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Archive of 2015

Desperate, legal advice needed!!!!

Thu 3rd December 2015:

OK, so I have suffered all kinds of financial deprivations over the past 13 years thanks to IRD Child Support and their criminal anti family, anti male Nazi policies. Not only have I suffered but the two children who were in my custody also suffered because I had to take food out of their mouth’s […]

Another Workplace Death for 12% More Pay

Tue 1st December 2015:

Yesterday 60-year-old Terence Milne suffered what will have been an excruciatingly painful death after being covered in hot, molten tar through an accident at his job. At his age and given his job he was likely to have contributed a lifetime of hard, dirty physical work and now he won’t get to rest in retirement. […]

White Ribbon Ambassadors of New Zealand

Sun 29th November 2015:

If you discover a White Ribbon Ambassador in New Zealand, post a link in the comments. If you identify a WRA (White Ribbon Ambassador) and provide evidence, in the form of a link, of their activities or any prejudice comments against men, your contributions will develop this page. White Ribbon is a politically biased organisation […]

Wife’s Infidelity may end up in Employment Court

Farm managers usually work very hard, long hours with little time off. This farm manager appears to have been no exception but while he was working, his wife was off fucking the farm owner. No doubt her self-centred sense of entitlement was offended when her husband didn’t spend enough time with her, and/or perhaps she […]

Another IRD Child Support Rip Off!!!!

Sat 28th November 2015:

Hi All, I have now seen the ultimate in stupidity and unfairness from IRD CS. I’ve been paying CS for 13 years now and thought I had seen everything but this takes the cake!! I am a Kiwi residing in Australia. I pay my Child Support to the CSA who collect on behalf of the […]

Child Support when Child is in Canada, whereabouts unknown

My youngest child (16 and a half) lives with her mother in Canada. She was born and raised in NZ but her mother was allowed to take her to Canada, against my consent, about 18 months ago. Anyway I phoned Child Support this morning because my daughter and her mother have both disappeared. My daughter […]

Urgent: NZ/AUS/UK Precedents of son with father, daughter with mother

Fri 27th November 2015:

Hi all, This support group has been more help than you could all ever imagine. Over two and a half years ago my Japanese wife and her rich adulterous Japanese boy friend planned an international child kidnapping of our two small children which was, by a miracle, stopped. The Court battles to prevent their lose […]

The Pussy Pass Remains Alive and Well

While we have more recently seen occasional examples in which female offenders were given sentences comparable to those given to males, the pussy pass is still evident in most cases. This female manager behaved violently towards a subordinate, then repeatedly boasted about and celebrated her violent bullying on social media. She was found guilty of […]

The Rot of Secrecy Now Spreads Through Tax Funded Departments

Thu 26th November 2015:

Government organisations we pay for are becoming increasingly secretive and controlling over information about their activities. The latest example was highlighted in this week’s media reports about our Police demanding that researchers sign onerous contracts before Police will release information. Those contracts give Police the right to control and censor what those researchers write, and […]

Yet Another Homicide Provoked by a Protection Order

Wed 25th November 2015:

We have long predicted that protection orders will increase risk for applicants, and there have now been numerous examples of partner homicides that probably would never have occurred if there had been no protection order. If the guilty verdict against Michael Preston this week was the correct one (even though it appeared to be based […]

White Ribbon Day: Misguided, Confused, Duplicitous

On this auspicious offensive occasion of 2015’s display of blatant sexism called White Ribbon Day, we might consider the following characteristics of this campaign.

Challenge – Handling excessive and inappropriate stress

Sun 22nd November 2015:

For a long time, I have been concerned that too often the familycaught$ uses trial by fire, for deciding cases. As you read the examples that I have listed below, possibly other examples will come to your mind? If so, please add a comment, giving little more than the essential details to show the nature […]

The last thing they saw was their mother holding the scissors

Sat 21st November 2015: A story of two young boys killed by mum with scissors. Its a bit historic now, but its a little bit of balance from Fairfax I guess.

Sexist Aspects of the Deportation of Australian Convicts

Thu 19th November 2015:

Absent from media consideration of this issue is any recognition of the sexism that will be inherent in the process of deportation. Firstly, we can safely assume that it will be all or at least disproportionately males who are subject to the process of deportation. Given that women commit about 50% of the most serious […]

Silent Victims – violence by women against men

Mon 16th November 2015:

There was an excellent article on domestic violence published in the Weekend Australian on Saturday: Silent Victims: both mothers and fathers can be violent – by Bettina Arndt.

And once again, NZ shows itself to be a sexist country ….

Male health is less important that female health.

‘Domestic violence debate dominated by women’s perspectives’

Thu 12th November 2015:

A shameless plug … ‘Domestic violence debate dominated by women’s perspectives’

How to murder your male partner and not get charged.

Wed 11th November 2015: Firstly I do not condone family violence or abuse in any form. Or in the workplace for the matter. The news article reads ‘A review of the law could make it easier for battered family violence victims who kill their abusers to avoid a murder charge’. That suggests you won’t even get charged never […]

Rape crisis in Europe ignored while UN funds other agenda

Sat 7th November 2015:

The InfoWars people seem to be right on the money here, outlining how totally false statistics are used to paint young men as regular rapists, ie in USA universities, while a rape crisis due to dodgey immigrants is being ignored… reminds me of how our Womens refuges were delisted as a charity for false reports.. […]

Women muscle in on men’s sports

Sun 25th October 2015:

Watched the rugby semi final All Blacks vs Springboks. Not sure what interviews were shown after the match on NZ television but the broadcast we saw involved an English female interviewer questioning the captains and others. She asked inane questions with hackneyed comments about the Springboks ‘asking a lot of questions’ of the All Blacks […]

Media may be recognising the public mood

This editorial from the Herald on Sunday expresses criticism of Welsh police handling of an allegation against Mils Muliaina, in a rare departure from our media’s usual white knight feminist propaganda. It deserves some supportive comments we think.

The Fortunes of Men

The fortunes of men (and I’m talking about the male of the species here) have waxed and waned throughout history, but there have been some defining moments. Over the years some of those have been mentioned on this site. What do you think are the defining moments in history for men, both negative and positive?

Paternity and Your Genes

Paternity is not in your genes, it is in your sperm. Source story: The guts of this story is that your genes and the genes in your sperm can be different. The same can apply to a women and her eggs.

Can anyone spot what’s missing from this report ?

Sat 24th October 2015:

Given the path that other recent similar cases have taken, I’m surprised the Police haven’t acted …. Maybe they have, but it’s not mentioned in this article? Know what it is ?

Control the male own the female

Thu 22nd October 2015:

For centuries man has been domesticating animals for his own use. Whether it is for labour or production of food, control of the male is a key factor. If there is a danger, in most cases it will come from the male – shoot the rogue animal. In modern day New Zealand, where there are […]

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