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Sun 18th June 2017

Finding my Child

Filed under: Child Support,Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — Had_Enough @ 11:30 am


The mother of my child took her out of NZ 3 years ago against my will but the Courts allowed it so there was nothing I could do. She was 15 at the time but is now 18. I had very little contact with her while she was overseas because her mother gave a false addresses and refused to allow me to speak with her when I called on the phone and eventually moved so phone contact wasn’t possible. I was able to figure out what Canadian school she was attending and built up a good rapport with her teachers and was given access to her school portal. A couple of months ago her headmaster informed me that she had left the school and he was told she had gone back to NZ. Her mother isn’t mentally well and, although never formally diagnosed, I believe she has borderline personality disorder and is highly paranoid and unstable. My concern is that I don’t know where my daughter is and have no way of knowing if she’s OK or not. IRD won’t tell me which I find a bit annoying because they are quite happy to continue deducting one quarter of my take home pay each month because my daughter is allegedly still at school and thus still qualifies for child support. I was wondering if there’s a Govt agency or process such as the Official Information Act that would give me information on my daughter’s whereabouts. I would appreciate any info on this. Thanks guys.


Fri 16th June 2017

Sex, lies and a baby: When dads discover they aren’t the father after all

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 9:40 am

News Clip

Its not so common to see news stories mainstream like the one above. You just couldn’t miss it if you were a member of parliament.

This site is about mens issues. But this problem is not just about men or even boys. Just reading some of the outcomes is harrowing for everyone involved. Daughters, sisters too have to manage when the truth comes out.

I was particularly taken from the comments made by Peet.

Some comment were about how hard it was to recover money from the fraudster. Most were about the heartache.

I can only guess why mothers to be choose fraud rather than identify the true father. I have listed some of them here.

1. The true father is a deadbeat and the mother doesn’t think he will be any good.

2. An affair while she was married. Mother decides to keep things easy for herself and simple by not telling her husband.

3. Mother truly doesn’t know. Mother makes a guess on who might be the best provider from a number of sex partners.

4. Mother discovers she is pregnant and decides to quickly sleep with another man who seems he might make a good dad.

Its not a complete list but you can add to it.

I think there might be a financial penalty when you apply for the DPB if you can’t name a dad. It doesn’t have to be the dad, just a man.

The human toll is more expensive than the money. Just so many lives destroyed.

If there was ever a reason to apply our fraud laws, mothers to be naming the wrong dad would be it. The news clip identifies some 160,000 men affected but I cant find any stories re fraud convictions.

There are some easy fixes.

DNA test for every baby, mother and father when born. A blunt tool. Perhaps make it optional if either parent is unsure.

DNA tests while mother is still pregnant. Again optional at any parents request.

I suppose the DNA test stops the child and man from being a victim. But the problem is who is going to pay for the child?

So what is Government doing about the problem? Nothing. Its a can of worms and its way to expensive to fix. The “any man will do” works because otherwise the costs go to the Government.

Wed 14th June 2017

Attendance at assessment and non-violence program

Filed under: Domestic Violence — martin @ 8:46 pm

I am sure some of you have attended these. I myself have attended one some 7 years ago. I will start with a question – what is this about?

Let me explain. I have a custody order already allowing supervised access. In the last “programme” I went along (I think it was supposed to be a group activity) and ended up only agreeing with the guy over one thing – pointless waste of time for us both and so ended up on a one-on-one programme – which also turned out to be a waste of time.

So I would have thought that under the Human Rights Act, I have the right to freedom of thought. Am I to go along and be re-programmed by some git who wants to force me to assimilate propaganda like I might have expect in somewhere like China or the former USSR? Surely the old adage about leading a horse to water must apply here?

Has anyone got a good understanding of how this works?

Influences on decision making in NZ child protection

Filed under: Events,Gender Politics,Sex Abuse / CYF — MurrayBacon @ 6:50 pm

What influences decision making variability in the Aotearoa New Zealand child welfare system? (Seminar with Emily Keddell)

Thursday 22nd June 2017 4 – 5pm

Venue: Room N614, Epsom Campus

Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Auckland

Host: The School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work

In many countries, the complex nature of decision-making in relation to children who have been neglected or abused leads to variable decisions regarding their care, even when case characteristics, family circumstances and levels of harm are similar. This leads to a justice problem, as both children’s right to protection, and parental rights to maintain the care of their children, should be enforced in a consistent manner by legal and regulatory systems.

Tue 13th June 2017

Why Aren’t There Any Women On Team NZ?

Filed under: General — martin @ 7:05 pm

Your guess is as good as mine – can’t they do anything?

