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Thu 24th December 2015

Every single life lost to suicide is one too many.

Filed under: Gender Politics,Men's Health,White Ribbon Campaign — MurrayBacon @ 10:14 pm

Target-setting is great for progress, but is it right for suicide prevention?
Alan Woodward
Mental health
What is the “right’ suicide prevention target? Does a target of 50% imply acceptance that in Australia 1300 people will die by suicide each year?

Setting targets has become commonplace as a way of measuring achievement and progress. We have seen this recently as the future ecology of our planet and the complexity of international policy on climate change has been reduced to negotiations around a series of targets.

It is as though the targets give meaning to the goal for change.

So surely we should set targets for suicide prevention, right? How better to concentrate efforts than to set targets for a reduction in the tragic loss of life to suicide? And surely setting targets is a way to communicate and engage with the wider community in results-based suicide prevention?

This has already started. In 2013, the World Health Organisation (WHO) promoted a target of 10% reduction in suicides by 2020 for member countries, of which Australia is one. Then, in 2014, the WHO released its first ever report on suicide documenting the key elements of any national strategy for suicide prevention, drawing on research evidence and expert opinion.

John Key, Prison Rape and White Ribbon

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:23 am

Perhaps we should be grateful that in response to John Key’s involvement in a radio joke about prison rape, some White Ribbon people have lowered themselves to disapprove of this form of violence even though it’s only towards mere men. However, we were mainly struck by their hypocrisy.

White Ribbon asks John Key for explanation over prison rape joke

Kyle MacDonald: Why John Key’s not fit to speak for White Ribbon

Claire Trevett: Lessons in John Key stunt wash-up

If supporters of White Ribbon truly opposed violence towards men, then why are they supporting a campaign that only opposes violence when done to women and deliberately excludes mention of or concern for male victims?

The White Ribbon people have now attempted to whitewash their campaign by misrepresenting it as being against violence more generally even though its slogans and purpose have always discriminated against men and were only ever concerned about violence towards women.

The overall impact of the White Ribbon campaign has been the promotion of false beliefs that women are the most frequent or most significant victims of violence in our communities, and the promotion of attitudes that violence towards men isn’t worth mentioning or worrying about.

The White Ribbon stance regarding this prison rape joke is like White Supremists criticizing someone for using the term ‘nigger’ while they continue their general campaign of racial discrimination. We were amused to see this reflected in the following:

“As a result of this incident, White Ribbon will be writing to all our ambassadors to remind them of our expectations, and the commitment they have made to the campaign. Our and their pledge is to never commit, condone or remain silent about violence towards women. We will continue to try and uphold that.”

If John Key had knowingly participated in the prison rape joke he would be an ideal spokesman for White Ribbon, walking the walk of that group’s real message: “Violence towards women is the only violence anyone need be concerned about”. John Key and his radio hosts have done the country a favour by highlighting the sexist double standards that have been encouraged by White Ribbon.

Tue 22nd December 2015

Females Can Do No Wrong

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:33 pm

pcObelix asked why the Counties Manukau Police only asked boys to hit a girl in their latest sexist anti-violence initiative. Yeah well they didn’t need to do the exercise with girls. Everyone already knows that males are the only ones who behave badly enough to worry about.

‘Cuckoo’ student who duped teacher into thinking she had terminal cancer and tore her life apart Female lied and lied and lied for personal gain without apparent concern for the devastating consequences on others. (By the way, this story also suggests that the duped female lecturer ignored the protestations, advice, needs, any equal say, and indeed the human rights of her husband as she insisted on continuing to support and house her false-pretending friend regardless of him. After all, she wasn’t going to be told what she can and can’t do by some man was she? And supporting a fellow member of the sisterhood was much more important than any imagined obligations the patriarchy might claim she had towards her husband. Ha!)

