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Archive of July 2007

The Cannabis smoke signal

Tue 31st July 2007:

New research suggests a single joint of cannabis damages the lungs as much as smoking five cigarettes in one go. The study, carried out by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, found the drug forces the lungs to work harder by obstructing air flow and causes chest tightness and wheezing. The study found that […]

Our cheap labour government.

All women to be questioned about abuse when go to hospital Whilst in hospital women will be asked these three questions to see if she may have been abused: * Has anybody hurt or threatened you? * Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised? * Have you been asked to do anything sexual […]

Free tickets for live show of Alladin

Mon 30th July 2007:

Southern Star Chariatable Trust presents a “Kids In Show Seats” benefit in aid of Radio Lollipop. Auckland Single Parent’s Trust has received a number of free tickets for this event which we have heard are worth $30.00 each to the general public. Date: 11th August 2007 Times: 10 am, 1 pm and 4pm. We have […]

Dad’s Corner on Kiwi Families

Here’s something worth supporting – a parenting website with a link to “Dad’s Corner” right near the top! Although there haven’t been many dads active on their discussion board so far, it could develop into a useful resource. Hi John, I’ve just located you through a Google search, whilst looking for men’s support groups. I’m […]

You absolutely pathetic people.

Fri 27th July 2007:

Should the age of criminal responsibility be lowered to 12? Stuff poll. Yes (3890 votes, 81.1%) No (906 votes, 18.9%) Can’t anyone remember what you where doing when you where 12 years old, when you where in form one. You really did have an understanding of the ways of the world, in total control of […]

Hell thats enough.

Thu 26th July 2007:

Hell Pizza’s general manager Colin Mellar says he has had a combination of complaints about the magazine. I have been watching this for a while, and I am no prude, but these guys are over the line. These people are not on my menu any more. I will be buying pizza elsewhere. What do you […]

Hidden Violence Comes to Light

Article in the Herald: (link option not working) “But there are also surveys that show women and men are equally likely to be perpetrators and victims of violence in intimate relationships… Women’s Refuge’s Henare gives a swift response to such statistics. “The question is about fear. Does she fear her husband? A woman is […]

In the Bowels of change

Tue 24th July 2007:

Cancer test ‘may save many lives’ link

DHB Nominations open 27 July

Hi All, For those with an interest in Mens Health it could well be worth your while considering standing for the DHB elections. District Health Boards (DHBs) provide (or fund the provision of) health and disability services to 21 districts covering New Zealand. DHBs are governed by boards, which consist of up to 11 members: […]

Utilising our Resources

Sat 21st July 2007:

I have for some time been thinking about a couple of software projects that could help the Men’s Rights Movement. They are: 1) A website that allows you to nominate Advertising, TV Drama, News presentation that is anti-male, or conversely, male-friendly. Visitors to the site could vote for whichever they found most offensive, or most […]

Men’s Rights on the Political Table

Thu 19th July 2007:

I read the following voting strategy recently on an American forum (full text here): “…you take out a target (offending legislator) in the next election by financially backing his opponent. Legislators are like sheep. Their behavior is flock-like and is governed by fear. They are virtually all in it for the status — if you […]

Women Face Sexist Backlash

Women face sexist backlash By PATRICK CREWDSON – The Dominion Post Women may have claimed some top jobs but worsening domestic violence and a sexist backlash show they still face discrimination, a New Zealand delegation will tell the United Nations. Please take the oppurtunity to send feedback to Stuff and The Dompost on this article […]

Bloody Hell

Wed 18th July 2007:

There always has to be hickups when holding a meeting but one would not expect such a big muck up from the newspaper. Damn it, Stephen owes me. He rushed through our write up on the meeting and put the wrong place for the meeting. Instead of GLen Eden Community House he put Glen Eden […]

Error of Judgement.

Tue 17th July 2007:

I know little of the Vince Siemer case, but went to the High Court out of curiosity and the possibility that something was not right. If this case is indicative of the operation of our High Court we have a serious problem. The deliberate obstruction of self representation is an oppression of our freedom. In […]

News from World Father’s Union

Mon 16th July 2007:

From: [email protected] Subject: 7-13-07: URGENT- I need Florida paternity fraud victims for another TV news story … Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 16:15:54 -0700 URGENT – FL paternity fraud victims needed for TV news story before Thu. July 19, 2007 . IMMEDIATE NEWS ALERT – NEED SOUTH FLORIDA PATERNITY FRAUD victims for another big TV […]

Misandry on National Radio

Sun 15th July 2007:

I was listening to Jim Mora’s program on National Radio on Friday afternoon, where he featured guest speakers Michelle Boag, Lianne Dalziel and a third woman whose name I don’t recollect. Dalziel was rather warm about news that had come to her attention recently: apparently women appointed to run large companies statistically show poorer performance […]

Domestic Violence – a man’s side

Thu 12th July 2007:

This was an interesting tale on another MRA site that i couldn’t resist. Once again I will share my story of what happens in the Ventura county jail system: Once arrested you are given a 8 day top (I served 9 and droped community service). During this time the male will be on suicide watch […]

Retrospective Departure Orders an Update

Tue 10th July 2007:

The previous post The Wrath of IRDrequires an update. First the good news. After years of parental alienation and tens of thousands of dollars in court costs this Dad is finally beginning to rebuild the relationship with his children. The message here is never give up. The Dad has secured legal representation and while he […]

Key to marital happiness? Let the wife have her way

Mon 9th July 2007:

We all know what the reaction would be if there was ever a story published that suggested letting a husband have his way…. From: Key to marital happiness? Let the wife have her way “YES DEAR: Men might still dominate most workplaces but a study has proven what many happy couples know – the […]

Blacklist of Anti-Male Companies

Sat 7th July 2007:

The following is a link to website ‘Stand Your Ground’ which maintains a global black-list of all companies that practice misandric (anti-male) advertising: The reasoning for taking this issue seriously is straight-forward. Women don’t take any kind of disrespect – they fight and complain if there’s even a hint of it in television. On […]

California Supreme Court reverses dismissal of appeal in gender-discrimination suit

Thu 5th July 2007:

By John X. Smith, World Fathers Union News Service May 31, 2007, Los Angeles (USA)—The California Supreme Court today reversed the lower courts’ dismissal of a lawsuit against the Century Supper Club for charging men higher entrance fees. The plaintiffs, Marc Angelucci, Edgar Pacas, Elton Campbell, and Jeff Kent, are all members of the US […]

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