemma in obtaining a visa to perform […]

A Female’s Honour is Priority for NZ Police

Thu 17th September 2015:

NZ police went to a lot of effort to work with Danish police in order to arrest a Danish man who embarrassed and threatened a 15yo NZ schoolgirl and ‘cyber attacked’ her school. She had sent him naked images of herself and when she then sought to stop the online relationship he spread her images […]

Teacher Kelsey Rebekah Allen has sex with student

Wed 16th September 2015: Kelsey Rebekah Allen had a three month sexual relationship with a male student. This news story seems to be missing the words predator, grooming. It did however have the words ‘very bright and intelligent young woman’. Also had Kelsey was under stress when the relationship happerned. Did not have a space for comments nor […]

Canadian Identity Researcher Professor Robert A. Kenedy Will Visit NZ

Mon 14th September 2015:

He will arrive on Thursday 15th October and expects to be in NZ for about one week. I am doing research on fathers, shared/continued parenting, as well as related areas. I have been working in this area for about 26 years, mainly in Canada, the UK, and US. I am now looking at the Global […]

MRA Perspectives on Recent Events

Sun 13th September 2015:

1. Michael Murray sentenced to life for murder of Connor Morris It’s difficult to imagine anything more provocative than seeing a P-addled gang member bashing the shit out of your brother with the real possibility of death or permanent brain damage. That doesn’t mean it’s ok to have a slasher with you and to swing […]

What’s bad about gay marriage?

Fri 11th September 2015:

Help me here please! There must be something about the above debate I just can’t get. Marriage is a tradition from the earliest societies when humans had developed the cognisance to understand the importance of creating a safe environment for their offspring to develop in. Couples, of opposite sex, were the only ones able to […]

Ministry of Justice Refuses to Correct Wrong Statistics

Tue 8th September 2015:

FYI, our media release 07/09/2015 Ministry of Justice Refuses to Change False Statistics Community group the Ministry for Men has accused the Ministry of Justice and other government departments of spreading false statistics about domestic violence then refusing to correct their error after being informed. The Ministry of Justice recently published a document called ‘Strengthening […]

Send Women Back to Fight Too, Winston (and f*** off with them)

We don’t actually agree that anyone should be sent back to Syria to fight, mainly because we think that fighting for Syria’s corrupt and inhumane dictatorship would be no better than fighting for ISIS, the Russians or most of the other ‘rebel’ groups there. How could anyone fight for their country’s ‘freedom’ in those circumstances? […]

Need support and advice

Mon 7th September 2015:

Hi, I am in a troubled marriage and facing accusations that I am a bad father and husband. It is getting to me. There is a long history to my marriage and I have recently discovered I am asexual. And then, my wife goes and tells our 15 year old daughter that I am gay, […]

Social Policies Seminar in Auckland

Sun 6th September 2015:

Welfare fit for families in a changing world (Retirement Policy and Research Centre) 08 September 2015 9am – 5pm Venue: The University of Auckland Business School, Lecture Theatre OGGB5, Level 0, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland The wellbeing of the poorest families appears to be at the heart of Government policy, yet […]

The False Gods of Feminism

The previous post, The Fiamengo Files while a breath of fresh air, is testament to the destructive influence of any ‘ism’ not just, as is the case here; Feminism. The deterioration in rational thinking, the censorship of opposing views, and the illusion of belief are patently evident.

The Fiamengo Files

Fri 4th September 2015:

I’ve just had my attention drawn to a remarkable series of videos which MENZ readers will find interesting. This woman gets it. Janice Fiamengo is an outspoken critic of academic feminism, censorship and gender bias. She is an ardent supporter of freedom of speech, and now identifies as an anti-feminist. She is an English professor […]

NZ Centre for Political Research

Wed 2nd September 2015:

The NZCPR is Dr Muriel Newman’s organization and web site. She has many good thinkers providing opinion pieces. Dr Newman is we believe the only NZ politician who tried to introduce a bill into parliament for a presumption of shared care by both parents after separation; the Labour government’s feminists voted it down because it […]

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