Sun 11th June 2017

A video for our nations MP’s

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 11:50 pm

Sat 10th June 2017

You All Paid For It, So Thanks

Filed under: Law & Courts — martin @ 6:23 pm

As I said, here is the update.
I just received the Protection Order and Parenting Order today – two young policemen did their duty by delivering and pseudo reading out what they deemed to be important – no contact, no firearms, lasting forever, etc, etc. I had to let him carry on I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I knew more about the law than he likely ever will and that anyway I have already been through this before.

He wondered why there was two copies of the Parenting Order, but after closing the door on them I discovered it wasn’t two copies it was the reserved findings of Judge P R Grace and the Parenting Order – which to nobodies surprise gives custody to this “thing” (I can’t even think of an appropriate noun for her).

Needless to say al the judgements were based on allegations and poorly derived logic and misunderstanding from the judge – but he couldn’t care less.

I have kind of forgotten why I defended – oh yes so as not to have to pay full costs, but really I can’t remember why I bothered.

Next week is criminal case, if I can sober / still alive / I guess I will attend.
2 counts of breaking Telecommunications ACT 2001 s112(2)(a) –
“Every person commits an offence who uses, or causes or permits to be used, any telephone device for the purpose of disturbing, annoying or irritating any person, whether by calling up without speech or by wantonly or maliciously transmitting communications or sounds, with the intention of offending the recipient.”

This was for calling the “thing” twice after midnight 1 time just 3 weeks after she had taken my kids, the second was a month later. Both times I was out of my mind with stress and wanted to plead with her to stop the nonsense, the first time I got her answer machine and didn’t leave a message, the second time when she answered the phone and I heard her voice, I despaired and hung up – I couldn’t talk to her.

Who really cares. It’s just hell on earth.

Thu 8th June 2017


Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:33 pm

This newly named sexual orientation, ‘pornosexual’, is probably related to some extent to MGTOW. Under modern laws and administration, relationships and marriage have been made seriously dangerous for men. However, there’s no mention in the article about that aspect of the issue.

Previous posts have highlighted a mounting campaign by feminist forces against pornography. We can’t allow men to find ways out of being enslaved, now can we? (more…)

Tue 6th June 2017

Discharge of Protection Order

Filed under: General — telemachus85 @ 10:48 am

My ex partner took out a protection order and I challenged it as she accused me of several things but as it always goes I lost and it became final …. I breached the temporary protection order by communicating with her online and sending her texts as I wanted to assure her I meant no harm was convicted and fined for it.

From there on I decided I need to let it go as she is vicious and can just destroy my life so now it’s been 4.5 years I never ever contacted her or go in the area where I think I might bump into her. I applied to courts to lift the order as I have been in a steady relationship for last 2 years and have no desire to contact her anymore. I received a letter that she has engaged a lawyer and going to file a defence. What do you think are my chances of getting the order lifted as I just want to move on in my life. Is it worth contesting it or try again in 2-3 years time? I was advised by community lawyer that if 3 years have elapsed it is a good time in my case it’s been 4.5 years already… Any suggestions

Mon 5th June 2017

Treating Babies Differently by Gender

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 4:31 pm

This study should be fascinating, probably for its poor research design, invalid extrapolation, poor reasoning and misuse of words that mean one thing to imply they mean something else. From what we can make out, the researcher surveyed a group of parents and found that 79% said they wanted their children to be free of limiting gender stereotypes and 92% said they agreed it was important to treat girls and boys equally in their early years. Mmm, well most parents want the best for their children and if the wording of questions makes them sound like that’s what it’s about, most parents would tend to answer “yes”. Anyway, from this startling finding the researcher concluded that it’s ‘crucial’ we don’t treat baby girls differently from baby boys because that will cause the boys to be domestic violence perpetrators and will cause people generally to think men make better leaders. And so forth.

It is surprising that feminist academics continue to ignore the evidence that gender is largely genetic. We have known quite a few educated parents who were careful not to use blue or pink or gender-specific toys or activities. Guess what? As soon as they were old enough to actively show their interest in one thing or another, most of the boys just wanted such things as toy trucks, weapons and things to dismantle while most of the girls just wanted such things as dolls, flowery things and personal embellishments, and neither showed much interest in the other’s preferences.

Incidentally, it seems to be common practice by the feminist researchers to spread their claimed findings and extrapolations through news media before actually publishing their papers. This cleverly prevents readers from being able to check the actual research to see if the news release information was justified. It’s only possible of course because of journalists’ complicity.

