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Archive of October 2008

Prosecution of child abductors

Wed 29th October 2008:

Crime TelstraClear Father relieved abduction case is over Wednesday, 29, Oct, 2008 4:04PM The father of an eight-year-old boy at the centre of a high profile abduction case is relieved the ordeal has come to an end. The boy was missing for five months after he was taken from Hamilton City Library two years ago. […]

The Worm Has Turned – Peter Dunne Sides With Nats

Tue 28th October 2008:

National Party leader John Key has promised Mr Dunne a seat around his cabinet table after the United Future leader yesterday ruled out supporting a future Labour government. Its official a vote for United Failure is a vote for National. National has one view on Child Tax, lets get more draconian.All dads are deadbeats in the eyes of […]

New statistics on Suicide

Sat 25th October 2008:

Hey, Boshier, check this out…

I want your opinion…

Fri 24th October 2008:

Would we have a better family unit if we stopped Sunday trading?  This is a throw away question but I would like to know what everybody thinks.  I think a lot of parents are missing out on family time because of weekend work.  Let me know your thoughts…

Lyn Craig’s Lunacy

Wed 22nd October 2008:

Some food for thought : Lyn Craig wants us to believe: And overall .. Australian fathers spend an average of just under an hour between Monday and Friday caring for the children .. with 90 per cent of that care done alongside the mother Compare this to the just published UK study: Children who spend […]

Family Court Psychologists

Tue 21st October 2008:

A headline article in the latest newsletter of the NZ Psychological Society expresses delight that the number of complaints reaching the Psychos’ Board has fallen dramatically. This has enabled an insurance company to reduce professional indemnity premiums for Family Court psychos. However, don’t imagine this indicates any improvement in Family Court psycho assessments. Don’t imagine […]

Monkeys have more rights than fathers

Press Release by United Future at 12:57 pm, 21 Oct 2008 Reports today that Wellington Zoo has solved the mystery of who fathered their baby chimpanzee through a DNA paternity test perfectly highlight the ludicrousness of family law in New Zealand, according to UnitedFuture deputy leader, Judy Turner. “It’s an insult that we extend monkeys […]

The time has come!

While I don’t condone party political broadcasts on a forum like this I believe what happened last night is a positive step forward in our cause. There I was sitting with 13 other candidates for Wellington Central with a crowd of maybe 200. I was the newbie in the room pressing flesh with the likes […]

How much trust do you have for police or judges?

Mon 20th October 2008:

Happiness is really important, for an effective, relevant, working justice system. Trust is key for happiest people in world As economists probe better ways to measure well-being than pure wealth, they say the Danes — who are also among the world’s most prosperous people — have a tradition of equality and trust that is not […]

FamilyFirst Family breakdown is costing NZ taxpayers $1 billion/year

Enforcing accountability and responsibility is essential for protecting children’s interests. Stuff article Family breakdown and decreasing marriage rates is costing New Zealand taxpayers at least $1 billion a year, according to new research. Prepared by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER), the research was commissioned by Family First NZ. “The study shows that […]

Women in Parliament

Wed 15th October 2008:

FYI, my email to Elections NZ, concerning their special section naming all women who have served in parliament: I notice that your website has a special section entitled “Women in Parliament 1933-2005”. This section stands out because there is no similar section for other subgroups in parliament. There is a section about the number of […]

Rape Misinformation

Tue 14th October 2008:

FYI, my letter to Dr McGregor, in relation to a recent case of false complaint in which the offender was, as usual, treated with undue leniency by the Court. Dear Dr McGregor You were quoted in the Waikato Times on 08.10.08 as follows: “Dr Kim McGregor, director of Auckland-based group Rape Prevention Education, said that […]

How to get the publicity and support for a men’s movement

Sat 11th October 2008:

I noticed that the UK is doing quite well with a men’s movement and I think this group is making it’s voice heard. Real Father’s for justice Anyhow, while reading the relevant information on the Auckland City Council website I came across the pages for event organising and noticed that they will direct you and […]

UK’s Largest Teachers’ Union Lobbies to Legalise Sex with Students

Fri 10th October 2008:

LONDON, October 9, 2008 ( – The largest UK teachers’ union wants the government to decriminalise sex with students who are over the legal age of consent. Chris Keates, the general secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), said that teachers who have sex with pupils over the age of […]

Elizabeth Herd – Sean’s Voice

My name is Elizabeth Herd. I have a Myspace page titled Sean’s Voice. This page is in honor of my sweet grandson, Sean Michael Sowards who was tortured, abused and neglected leading to his murder by his own mother when he was just two and half years old. It was in June of 2007 (just […]

Feminist groups in NZ. I don’t get it!

Thu 9th October 2008:

I need help. Please help! I made phone calls today as I always do now and then to groups. But groups seem independent IMO. I find it really hard to find groups that are anti male and yet we follow an ideology. Is this ideology just a political thing? I am serious! Maybe I didn’t […]

A personal note from Bob McCoskrie

Tue 7th October 2008:

Reality of Battle Hits Home Events over the past weekend have reminded me of just how important it is to speak up on family issues. Last Saturday night, four women dressed in black came to our family home in South Auckland and placed almost 1,000 plastic knives into our front lawn. They also taped an […]

It’s a rainbow alright!

There has been one thing in particular that has stayed in my mind for the time I have known about men’s plight in New Zealand. It was told to me when I confronted some leaders of a well to do group in Auckland and argued that I think boys should be allowed to climb trees […]

“No Smacking” has changed to “Smacking”

Sun 5th October 2008:

In a stunning turnaround, Green MP Sue Bradford has told parents that smacking is not a criminal offence and implied that groups like Barnardos, Plunket, Every Child Counts and politicians who have said that the aim of the law was to ban parents physically punishing their children are misleading the public. In a media release […]

So, you ask, “Where do my child support payments go?”

Fri 3rd October 2008:

It’s no mistery that the $$ from late payment penalties do not go to custodial parant, but, where does it go? This is an enlightening article…

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