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Archive of 2009

Dunne Dumps on Dads

Sun 27th December 2009:

Well, my prediction has come true (See //’s-christmas-present/) Child support is to get a shake-up in the New Year after revelations eligible parents owe more than $1.7 billion in payment Have a read of the full text of this article and start planning what ACTION you are committed to make child tax reform an issue […]

‘Invisible children’ warning

Wed 16th December 2009:

You who have been removed by the Family Court from the sight of your children read the article below and see if you can identify some parallels. The report said: “Many of the children have emotional problems, which appear to get worse, not better, over time. A small number are walking powder kegs badly in […]

My battle to see my kids, Advice wanted.

Fri 11th December 2009:

Hello All, I have been divorced 5 years and have been trying to get shared care of my two children now,8 and 11yrs for the last three years. My ex went ballistic when she found out I was going for shared care I think for two reasons. Firstly it would mean my $1200/month in child […]

Men’s health focus in Journal of Primary Health Care

Thu 10th December 2009:

The December 2009 issue of Journal of Primary Health Care (JPHC), which is edited by my wife Felicity Goodyear-Smith, has a men’s health focus. In the editorial she writes: The health of our men contributes greatly to the health of our nation. Overall men have a poorer health status than women and use our health […]

Peter Dunne’s Christmas Present

Tue 8th December 2009:

While The Minister for Child Tax, Peter Dunne, plays an elf in the Johnsonville Christmas Parade I wonder what his Christmas present for those afflicted by Child Tax will be? Consider this; if the changes the oligarchy of officials proposes for tinkering with the current Child Tax legislation are to be implemented in 2010 Dunne […]

Advice Reqd: Fathers Who Have Won Custody of a Child.

Sat 28th November 2009:

PT 2: BRAINWASHED KIDS, CRAZY MOTHER AND THE FC. before my husband and i enter the fc AGAIN we need all the advice and support from any of the fathers out there who have won custody of their child/ren or maybe in the process of. ARE THERE ANY ?? I am the step-mother of boy […]

March for Democracy

Sun 22nd November 2009:

An estimated crowd of more than 4000 packed Auckland’s Queen St yesterday to protest against the Government’s refusal to back a citizen-initiated referenda over the so-called anti-smacking law where 87% of people’s vote was ignored by the government. It was a great atmosphere with drummers, parents with children, and placards. Colin Craig, who funded the […]

Showing Your own Documents to your McKenzie Friend?

Sat 21st November 2009:

Does Self Represented Litigant Need Judge’s Permission to show his own documents to his McKenzie Friend? In England, the familycaught is quite a lot more formal and restrictive on allowing families to solve problems at a reasonable cost. Most UK lawyers milk their clients much harder than most NZ lawyers. Some NZ lawyers equal the […]

Battered husband who snapped

Journalist AN MUNRO over at has written an very sad and detailed article about Anthony Sherna killing his partner after suffering years of abuse and being sentenced to 14 years in jail. For almost 20 years he submitted in order to keep the peace. When she demanded he change his surname to prove he […]

The sad ignorance of some comments

Fri 20th November 2009:

I wrote a post about the UK men’s movement and how men (mostly young men) are speaking up and starting to ask for rights. Men never had any rights. They were also oppressed in society as women were and the gender roles did them no more favours than it did women. They are not asking […]

The rape industry claims another victim – Kevin Driscoll’s story

There’s an interesting rape case being followed on the Internet. It involves an alleged rapist named Kevin Driscoll and an alleged rape victim named Melissa Leahy-Rossow. It’s a very sad reality that many, many young men go through while the rape industry continuously pushes for males to have harsher treatment and women to have lighter […]

Dennis’s In Bed Story -The Sex Tape

This is a sponsored post. I can’t quite figure out why their client is prepared to pay for this, or even what we are being “sold” – perhaps the message is just too subtle for me? Anyway, it seems harmless, and contributions to hosting costs for MENZ are always welcome.