Sat 3rd June 2017

Preventing adolescent relationship abuse and promoting healthy relationships

Media have given publicity to a NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse paper recently prepared by Dr Melane Beres called “Preventing adolescent relationship abuse and promoting healthy relationships”. The paper is an opinion piece citing various research papers of varying quality in support. This may have been lost on journalists who attributed various statistics to the ‘report’s findings’ when in fact they had been findings in other studies merely repeated here.

The main theme of Dr Beres’ paper was that adolescent relationship violence (sexual, physical and emotional ) is a big problem in NZ that needs to be changed, and she made various suggestions about what exactly should be targeted for change and how best to achieve this. She may well be correct in some of what she says though it and the underlying assumptions deserve careful scrutiny and consideration. Although adolescent boys report being subject to significant levels of the same problems reported by girls, Dr Beres clearly lays the blame for such problems mainly on males, maleness and male socialization. There is also an interesting confusion in her paper between gender and racial political correctness, for example implying that if Maori youth were to be taught traditional Maori culture and values this would result in reduced violence.

However, the point of this post is to highlight the false propaganda involved in Dr Beres’ paper and keenly spread by our journalists. Surely it’s not unreasonable to expect that journalists will try to clarify what things mean and will try to convey accurate information about the world? No such luck when it comes to feminist assertions and other politically fashionable stuff. (more…)

Family Wills – When your new partner can acquire money, home & property intended for your own children.

Filed under: General — Lukenz @ 1:55 pm

News story here.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way to challenge it

So what happens when your new partner hawks off with your house, money and stuff and your kids are left with little or nothing?

I suppose a death is similar to a separation or divorce. Should it go to your kids or the new person in your life.

I take the view in separation or divorce it should go to who worked and earned it keeps it.

In death it should be for the person who eared it children first and not your step children unless it is in your will.

Harsh, unfair or problematic? While the answer is all three, I prefer to call it simple.

I favor trusts. You don’t own it, you’re just a trustee. If you want the trust to allocate limited living rights in a property to your new partner and step kids you can. But ultimately who earns the money their children get it.

Guardianship without Notice

Filed under: General — Pritchards @ 1:15 pm

Hi all

I am thinking of going down this route as a step parent.
Biological father lives on the other side of the world.
Mother (my wife) has health issues, I need to be able to make calls on the spot re: children in case she can’t
Biological father will oppose my application for no good reason, 100% guaranteed.
So I prefer to take this approach and let him argue about it afterwards rather than have him oppose the application with notice.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Always appreciated.

Any Advice on Cross-Examination?

Filed under: Law & Courts — martin @ 12:53 pm

I have my case coming up – this is the 2nd PO order and custody in 10 years – it never gets any easier.
Here are my questions:
1) The Social worker report (s132) – she has just re-iterated much of what the ex has already said, but then says things like the childrens’ answers “did not–appear to be coached or rehearsed.? Has she any qualification to say this?
2) The lawyer for Child – again pretty much asks questions based on what he has heard in the court and states same sort of thing – same question as above really?
3) Am I able to cross-examine LFC?
4) Am I allowed to just ask pages of closed questions requiring yes / no answers?
5) Can I ask that my McKenzie friend puts the questions to my ex on my behalf?
6) I understand that I am only allowed to examine my own witness of info they have already submitted, is that correct?

Thanks in anticipation?

International Conference on Men’s Issues – Gold Coast June 9th – 11th

Filed under: Gender Politics — JohnPotter @ 9:31 am

The International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI) is a series of annual conferences presented by AVfM Education, LLC dealing with social and legal issues that disproportionately affect men and boys.

This year’s conference is being held on the Gold Coast of Australia and features thought leaders from Australia and across the world.

The conferences host experienced advocates, educators, authors and luminaries who speak to men’s and boy’s issues with credibility and authority. Included this year will be Mark Latham, Miranda Devine, Bettina Arndt, Red Pill Movie director Cassie Jaye and Karen Straughan. Other fantastic speakers can be seen here. The conference also provides mental health professionals with Continuing Education Units for their ongoing licensure requirements.

We are determined to overcome current social and political pressures to avoid addressing the issues of fatherlessness, male genital mutilation, legal discrimination, suicide, family law discrimination, selective service and a host of other problems, all of which suffer an egregious lack of attention due to ideological resistance.

For ICMI attendees the conferences have lasting impact, as advocates from across the planet congregate in a spirit of unity and commonality of cause. Friendships and working alliances are forged that last into the future and result in more advocacy for those who need it.

Please clear your calendar and make plans to attend. Purchase your seats now while they are at their lowest price, and get ready to become a part of history.

More info and ticket purchases here

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