Ann Sabine’s daughter speaks: ‘I don’t know who my mother was’ Woman abandons her children to move overseas, then murders her husband and hides his death and his body for 18 years. (more…)

Boys asked to slap girl….why do not they not try the reverse and see what happens

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — pcObelix @ 2:55 pm


Second such event…the other one being overseas from earlier on this year.

I wonder what would happen if they asked a girl to slap a boy….let’s stop the stereotyping……

Mon 21st December 2015

Reduction in Bailffs

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 7:42 pm

So as it turns out at the start of the year, the nations bailiff numbers were slashed in half…
http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/better-business/64746709/ministry-confirms-cuts-to-bailiff-numbers.html, http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/63538417/Bailiff-cuts-could-put-kids-at-risk/

Last year I was served papers that My ex had filed the following day, This year, im guessing either because of the reduction in bailiffs or because I am a Male, my papers that the court kindly said they would serve on my ex, took 2 1/2 weeks. I filed the papers on the 30th of November, and as of the 18th of December the Family court had still not received affidavit of service from the Bailiffs, however I had received confirmation that she had being served on the 16th of December from the lawyer for child. Given the past history of the family court, and their “allowable” evidence, maybe we should be at a point where service can be made by the applicant, with just an affidavit stating that you have made that service.

Fri 18th December 2015

Adam’s Christmas present to Eve

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — Downunder @ 10:55 am

Stop right there. It’s not a religious post.

I know how much some of you detest … the slightest incandescence … of religion gracing the texts of this site but I can’t help seeing the humour in the fact that our current Women’s Minister has the surname Adams.

Before I go any further, I’d like thank another poster ‘Equality’ for raising this issue in the previous post. Good spotting, and I don’t mean to make light of the topic. It’s very serious indeed.

This is the sort of thing that would easily slip under the radar, in the Rucks and Malls of Xmas, and is typical Silly-Season behaviour from politicians, while each of us is running around like a ‘Bat out Hell’ trying to create a little peace and paradise for the kids.

There’s an opinion piece here, that cuts to the chase, (more…)

Thu 17th December 2015

Find out your partner’s history of abuse

Filed under: General — Equality @ 6:55 pm

Given it’s so difficult for female violence and abuse to be acknowledged and counted, and police are biased so much as to wear and dispense “White-ribbons”, I’m sure people in the item excerpt below can be read as “Women”.
I get told so often things are getting better.
Even men say that, until they too get ground up by the injustice and gender hatred against us.


“People will be able to go to police and ask if their partner has a history of abuse under a new disclosure scheme — receiving a response within 24 hours in the most serious cases”.

Wed 16th December 2015

Ground 8 (Her Income)

Filed under: Child Support,Law & Courts — Had_Enough @ 6:25 pm


Just wondering if anyone out there has ever had any success with an Admin Review based on the increased earning capacity of the custodial parent. The custodial parent in my case has recently received a rather large inheritance and is doing well for herself while I am still expected to pay her about $1500 per month in Child Support (for 1 child) which I can’t afford. I believe that under the new regime the custodial parents income is also taken into account. I would appreciate any tips on this as I want to do an Admin Review on her based on Ground 8 and her improved financial situation. Thanks in advance.

Ground 8 – The child support assessment doesn’t take into account the income, earning capacity, property and financial resources of either parent or child (or children)

You can use this ground if you feel the child support assessment is unfair because it doesn’t reflect the true income, financial position or earning capacity of either parent or the child.

One party’s financial position has changed significantly.
Assets which are capable of earning income aren’t doing so.

Tue 15th December 2015

Missing Legal Documents in New Zealand

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 12:27 pm

This will be of interest to anyone who deals with an ex-partner through legally transferred communications only, or who has communicated this way in the past.

I’m looking at an interesting case, where many years ago, a group of Labour Party professionals (during labour’s time in power) constructed a court case in favour of another Labour Party member, against her ex-husband.

Now that this couple is older (and the children all adults) and the children having necessarily become involved in the parent’s affairs because of health issues, some interesting things have come to light.

