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Archive of October 2021


Thu 14th October 2021:

Maybe history doesn’t always repeat itself. But it does at least rhyme. Mark Twain. There came a point in the past where an entitled women gave up her position and accepted a humble life because she realised what the man knew was worth more than what she had. So, where in history has that story […]

Kiss is a Contract

Mon 11th October 2021:

It’s convenient to separate sex from reproduction and this is an argument that blossomed under the Clark Administration, Just a thought but what do you think?

Too Blokey

Sat 9th October 2021:

That’s what they say, sometimes; “I’m too blokey.,” Someone has to do it, right? You can’t have every male-bashed remnant riding off over the horizon on a horse of defeat. FFS – as soon as he get’s that opinion going we better get it under control. I need to be controlled? God forbid … I […]

Thirty Years of Domestic Violence Half-Truths, Falsehoods, and Lies

A new report by the Coalition to End Domestic Violence (CEDV) shows that men are not the most common perpetrators Domestic Violence but are targeted in service of feminist and socialistic agendas. CEDV Report: Thirty Years of Domestic Violence Half-Truths, Falsehoods, and Lies [485KB PDF]

Lost Men

Some call them ‘Pastors of Muppets’ In small out of the way places men and in some cases women too running small independent church type organisations. This one in particular came to light when the lockdown was announced for Northland otherwise it would likely have escaped the world’s attention.

A Mother’s Story

Fri 8th October 2021:

A mother’s story

Peter Ellis child sex abuse appeal

Thu 7th October 2021:

The appeal into sexual abuse convictions arising from the Christchurch Creche case has begun in the Supreme Court. The defence will focus on four issues: the children’s evidence was contaminated, and obtained using improper techniques. expert testimony by psychiatrists mislead the jury. an expert witness gave evidence about symptoms of sexual abuse which had no […]

The Process of Division

Wed 6th October 2021:

This I thought was interesting. I see there are some fixed beliefs surfacing in many of our current conversations. It’s always good to see other points of view.

NZ Suicide

Mon 4th October 2021:

It is hard to keep up with the politics these days but it’s annual suicide statistics time again and a few more people have died

The Men Only Vote

Sat 2nd October 2021:

Opinion Credit – Australia There is a short space of time between the male suffrage (12 years from memory) and one person one vote. Not to rehash our history – most of us know that bit. There was a long discussion on this site in 2017 and what that might mean if Ardern became New […]

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