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Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:09 pm Tue 19th March 2019

In a previous post CGTOW that post considers a point of view that I assume the majority of readers would relate to.

If that was one end of the piece string what would be at the other. I’m not sure myself, so I’m going to pull out a slice of creative writing as starting point.

The other day I read an article about the 400 people on the urgent list for housing in Northland that highlighted one case in particular which had a grandmother in a motel with 2 grandchildren.

Let’s imagine for a moment that the grandmother in her early years had been a gang girl, but one of the patch members took her for his wife, as they sometimes do, and they had children. Things fall apart, which we’re all used to on this site, and they separate. The children quickly get wayward and foul of the law which is also not unusual. Then her daughter running wild quickly ends up with a family of her own. A life of crime lands both parents in jail and the younger generation end up in the care of the older generation, the grandmother.

Comparing the events described in the previous post CGTOW and the scenario in the above story, these would be concurrent events.

I wrote another post here The Next Generation Window Sticker that bears a similar resemblance to this story.

Rather than children going their own way, it’s the way these children have gone. Perhaps this is the other end of the piece of string.
Perhaps you’re somewhere in between; that Middle New Zealand that’s scrambling for survival against an increasingly disproportionate economy. Maybe getting the feeling, the hour glass is looking a little empty.

One thing that’s always intrigued me since I was a child was the saying; “The meek shall inherit the Earth.”
Yes, I know, it’s a line from the Christian bible Matthew 5:5 … Matthew, by realistic accounts is anonymous within his own text and a constructed character who makes observations on contemporary society up to the 2nd Century AD.

It occurs to me that while this has most often been interpreted with some form of Christian leaning, that, if you’re good, you’ll be justly rewarded, it more likely an intelligent observation of a contemporary writer that has been misinterpreted; where he saw something similar happening within his own civilization.

It’s not a big leap to say when this happens again, the inheritance is the gift of a failed civilization, and that will fall to the lower socioeconomic group. Those that are still having children, will consequencially inherit the Earth, not because they are good, but because those trapped with a failing civil system will stop living as we normally do, and in some form, men, women, and children, will increasingly go their own way.

It’s also fair to say that there was considerable political pressure on these writers and they wrote with a high degree of religious euphemism to avoid persecution or you might take a dimmer view and say it was diliberately misleading.

Let’s not go there.

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    This is interesting as the world has seriously underestimated the consequences of housing prices.
    Clearly as stated in the article inflation is a big concern.

    How then can one say they have inflation control at 2% but look at house prices.
    If houses rise by 400% but incomes by only 100% over time.
    Even the wage rise exposes the 2% inflation as a lie.
    2% over 20 years is not 100% and definitely not 400%.

    The method used to juggle things is cost of money.
    And there is nothing left to keep things stable at that 2% inflation.

    The US is about to face very serious issues.
    It’s government spending is insane.
    Ours is as well.
    While Biden has already reversed his pledge of reversing Trumps tax cuts.
    What a surprise.
    He still plans business Tax hikes.
    Tax migration is already bankrupting some states.
    His solution is just print more money.

    I was recently looking at old pictures.
    Children playing with stacks of worthless money.
    The debt being created is not sustainable.
    Especially within democracy where voter greed is a big driver.
    My family went into $18,000 of government debt last year.
    We saw none directly to us, and we didn’t need any.
    How do they get it back.
    Nothing compared to what is, and about to happen in America.

    Imagine buying a home now at say 2% interest rates.
    With payments maxed to ones income.
    Then interest rates rise only a few %.

    See the Children do inherit.
    Those stacks of worthless money.
    It costs the Earth to buy a home.
    Inherited homes may be the only option.
    Mine is free with my partners job.
    We don’t even consider trying to buy one.
    We would be slaves to the house.

    Who then is the buyer, when the youth can no longer afford.
    This cannot end well.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sat 16th January 2021 @ 10:54 pm

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