It happens that the ex-husband was not on the Labour Party’s preferred list of people because of his own involvement in politics and it transpires that they have different sets of documents, there being a hole in what was actually given to the wife.

In other words these Labour Party professionals constructed a court case to launch their own independent attack on this father using his ex-wife’s name.

At the moment this is being denied, likewise is the legitimacy of the ex-husband’s documents. He now ‘appears’ to be the only one that has these.

This raises a question as to whether this case was actually a Family Court Case, and if so has someone been through the Family Court sanitising some of our court cases?

Is anyone else finding they have disappearing documents or disappearing court cases?

As it never actually made it to a hearing (and was probably never intended to) the other possibility is that this group, including the judge, and the ex-husband’s legal representatives, set up a ruse outside of the court, but now deny the existence of their documents.

Is anyone in a similar situation where they have been attacked with the unauthorised use of another person’s name, using the secret confines of the Family Court?

I’ve viewed a complaint that’s now been sent to the New Zealand Law Society.

It will be interesting to see what they do about this, other than run for cover and pretend it never happened.

I’ll keep you updated.

Standard Contract

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 6:19 am

It’s just your standard contract, no need to sign, you’re just a man. We own you now.

Interesting, I read this week, that a nice judge, ripped up the contracts of the poor victims who became party to the loan sharks of the big city.

But wait, there’s more: … and in the Family Court they were busy shafting fathers and the IRD was out there diligently chasing all those dead beat dads for whom, they invented great sums of money to pay.

But wait, there’s more: … then all the little children, threw their arms in the air, and danced around the Pohutukawa tree … holding up their banner man … and singing …

Children's Comissioner

… We’ve got a Commissioner and a White Ribbon for Christmas …
Yes, aren’t we lucky … we’ve got a Commissioner and a White Ribbon for Christmas …

… and Dr Wills threw open his castle gates, and said, come to me all you little children, yes, I’m your father for Christmas, come and sit at my table, and I will feed you, and make all you never-to-be-lifted-out-of-poverty children, happy little campers.

It’s a lazy and insidious culture, that allows these token men, to demean and insult us in the name of Feminism.

Sun 13th December 2015

Only Male Jihadists Lose Their NZ Passports

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:36 pm

Ms Kitteridge, head of NZ’s Security Intelligence Service (SIS), this week caused us all great anxiety by announcing that increasing numbers of NZ women are travelling to Iraq and Syria. The SIS apparently has become really concerned because the numbers involved are close to exceeding what can be counted on the fingers of both hands. Our SIS spies tend to get confused and lose count every time they go above 5 and have to change hands. They tried starting with the other hand but it didn’t help. They have no intention of disclosing their next strategy for discovering the right number because that’s on a strictly need-to-know basis. When the SIS completes that numerical calculation it will try to get more information on the women and their holiday plans. Ms Ketteridge doesn’t know whether they are travelling to find romance, for thrill-seeking in the range of adventure sports over there, or simply to enjoy some of their hosts’ theatrical shows and film industry. (more…)

Fri 11th December 2015

More Nonsense About Alleged Patriarchy

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:20 pm

Take a look and wonder at this piece yesterday of confused thinking and outlandish feminist claims: Priya Chand: The perilous politics of patriarchy

Thu 10th December 2015

Historic Meeting with Human Rights Commission

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:47 pm

A tide change is building further with a recent invitation by the Human Rights Commission for several groups to provide submissions concerning discrimination against men. MoMA provided submissions towards this. An historic meeting was held yesterday involving David Rutherford (Chief Human Rights Commissioner), Peter Jackson (Operations Manager Human Rights Commission), Kerry Bevin (MoMA), Craig Jackson (Family Advocate), Jack Gielen (Suicide Prevention Trust) and Bruce Tichbon (Families Apart Require Equality). Amazingly, the Chief Commissioner acknowledged a number of the men’s groups’ concerns and discussed ways forward. A further meeting was planned for about February next year.