Judge Boshier links suicides to family break-ups

Thu 19th November 2009:

By Simon Collins 4:00 AM Thursday Nov 19, 2009 NZ Herald A top judge has called for more mental health support for people involved in Family Court cases after finding 18 suspected suicides by people involved in the court in the 13 months to June. Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier, in a speech to […]

Men’s movement in the UK

UK males are speaking up well on the biased treatment through feminists and their supporters. They have become such a loud voice that the media has been attacked persistently and consistently by large numbers of them, forcing the media to open ‘Pandora’s box’ and speak up about the abuse males receive from females. The greatest […]

Father’s Support Groups

Tue 17th November 2009:

Often groups are asked by fathers if there are father’s supports groups they can be referred to. I thought I would make a list of what is available online and offline and will add as I find more. I needed to find one myself for the Nelson area and came across DIY’s list and have […]

To Men and Women who support this site

Mon 16th November 2009:

Men and Women who support this site and what it stands for, must step up to the mark and tell the FC, lawyers and report writers, that we are united and we are not taking this lying down for one minute longer. It happened this morning while standing in Whangarei Warehouse. My 11 year old […]

Feminism is the Key to “Making of a Slave”

Thu 12th November 2009:

I have for some time focused on conspiracy theories but I have started to just see them as ‘history and the present’ coming together. Through my own interest to understand how the world works I have spoken with many people in New Zealand about past events and I’ve got to say, “We have very interesting […]

Words in Passing.

Tue 10th November 2009:

Words in Passing By Amfortas We were not ready. We were distracted. Exhausted. Battle had taken its toll But the Family survived. The children played. Malevolent Smile. She was Ready. Definite. Ordered. The Blue Pencil, poised, Poisoned, re-defined the land, The familiar, the family, the Form.

Please any advise

Thu 5th November 2009:

We have done all we can to try and prevent the outcome of which is probably going to happen in the next couple of months. Can the FC uplift a child from the day to day carer, who is agreeable with the uplift, and put the child in a foster home when the other parent, […]

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor France

Tue 3rd November 2009:

This extract shows the experience of being the left behind parent AND being treated as an abductor by a foreign court, to protect the abducting parent from re-abduction. The guilty party is treated as innocent, the not guilty party is treated as guilty. This backwards ethics results from the lack of cohesiveness between countries legal […]

If the controls don’t work, it’s probably out of control – UK

Sat 31st October 2009:

Funny how the controls on employing paperboys seem to be so much more stringent than the controls on spying on citizens? Everything not forbidden, is compulsory! (postulated by physics theorist Murray Gell-Mann) In human behavior, over large populations, everything not impossible, will happen? Murphy McMannus Can you even remember back to 1984? Anti-terror powers used […]

Treating non-abductor as though they were the abductor Germany

Thu 29th October 2009:

One eyed “judges” handling of parental child abduction Michael’s story is long and shows much wastage of the joy and happiness that family life would normally bring. However, it is a story that shows huge amounts of taking improper illegal treatment on the chin, and then going back for more. Shear persistence, in the face […]

March for Democracy – vote with your feet

Wed 28th October 2009:

We need you! — your energy — and your networking ability — to get the message out! The March for Democracy will be held in Queen St Auckland and will be calling on the government to amend s59 of the Crimes Act so that the law does not treat light smacking for the purpose of […]

Meeting with MP

Sat 24th October 2009:

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be meeting with the Hon, Dr Wayne Mapp, to discuss the Family Court etc… etc… I was thinking it might be and idea to give him and idea of how many people are in a simular postion to what I am in.  If you want to write […]

Letter to MP’s, and their responses

This is a Letter that I sent to 13 Diffrent MP’s from diffrent political parties but I tried to focus on the Ministers/Spokespersons for Justice, Courts, Social Development etc. I have recived some intresting replys, including a Labour MP asking if she can foward my letter on to the Legal Aid Review Panel, and also […]

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