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Archive of October 2006

Excuse Me !

Tue 31st October 2006:

What is this…… A number of key directional matters were endorsed unanimously, including the formation of Women’s Council led by women with authority to influence the Federation on matters affecting the well being of women in their relationships, homes, community and workplace.

An unfortunate set of circumstances

Sun 29th October 2006:

I just read an article on young men in our mental health services, written by a young mans mum. Brilliant, best article in ages! It rang bells for me of countless tales I hear in a supporting role for men of all ages. There has for so long been a movement to turn our men […]

Mental health and our Teenage boys

Be aware; be very aware when you send your boys to Mental Health. I cannot stress enough that if you find yourself working with Mental Health insist on a male Psychiatrist or Psychologist for your boys. And be present for their interviews. Do not let what I am going through be your story. I approached […]

NZ Family Violence Clearinghouse

Fri 27th October 2006:

Current Initiatives link The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse maintains a list of current initiatives in the field of family violence prevention and intervention within Aotearoa New Zealand, including current projects, programmes, and strategies in the areas of: Services and practice; Research and evaluation; and Policy and legislation.

XY is a website focused on men?

XY: men, masculinities, and gender politics XY is a website focused on men, masculinities, and gender politics. XY is a space for the exploration of issues of gender and sexuality, the daily issues of men’s and women’s lives, and practical discussion of personal and social change.

Jim Bagnall – Family Court should follow Australia

Thu 26th October 2006:

On Newstalk 1ZB: Children’s best interests should be central Great to see a positive message getting reported straight, I hope the reporter’s job is safe. A pity they didn’t get the Father’s Coalition name correct! “…it is time to stop picking sides in custody battles and find what is best for the child.” His comments […]

Programme for Child Support Meeting

Saturday 29th October 2006 Venue — Auckland Bridge Club 273 Remuera Rd. Auckland 10.00am Welcome – Project Reunion – Bevan Berg 10.10am Housekeeping 10.15am Personal experiences of child support 6 Speakers of 5 minutes each 10.50-11.30am Guest Speaker – Dr. Viv Roberts Subject — Suicide

Children Banned From Playing Tag in New England

Dateline: US From: Honor Network Author: Pit Bull That’s right, certain schools have now banned the Game of “Tag” by stopping it in its tracks in area schools in the New England region of the US. With all that’s wrong with the world, the PC types are after the little things in our kids’ lives […]

Child Support Forum.

Link to Scoop Project Re-Union Press Release. We have been cutting fathers off at the knees for the past 20 years, we are paying the price socially and politicians are still not prepared to front up to the legislation that is the driving force behind social decay.

Vikings Draw Yellow Line in Snow

Wed 25th October 2006:

From: Norway (Source not identified) Commentary: Pit Bull Via: The Honor Network (Funny, But Still Just Another Sign of the Coming Gender War) Urination Will Go to Committee A local [Norway] decision that schoolboys must sit on toilet seats when urinating has provoked political debate. The head of The Democrats Party, a splinter group of […]

To be a feminist or not?

Let’s have some fun. Do you want to know what the feminist are doing with the tax-payers money? Hmmm… Let’s see. Firstly, I need to point out that I have not spent tax payers money on researching this so I don’t have all the credibility (shite) to go with it although I would love to […]

Nobody’s Child.

The commission’s founding father, Mr Dunne, admits he had hoped the commission would be more vocal on family issues. Stuff Article. But he does not agree it has been given too wide-a-brief, or is replicating work. “We worked very hard on the definition . . . It’s important — it seems to me — for […]


Children’s orgs urge politicians to repeal s59 Tuesday, 24 October 2006, 9:32 am Press Release: EPOCH NZ Media Release EMBARGOED until 24 October 2006 Those involved – note the charitable trusts. Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa Ahu Whakatika Challenge Violence Trust Alternatives to Violence Project (Waikato) Inc Barnardos New Zealand Brainwave Trust

Streets of Shame – John Hudson.

Tue 24th October 2006:

TVNZ 1’s program ‘Sunday’ just keeps on bringing out the truth for New Zealanders. We spend some nights on the mean and violent streets of south Auckland. Teenagers out of control and it’s a big problem for law enforcement. Why is it happening? What are the police and the local community doing about it? We […]

United Nations one-sided Study on Violence Against Women

Mon 23rd October 2006:

RADAR Alert > ACTION Sought Time to Blow the Whistle on the UN Violence Report Two weeks ago the United Nations issued its one-sided Study on Violence Against Women: violenceagainstwomenstudydoc.pdf If you haven’t reviewed the report yet, think of it this way: What the Violence Against Women Act has done to families in the United […]

Youth stabbed to death in fight

I wrote a post only 3 days ago of my fear of these young boys who are not in gangs carrying knives to protect themselves. Violence and our teens Well, 2 days later and we have a death and hospitilazion right outside one of the highest graded high schools in West Auckland and out side […]

Dissing Men

From: Australia Author: Jim Macnamara at Online Opinion Commentary: Intrepid Via: Honor Network Stats to Back Up What We Already Know From Experience (Use these for Reference with those in Denial) Here is a piece by a Aussie columnist showing that men’s activism has more behind it than just passion for the cause, by relating […]

Carnivorous Collins out for blood.

Sun 22nd October 2006:

I wasn’t impressed with the Herald of Sunday article on child support. Judith Collins has obviously enlisted the help of some of our lame journalists, to promote her cause. Any journalist with an ounce of credibility would have had opposing views in their article. Perhaps the suggestion here is that there is no opposing point […]

Hearld / Judith Collins attack dads

? The Sunday Hearld and Auntie Judith? a at it again. So lets look at the quality of Journalism that the Sunday Herald provides in this article. Stephen Cook showcases how lamentable the quality of journalism on Child Support Tax debt actually is. —— 1) Focusing on “387 fathers” who are alleged to owe “6.3 […]

Violence and our teenagers

Fri 20th October 2006:

So, while we sit back and watch our country turn into a COMPLETE frenzy over women being safe from even a hard word, we need to ask ourselves “Do our youth have a hope for a future?” My 2 eyes and ears have been watching and hearing some really disturbing facts. Over the last week […]

Tax Free Volunteers.

Thu 19th October 2006:

Mr Dunne released a discussion document setting out options, including a possible initiative to recognise the work of volunteers by giving them a tax rebate as well. The document suggests rewarding volunteers for their time by setting a nominal hourly rate which they could use to claim a tax rebate. Link:

Family Violence Courts.

Link to Bad News. Hit the link, scroll down to legal issues, listen, pray, then imagine the goal posts fading into the distance. Yes they have done it again, the girls have changed the rules.

Above the bottom line.

Wed 18th October 2006:

For some reason I can’t make comments on Menz, so I will post this, because I it is important to teach society what the individual reality is. It was intended as a comment to the bottom line. I remember writing a comment a while back to this effect. When you look at what a person […]

Men’s rights sites blocked

Tue 17th October 2006:

If you ever get a chance to use any of the public library’s computers around New Zealand that are free for public use you will notice that you can research anything on women’s rights and have access to any site but men’s right’s sites are being blocked as inappropriate. I wonder where else this is […]

Dalziel and Women’s Refuge

Mon 16th October 2006:

Scoop article quoting Dalziel I understand that you are also very close to concluding (or recently have concluded) a two-year contract with the Ministry of Social Development, which will give you certainty about ongoing core funding. The challenge though is to ensure that funding levels remain realistic over time. It wasn’t the justification I was […]

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