This may not seem earth shattering but the fact is that men have been left out in the cold for a long time now, most men’s movement issues have been ignored and most advice disregarded. It’s heartening to be taken seriously.

Incidentally, the Broadcasting Standards Authority is shortly due to consider a complaint from MoMA that Radio NZ published fallacious family homicide statistics then refused to correct them even after being informed they were wrong. Their figures misrepresented family homicide as being something that women suffered 2.3 times more often as men, when in fact men suffer 43% and women 57% of family homicides.

Keep up your efforts, they are adding to the tide.

Male Denigration, Attack on MoMA and Child Development

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:10 pm

A couple of interesting local experiences today were reported by MoMA’s chief executive.

He attended a seminar in which the presenter Nathan Mikaere-Wallis repeatedly made comments that stereotyped men as incompetent, drunkards, violent abusers of their wives and generally inferior compared to women. When a suggestion was made that Mr M-W stop denigrating the male gender, he claimed that only 1% of partner assaults were committed by women. His misinformed belief was corrected but we’re not sure whether he will take that on board. (more…)

Tue 8th December 2015

The politics of Get a Man

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:48 pm

It is unfortunate that this concept is viewed as acceptable in any society, let alone become commonplace as it has in ours.

It comes off the back of the theory that men are expendable in the development of society, and sometimes it’s hard to translate into every day life.

There’s an article here

which looks at the concept of get any man, rather than get the right man.

It’s the ugly side of the human mind, that takes the freedom of another human being, to prove expedience, at the expense of what the majority of us like to believe is justice.

What may be a hidden reality is that we’ve had far more men wrongly convicted in this country than we would like to think.


Mon 7th December 2015

Seperated Families Christmas Survey

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 8:34 pm

What are your arrangements for Christmas with your ex, do they work for you? Please fill out this survey http://goo.gl/forms/1z0i1D9e8o I will post results from the survey on Friday Afternoon

The Red Pill movie about MRAs

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 7:51 pm

A female film-maker is soon to release a documentary about the Men’s Rights Movement. Funding was withdrawn when it became apparent that her film was “balanced and “giving the MRAs a platform'”.

The preview for this movie shows interviews with Voice For Men founder Paul Elam, Dr Warren Farrell, author of The Myth Of Male Power, along with Dean Esmay, National Coalition For Men, and Erin Pizzey, founder of the first Woman’s Refuge.


Sun 6th December 2015

Easily forgotten – Disadvantaged Groups & Important Thanks

I was listening to a group of people talking about the difficulties to obtain support for a charity, that gives them support.

I had heard similar discussions on several occasions, over several months. After hearing the same type of conversation for the 4th time, it really hit me how harsh their situation was and how well the trustees were doing, to get the fairly meagre support that they are getting. The real practical difficulties that the trustees faced had taken a long time to sink in, so that I could see how harsh a challenge they faced and were overcoming.

On further thought, it came back to me the change about 15 years ago, when charitable support for men’s groups was starting to be aggressively cut off. I was involved in Men’s Centre later, as this cutoff was turning into a completely blocked pipe. Despite a moderate amount of effort, I was completely unable to make any useful progress.

A true menace from fiction: – Lies and malice down the years and generations.

Filed under: General — Equality @ 12:51 pm

I am reminded today that some lies and malice against us fifteen years ago is still unabated, and can still cause us harm. More-over, its having consequences upon subsequent generations. Sorry, it will seem long, although I really will try to be brief. I feel that so many must have horror stories, which remain hidden. By remaining hidden its as if they don’t exist, the true horror and damage of malicious fictions will never be acknowledged – but should be.

Media Keep Pushing Feminist Propaganda

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 11:23 am

NZ news media carry a lot of responsibility for promoting anti-male sexism and for making it extremely difficult for men to influence public opinion with reason or facts. Yesterday’s NZ Herald carried several stories in which bad behaviour by men towards women was emphasized in gender-specific headlines. While those stories involved bad events likely to interest people, what about the many events of harm experienced by males that were not reported? (more…)

Sat 5th December 2015

New Zealand Family Court has officially ruined my Family

Filed under: Gender Politics,Law & Courts — nzleagle @ 2:44 pm

Having been though the Family Court for the past 9 years, of which I was given just enough hope that I may actually get “Justice” and though the family court be able to establish a relationship with my son, that the Ex would not allow.

