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Archive of March 2016

2nd Meeting with Chief Human Rights Commissioner

Tue 22nd March 2016:

Chief Human Rights Commissioner David Rutherford has emphasized that human rights for males are as important as those for women and other groups.

Why Have a ‘Positive Women’ Campaign for HIV?

Thu 17th March 2016:

In the news yesterday was a video of Carolyn Brooker ‘explaining’ why she is supporting a campaign called ‘Positive Women’ after losing her daughter to AIDS. From the Positive Women campaign: “We aim to provide a support network for women and families living with HIV or AIDS”. A 2010 review of services supporting those with […]

Radio NZ Breached Broadcasting Standard

Wed 16th March 2016:

FYI, our media release: MoMA Media Release: 07 March 2016 Radio NZ Careless about Domestic Violence Figures The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has upheld a complaint that Radio NZ broadcast incorrect statistics about family violence deaths. The incorrect figures claimed that more than twice as many women than men are being killed by family members […]

Men’s High Imprisonment Just Because They’re Bad

Sun 13th March 2016:

The headline item on One News today was about a group of lawyers who asked the Waitangi Tribunal to hear a case that high Maori imprisonment and reimprisonment rates reflect racism. The Tribunal has fast-tracked an urgent hearing to deal with this travesty. The elephant in the room of course is that the difference between […]

The Gender-Bender

Sat 12th March 2016:

This is part of a post from A Voice For Men Lies Men Are Fed Section: “There is no “I’ in team” This aphorism is used to promote selflessness and sacrifice in the common interest. Those that typically end up sacrificing the most are men. It is a false platitude exactly because every member of […]

Common Ground

Fri 11th March 2016:

There’s a story here, perhaps it’s a little off topic for men’s issues, but it does relate to fathers. There was a dread of course that I could just as easily be another phone call to the control room, which fortunately never happened, or I could be the one making that phone call, and that […]

A Hate Story

Wed 9th March 2016:

Her father was a man in uniform. That’s what she longed for, a husband just like him. She found him, the one she wanted, and was immediately pregnant. He didn’t mind the sex, but he wasn’t ready for a wife. She never saw him again and aborted their child. She liked male attention,

Flat-line Editing

Fri 4th March 2016:

Have you heard of flat-line editing before? Neither have I, but here is how I see it working. (Following on from Deconstructing Feminism) Flat line across the page, with a zone above and below the line. The flat line is the line of incompetence. Walking along this line should get you fired for incompetence in […]

Deconstructing Feminism

Thu 3rd March 2016:

This post follows on from End The Gender War. If I was to put Feminism in an ideological/political category, I’d go for totalitarian, and for that reason you cannot be ‘a man’ in a society of this nature. That eventually is completely taken away from you, and you only need look at some of the […]

End the Gender War

Wed 2nd March 2016:

There are many battle fronts against Feminism in this Gender War, but rarely do we see visible weapons and we struggle to recognise the source of the violence, this creeping violence, this increasing violence, this social violence that plagues our society, seemingly without explanation. Without explanation, or by concealing the explanation, of course men will […]

The Vulnerable Children Act: another law that discriminates against men.

Tue 1st March 2016:

The Vulnerable Children Act (2014) requires regulated organisations receiving any government funding to assess the risk of all employees applying for jobs working with children, and every three years all existing employees who work with children. The assessment includes police vetting on each occasion.

The “I’m Cranky” Speech

Many years ago Australian Lawyer Michael Green came to New Zealand to promote his book. I don’t recall the name of the book, but I do recall the speech he gave in Wellington. The “I’m Cranky” speech.

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