Thu 3rd December 2015

A New Low in Domestic Violence Fraud

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:33 pm

An artist who is either a white knight feminist propaganda supporter or simply sees an opportunity to cash in on fashionable feminism has changed photos of female celebrities to make them look injured through partner violence. The artist appears to subscribe to the strange morality that violence towards women is the only violence worth being bothered about and that male victims can be conveniently ignored or denied.

Warehouse Stationery > The All Blacks > White Ribbon

Filed under: General — Equality @ 1:57 pm

Today I noticed that the Warehouse Stationery store in Palmerston North has at least one White-Ribbon poster at the check-out. I did not check every till, but it was there prominently placed at the one I did go through. The sadness was increased to see the All-Blacks were featured on this poster. Clearly the All-Blacks will do whatever for money, just as Warehouse stationery will. They are not my heroes and from now on will never get my support. I think it right out of order for a trader to think it okay to negatively judge half their customers on account of gender, simply because its popular to do so. If they had any merit at all, they should acquaint themselves with reputable stats about violence and abuse – and not those from gender biased groups such as Women’s Affairs; Women’s refuge; the Police [they wear white-ribbons] and all the other ignorant and shameful entities.
I confronted the shop assistant and he said that while Ribbon was about “Domestic violence”. He seemed to be arguing that violence done by women is not “Domestic Violence”. IDIOT!
I recommend you choose who you spend your money with.

MP Dr Yang Extends the Witch Hunt

Filed under: Law & Courts,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 9:46 am

The witch hunt against sex offenders is a significant part of the wider war against men. Of course it’s important to protect children (and adults) from sexual violence and exploitation and to punish those who disobey relevant laws. However, we have increased punishment to disproportionate levels so that gentle illegal sexual touching is now often punished more harshly than killing or permanently maiming someone. Also, we have step by step reduced protections against wrongful conviction specifically in sexual offence cases. For example, special restrictions have been imposed on cross-examination of sexual complainants and convictions have been made possible on the basis of inadequate evidence including allegations devoid of supporting evidence and allegations claimed to be accurate after many decades of rumination and memory revision often under the influence of suggestion by therapists. These and many other reductions in protection against wrongful conviction (and punishment) have been introduced specifically and exclusively for sexual allegations. They represent erosion of justice and there is no more merit for such erosion when it comes to sexual allegations than for any other class of alleged offending. However, sexual offences are mainly committed by men and this is the key factor. (more…)

The honouring of Rory Malone

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 9:09 am

Lance Corporal Rory Patrick Malone was killed, aged 26, during an incident in the northeast of Bamyan Province, Afghanistan in August 2012.

This of course is one extreme of the dichotomy of New Zealand Society. Malone will be posthumously honoured for his courage under fire. The State will hold this man high, and glorify his death, as an example of the potential sacrifices expected on men on behalf of society, and in defence of the security of our society.

Lance Corporal Malone, 26, son, brother and partner from West Auckland was gunned down and killed protecting his brothers in arms.

You’re a hero if you die on the job.

Balance this against a very good article here by Ministry of Men’s affairs, after the bitching by the women’s political sector, and the claim that women suffer financial discrimination in our society, earning 12% less, which effectively means they work the weeks before Xmas for free.

Then look at the society Malone died for, adequately described here in another article showing the peacetime battlefront he was protecting.

The war against men in New Zealand Society, the other end of the Dichotomy.

Don’t expect posthumous honouring anytime soon guys.

If there’s one thing that is a total military failure in New Zealand it’s the CDF (Commander Defence Forces)


gratuitously honouring himself, with an award from the State of the Bitch – White Ribbon Ambassador.

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